It’s All In The Details

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Halloween, but it seems like so long ago. Like most holiday celebrations, after weeks of preparation it’s gone in a blink of an eye.  The past week has been a bit of an enigma, I’ve got Christmas ideas in the works while simultaneously scrapbooking some Halloween photos  (could be dangerous, we’ll find out).

Here’s what transpired:

I thought I’d share a trick I use in many collage projects.  It creates an interesting space to add layers and all the elements that help tell your story.

It’s simple, you just tightly curl up the corners of your scrap paper with a pencil.  I did it here, on the bottom left and top right.  I also like to ink and distress the edges too.  It all adds texture and that’s the goal.

Once your background paper looks interesting, it’s ready for matting. Why do you add a Matt? Matting your background paper will allow you to introduce more colors into your collage.  Just like the matting around framed art, you can use more than one. I used three   

Here’s all the stuff I tucked under this rolled corner.  There are tendrils, bats, rhinestones, old tickets, roses, spiders and who knows what else.  

The front of the rolled corner is also a handy crevice for all your goodies.

Bonus trick: a simple black wired cording adds the suggestion of movement for this little spider.  You can use the same trick with bumble bees, birds, butterfly’s and really anything you want to imply movement with. Even a little car a baseball or a hockey puck.

I’m lucky to have the luxury of time to happily putter in my craftroom. That’s great for me because it’s all in the details.

Is there a trick you use in your Scrapbook pages?

Click here for scrapbook layouts Boomdee has collected on Pinterest

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

24 thoughts on “It’s All In The Details

    1. Wow, Erin’s Christmas cards are looking really really cute. I bookmarked for a peak around. Thanks for the link and for that nice complement. I have to get back in there. I have two christmas things going and times a ticking. Hope your day is fab!


  1. I don’t scrapbook but you certainly make me want to! Wow, you’re very talented Boomdee. I’ve enrolled onto an online watercolour class to help me do something creative over winter…. I might take up scrap booking ater that! Your beautiful work has inspired me 🙂


    1. You spoil me with your generous messages PJ. Thank you so very much. I adore watercolors and brought a few back from our european holiday. I took some classes with an Artist I really fancy..Frank Haddock, he’s local. Wouldn’t it be great to do paintings of your own gorgeous garden! 🙂


  2. Oh my you are so gifted! I love this page and all the remarkable details. I just “came back” from your Pinterest Board. I nearly got lost, but I saved myself just in time.

    How do you preserve these three-dimensional pages over time? They’re stunning works of art.


    1. Holy cow, well thanks so much! I sure felt challenged with these colors, I wouldn’t usually do orange and purple. But it seems good for Halloween.

      I’ve got a couple of frames I rotate projects thru. I have a little gallery on the cabinet in the craft room. Like an ‘inspiration corner’. Then I pop them into a plastic sleeve and into an Album. I’ve been buying the 3 ring 12 x 12 Album in Brown from Micheals for 3 or 4 years when I have a 50% off coupon. I like them all to be the same on a bookcase. I would prefer cream colored but they don’t seem to make one. Sometimes when I’m stuck I’ll look back.


  3. I’m back like a bad penny. Just took a look at your scrapbook page on Pinterest. Can I pin them all on mine so I can look at them every day? They are stunning. Darn Pinterest, I get lost there for days. So much to see, so little time to do. 🙂


        1. It took me a bit to figure out too, the Support info at WordPress isn’t very clear. Here’s what I did:

          Go into your Dashboard, click on Appearance, Click on Widgets, Click and drag a ‘text bar’ from the menu of choices, over to the box on the right (all your current widgets on your home page are stored in this box). Once you’ve done that,

          Open a second window on your computer and go here:

          Once there, scroll to the bottom of that page, you’ll see this (I took a picture for you):

          Copy the info shown beside the ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ Button and paste it into the ‘Text Widget’ you left open at your blog (on your other open window’.

          Close and save the ‘Text Widget’. You should now have a button on the Homepage of your blog that takes views to your Pinterest boards

          Hope that helps 😉


    1. Ha, you’re right, I don’t really make them to go in a regular scrapbook. I display projects on my cabinet in the Craftroom for a time, then I pop them into an Album. I have several with Collages I’ve made in the past. It’s like a little gallery to inspire me. Do you make scrapbooks Marlene? Thans so much for your lovely message!


    1. Thank you Steven! I also keep ‘photo albums’ for pictures I want to print, like our trip to Europe. But keep most photos in Albums on-line. These little projects keep me entertained and it’s a fun way to be creative too.


    1. I do move things around and some till they look balanced. I generally have an loose idea about the layout b4 I start. I try an use groups of three. Three photos, 3 collage groups, a three roses cluster, etc. It’s just like gardening. I guess this was 4 days, off and on, a couple of hours at a time. Thanks you so much, I really appreciate your compliment.


    1. Good morning sweet Sherri and thanks a bunch. I wish we had time for a craft day when you were visiting. Next time you are planning a trip, I’m going to pre-design a page and have everything cut out and you, your mom and I can create a book together for you to take home. Love U xoK


    1. Hi Valerie! I would love to take a few classes this winter to learn some new tricks too. I’m currently collecting Die Cuts. They make shapes you can use in your page. The little roses and bats and tendrils are done with a die. Thanks for your nice message 🙂


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