Daddy’s Girl

Do your beloved pets play favourites? I don’t want to point fingers but this happens in our home and her name is Blossum.  Sweet Blossum has a giant crush on Mr B.  From the moment he awakes, she is only one step behind him. Sometimes that gets her little toes stepped on and I’ll hear a “sorry sweet pea” as daddy makes his apologies.  They are constantly talking to each other.

Daddy says, “what’s that?”

Blossum answers, “meoooooow”.

Daddy replies, “oh no, poor you”!

Blossum fills in the details, “meow, meow, meow”!!

Blossum is absolutely certain that Mr B is her boyfriend.  Never mind that mommy is home all day to entertain and play games, spoil with treats, tidy the box and generally be her executive assistant.

The minute her crush arrives home, Blossum is as happy as a kid at christmas.  She follows him around, chatting him up and meowing to be picked up.  After lots of snuggle’s, she’ll assume her place on the sofa, next to her one true love.

Sometimes, during the day, in a desperate moment, she might seek attention from yours truly.  Looking up at me with love in her eyes, I feel validated and yes, even appreciated.  “You want up for cuddle’s Blossum?”  Ya, that usually lasts all of 30 seconds before she wants down again.

 “Petals, mommy needs a hug”. Now where did she go?

Oh ya, you’re also a ‘Daddy’s Girl’.

Who gets top billing in your house?

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21 thoughts on “Daddy’s Girl

    1. Haaha, that sounds so familiar. Blossum is our mooch. She just loves pudding. I usually have one of those cups at night and she’ll get her head right down to the bottom. I love that you rush thru your breakfast so kitty cat gets treats, hehe. We do indulge them, don’t we? Thanks for your message Sunshine.


  1. Thank you for the mention!
    My cats both have a preferred biped – Mulberry follows the female around all the time, but Pippin prefers the male.
    I don’t have a favourite, but I go to them for different things. If I want a rough game in the garden, I ask him. If I’m not feeling well, I go to to her.


    1. The best of both worlds then, awesome. I guess Petals is usually very happy to be picked up by mommy…I could carry her around all day. She’s just a little squeak of a cat. I like those names ‘Pippin’ and ‘Mulberry’ 🙂


  2. There’s no competition in my house. I’m number one! But my Dad’s Mr. Bowie favorite visitor.
    ‘Hands on Bowie’? Sounds familiar… 🙂


      1. You’re probably thinking, what? haha, that message was b4 my catnap. What I meant to say was “yah, that’s fur sure and I thought everyone should pop on by”…so sleepy tonight.


  3. Delightful. Beijing is “daddy’s girl” around here, but Lindy saves her love for me. Mouse is equal-opportunity: if you have a bag of treats, he’s yours! Slinky is coming along…sleeping indoors every night now.


    1. I was saying to my cousin Sherri how lucky we are to marry guys who love animals too. It’s not entirely by accident, I mean it was a deal breaker, but still I enjoy watching those relationships. I’m so happy Slinky is wanting to be inside with you all. You’ve saved another life Alys! Any bad memories Slinky was struggling with will soon be gone and replaced with love, snuggles and warm sleepy spots. 🙂


      1. I agree. Loving animals is a deal breaker for sure. Mike grew up with dogs, cats and birds. We used to joke that Lindy was our dog, because she comes when called, has a mellow disposition and never says no to food.

        I am so relieved to have Slinky indoors at night. The first night I had to grab her while avoiding bites or scratches. She is still pretty edgy. The second night, I made a bad “grab” and she bit my hand hard. She stayed out that night, though it was warmer than it had been. Night three, I opened the sliding door and there she was, just waiting to come in!!! So, now I feed her inside at all times, and just leave water in the side yard during the day. Around dusk, I close all the bedroom doors and make sure Lindy is behind one of them. Then I open the sliding door, and start calling her. She pops her head in multiple times, scans the horizon, and finally comes in. She sleeps in the cozy laundry room/guest bath (heated floors!), then eats breakfast there in the morning. Then she makes a break for the door. Repeat! So far so good. With her inside, and can spend more time petting her and talking to her. Gradually we’ll let her roam more and more. For now, it works. Such a relief having her in at night.


        1. You’re like the conductor of finely tuned orchestra. Most people brush their teeth, wash the face and hit the pillow. I love that you are so caring Alys, especially after you got bit. Poor Slinky must have really had a rough time before he found you.


        2. I wish I knew Slinky’s story. She was spayed when we had her checked by the vet, and she must have been current on shots too. But she’s been wild from the start and would hiss, and swing and bite if you attempted to pet her. She’s come a long way, but she id definitely cautious of hands. She’ll come up and head butt me though!

          Thanks for your support.


    1. Good Morning Cous, it’s so nice to wake up to your messages, I love that. Hehe, what a lovely thing to be married to a man that feels the same about animals as we do. I guess the diva’s get bored of me all day and it’s like putting the candy bowl out at the end of the day. 🙂


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