In A Festive Mood

Have you started to decorate for Christmas yet?  American friends often wait until after their Thanksgiving celebrations, but here in Canada, the Christmas season is in full swing.  I decided I would re-purpose a couple of our summer planters with festive winter flair.  I began with a plan and immediately changed my mind several times.  There are so many choices, all of them tempting. To help with inspiration I went to the professionals. My first stop was to ‘Flowers by Merle’. Did you see their awesome van in my post this summer?   They’re a local family owned business with a 45 year history serving Edmontonians. Since they’re conveniently located near my home, I was eager to attend their open house.

There’s plenty of inspirations before you even enter the shop.  Look at their gorgeous planters that greet you on the walk.

I especially loved this topiary design near their entrance. Wouldn’t it be stunning greeting all your holiday visitors at your home?

It was a pleasure to meet Merles daughter Denise, who now runs the business. Her mom opened their first shop in 1966.  I think it’s really wonderful that they’ve been a part of the community for so long. The shop looks so beautiful with several Christmas trees decked out in the latest trends. This tree was inspired by a trade show they attended in Chicago.  It’s pretty spectacular, with a mass of purples and what I would call lime green. Gorgeous!

They haven’t forgotten the traditionalists. There’s an entire beautiful display of red and gold decor.  Traditional colours but designed with a contemporary flair, which is their specialty.

There’s also a nice selection of fresh plants, gifts and home decor to help make all your christmas dreams come true.  I want to especially thank Jolene for helping me pick out the perfect accessories for my planters.  You’ll probably be surprised at the colour I walked away with.  I’ll be working on my planters this week, so stay tuned for that post.

If you live in the Edmonton area and need a little Christmas inspiration, you’ll want to stop by Flowers By Merle, it’s guaranteed to get you in a festive mood.

What’s your favourite colour to decorate with at Christmas?

Need more inspiration?

Visit Flowers By Merle online

Visit Boomdee’s Christmas Board On Pinterest

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13 thoughts on “In A Festive Mood

  1. I know you’re already sick of the snow, but it sure does feel more like Christmas with all that white stuff on the ground.

    I love the topiary. How beautiful. And Merle’s looks like my kind of shop. I can’t wait to see your decorations.

    We generally start tomorrow.


    1. The snow does help put you in the spirit. We are having a milder day today but the forecast weekend weather will be wintery. Merles is in a really great location. It’s in an older neighbourhood called Glenora and smack in the middle of a busy road on sort of an island.
      I hope to do some decorating today. I haven’t been able to do much at home because they’ve been roofing the condo for almost a month. It’s so loud I’ve been having to leave during the day as they are directly over us now. Hopefully they’re almost done and I can get in the spirit, put on some music and enjoy the process…have a wonderful day! 🙂


      1. Sorry to hear about the roofing chaos. That’s no fun at all. I imagine the nose and the smell are disrupting.

        We start flooring installation tomorrow, but only in three rooms. My house is a nightmare! We’re all sleeping in the living room/entry way tonight. I wonder if anyone will get any sleep. It should take two days, possible three. Ugh! I will be happy when it’s done, though.


        1. Oh boy,sounds like camping. What kind of flooring? We did a main floor reno at the Lake 5 years ago, it was brutal. It’s not even the mess, you anticipate and plan for that. It’s just a nightmare finding good contractors with good workmanship and work ethic. Hope it all goes well!


        2. Yes! Agreed. We’re using the same company that installed our bamboo floors 7 years ago. Mike looked at several options on line and I got referrals from a few friends and our kitchen contractor. We showed up at places that said they had displays (and did not). One guy agreed to meet us and didn’t show up (twice). Yes…you know the drill.

          We are removing the dreadful wall to wall carpeting from our three bedrooms and replacing it with cork flooring. Stay tuned for pics!


        3. It’s hard to live with reno’s but how great will it all look when you’re finished! I guess ‘the drill’ (ha love that) is about the same everywhere. Jim loves to watch this guy ‘Mike Holmes’, a canadian contractor that takes his crew in to a home that’s been botched by bad/shady/cheaters who masquerade as legit contractors. I can’t even watch because the nonsense that these crooks try, make me so leery when we house shop. Can’t wait for your pictures!! 🙂


  2. We usually put out decorations up in early December. I’ve heard them talking about where to put the tree this year. I have to be careful not to wag my tail near it!


    1. Happy thanksgiving Steven, considering stores start decorating before Halloween I guess I should be ready by now….but I can’t get excited until it’s cold and snowy. HA, I guess that’s one plus of the weather. 🙂


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