I’m Thinking Of You

It wasn’t too long ago that everyone owned an real camera. Taking photo’s was a bit of a luxury, or so I thought.  First you had to buy film and then drop it off for development at a drugstore. They were probably only open till 6pm and film development wasn’t all that cheap.

Especially if you’re a 25-year-old single girl,  paying rent all by yourself (yes that hairdo was in style).  Long story short, I wish had taken more photos of Dillin.

Dillin was my first cat, a nice gift from a bad boyfriend.  A super fluffy, giant of a cat. I picked the name because at the time, I thought actor Matt Dillin was a real dish.

Dillin wasn’t entirely sociable, in fact he really only liked me and my dad. I’d drive to dads on the weekend to do my laundry and take Dillin with me.  He loved it there because he could sit on the lawn under the trees, watching the birds or just napping.

Ever since Dillin was a wee kitten, he loved to watch me do my makeup.  He would sit on my little wicker basket, then, when I wasn’t looking, he’d steal my makeup sponge and run away.  I still have this little basket.

Unfortunately, Dillin wandered away from dads yard one summer evening.  I was away on a holiday, dad was kind enough to cat sit.  When I got home, I took the news pretty hard. We went together, many times to the local shelter and it always ended with both of us bawling. Poor dad was guilt ridden, I felt even worse for dad.  Of course it wasn’t his fault, it could have happened at any time. Dillin just loved to be outside.

I sure wish I knew where Dillin ended up. I like to think he joined another family and they loved him just as much as we did.   My dear Dillin, I’m thinking of you.

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If your cats love to be outside too, please visit Cat Fence-In Systems

Read a review at Gardening Nirvana

Bowie’s dad also has a great fence system, visit here

More views of Bowie’s cat safe yard

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17 thoughts on “I’m Thinking Of You

  1. Sorry to bring this up, but isn’t it “Matt Dillon” and not Matt Dillin? 🙂 I’ve got 3 cats, which I have from the day they were born. And whenever one goes wandering off for a few days I can’t relax until it returns. So I sympathise completely. BTW great hair 🙂


    1. I would go bunkers, our cats are strictly indoors this time. You’re probably right on the name….but if you noticed, I’m a terrible speller. Our Blossum probably should be a Blossom but I got a tag with Blossum and so we roll with it, LOL. Same thing happened with Dillin I guess. Ha, 80’s hair….to funny. Thanks for popping in 🙂


  2. I’m sure he wandered off and persuaded another family to give him bed and breakfast… it’s just difficult when there’s no closure. They always stay with us no matter how they leave x
    I know exactly what you mean about photographs – so many memories are locked in my mind because we couldn’t afford the camera or film! Now everyone is a photographer and I’m making up for lost opportunities 🙂


    1. Thanks for your kind message PJ. I like that idea of B&B, like a little trip in the English countryside.
      It’s true the more photo’s you take the better you get at it, there are so many non-professional photography rock stars out there. One of my favourites is Michael at Retiree Diary right here on WordPress. His travel photo’s are simply sublime…it’s like a vacation from your very own sofa.


  3. As long as there have been cameras, people have been taking photos of cats I guess – that makes me smile. It looks like he was well loved and cared for – and that’s all you can do.


    1. Thanks Will, he was at that. I really love vintage photos of people and their pets. Especially those parlour pictures….there’s something you and Eko could do, head to one of those old-timey photo centre’s and dress like a cowboy or gambler with you faithful pal by your side.


    1. ((Sher)), wasn’t that the worst sofa pattern ever? But it sure was comfy to sleep on….dad had lot’s of naps there and your dad seemed to fall asleep on it too…hehe. Hair-do’s have a way of marking the time and place don’t they? They’re almost always ‘out of style’ the next decade. I don’t think I’ve plugged in a curling iron for years now. Thanks for the hugs, I need them today ❤ xoK


    1. Hi Herman, thank you so much for links back to your posts. I think that’s brilliant. I also like the no maintenance factor. I was naive to think Dillin would stay in the yard. It’s a big regret. I definitely won’t let any pets out without something like this in place. So sorry you’ve also lost a pet, you know how I feel. Thanks for your message Herman, as always, good to hear from you and Bowie. 🙂


  4. My hear breaks for you. It must be so hard not knowing. I bet a lucky family took him in and he lived a full, happy life, but that is small consolation when it is your own beloved kitty. Your poor dad. He must have dreaded giving you the news.

    I remember those days of film and drugstore developers. It was pricey. You also spent good money on photos you would have to toss, not knowing before hand they were overexposed, blurred or otherwise un-printworthy.

    I hope anyone with an outdoor kitty will explore the Cat-fence in link. We love the peace of mind we get letting our kitties roam the garden without fear of cat fights, cars or the like.

    Hugs to you.


    1. You never really get over it do you? That’s why I think your yard is so brilliant. I saw a dog run past my car last week, I was just leaving our complex. I had to wait for traffic and then turned in that direction. I spotted him in a stripmall parking lot so pulled in there when I could but he was gone again. I called bylaw and wandered around whistling…I can’t stop thinking about him and hope he found his way back. He still had his walking leash on…just must’ve slipped away. I hate seeing any animals away from home, especially in the city.
      That film development thing was a real challenge right? I went to Hawaii with a gf when I was 22 or 23, half the pictures didn’t turn out. I had to use Lynn’s negatives….of course I only found out when I eagerly picked them up from Shoppers Drug Mart in Edmonton. Kids probably can’t even imagine, now they just use their phones…ha. Thanks for sharing your Fence connection and your message. 🙂


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