21 thoughts on “I Followed The Sun

    1. Sometimes, Easterners (Toronto and Quebec) don’t want to move here for work because they think there’s nothing to do, no culture. But we have a symphony, a lot of summer festivals, sports teams, a busy art community and lots of sunshine (except on snow days). I guess we’re all partial to where we grow up. Thanks for your message tonight!


  1. I am ***SO*** happy and excited for you! Well done, well done. You are going to have a blast. What an opportunity. I’ll be humming along in spirit.

    I love your video clip. Oh my they were so young. John Lennon is one of my favorites. What a brilliant man. Say hello to Paul for me. Mwaaaa


    1. SQEEEEEEEEL !!!!! yes sooo exciting. I will try and get some pictures of the people around me enjoying the show. Jims figuring it out right now on his Blackberry since I’m like Wilma Flintstone and have a very very old cell phone. I’ve got to get an update. It’s one of those “but it still works” things. Silly.

      Thanks for your enthusiasm, it’s infectious!! OMG, if I actually had the opportunity to say hello, I’d probably be gobsmacked (proper english for stunned) and unable to utter a word….

      “the sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are you” Beatles ‘Dear Prudence’ (John Lennon gave the world so much).


    1. Darn, now it’s going to be super snowy Thursday night..luckily we can take a train, but the weather will certainly mess up the festivities downtown..yuk. Our weather today makes me do this 😦 but seeing you makes me do this 🙂 thanks a bunch for your message!


        1. One of the perks of being downtown the stadium (indoors of course) is only 3 stations away. We will have to bundle as thousands will be riding because of the snow….we’re a hardy bunch, but I’m sure Sir Paul is thinking ‘OMG’..ha.


    1. Isn’t is just so true, my Karma was giving today. It’s going to be A-mazing. I guess in Vancouver he played over 40 songs and never took a break…that’s stamina! Thanks for your message! Cheers


    1. Thanks Steven, I can hardly believe my luck or that Sir Paul is 70….what are the chances that he’ll ever be back this way. I’m taking BIG binoculars but oh man, it’s going to be awesome.


  2. Wow!! Enjoy the show. I couldn’t get any tickets for his show over here…
    Leaving for work now with the Band On The Run cd in my car…


    1. I have that on my Ipod too. When I was in High school, we’d listen to that on the way to the A&W (drive in burger joint)….just all us girls…singing our lungs out. Thanks, we didn’t think we would get tickets either. A complete fluke…have a great day! 😀


  3. Glad to hear u got tickets to Sir Paul’s concert, would have loved to go. When I visited Liverpool, England this past spring we went to see where his band first started and the museum that they have there. Very interesting!!! Enjoy the concert – LUL


    1. Hi Aunty, lucky you to have visited where it all started, that’s so cool. We’re so excited, it was sheer luck to get tickets today. I’ll have to tell you all about it Friday when I pick you up. Thanks for your message LUL2 xoK


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