I Got Us A Real Beauty

When we were little, our dad worked out-of-town a whole lot.  Dad had his own gravel truck and with four kids, he went wherever the work was.

I can still see dad bringing home the most misshapen Christmas trees.  They were never too tall, he’d just chopped off the bottom two feet.  The fact that it took up the entire living room wasn’t really a concern either.  If one branch was too long, dad would saw it off, drill a hole, and stick it back in else where. Naturally, the needles fell off within days.

I remember one year there was actually a bird nest in the tree.  Dad had just stopped with some other truckers, somewhere on a mountain, and popped our tree into the back of his truck.  Of course we were filled with excitement to see dad come home.  With a big smile on his face, he’d wrestle a giant tree in the back door and proclaim, “I got us a real beauty!”

Boy, they sure smelt good when they thawed. The tree’s that is 😉

Now, I sure didn’t need a Christmas tree in my craft room, but simply could not resist. Say what? Yes, it’s aqua!   It’s just a little something I picked up along the way. Look hon!

“I got us a real beauty!”

PS.  Petals & Blossum gave it two paws up!

Did I mention I’m crazy for Aqua?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

28 thoughts on “I Got Us A Real Beauty

  1. Great story. I remember ur dad fixing the trees but so did Johnny try the same thing. Two peas in a pod. Don’t know where they learned that tip from, LUL


    1. Thanks Aunty. Those guys hey? Must be some Ukrainian farm trick. I thought you would be catching some r&r after that long trip? Mr B. had a big nap tonight too, so you’re in good company. Welcome home xoK


  2. What wonderful memories! And, you describe everything so vividly. I can picture your father sawing a branch off and then sticking it back all–and a couple of excited kids watching and probably helping him do it.


    1. You know, decorating a tree used to happen maybe just two or three nights before Christmas, then maybe 2 or three days after the holidays everything came down. I wonder if everyone did that? Is the whole season fabricated by the malls now? I think some had christmas stuff out before halloween. O well, it’s all great. I love the holidays because of these little memories. I really thank you for being part of my day!


  3. Oh, so cute! Too funny, I just put a berry-covered Christmas reindeer into my office. 🙂 I love the mini-trees, they are so fun! I’m tempted to pop one of those into the office, too, but suspect the cats might have fun knocking it over. 😉

    For what it is worth, when Grandpa could not find the perfect Christmas tree, he would simply begin looking at treetops. When he found the right one, he’d blow it off with his shotgun! The priest who did Grandpa’s funeral mass had gone out to breakfast with Grandpa for years, and mentioned that at the mass. It was rather nice to have that brought back to mind, and we all couldn’t help chuckling over it. (Might be a Michigander thing, though—literally hunting down your Christmas tree.)


    1. The good thing about the little ones, is they’re easy to store. I’m a little worried about the cats too. Hopefully it’d would be ok since it’s just carpeting to fall on.

      Awwwww, that’s a great story about your dear Grandpa. I’d never think of that, but it’s so true, the top is the nicest part. HA clever guy. You’re right, probably a Michigander thing…not to many shotgun toting Tree hunters around Edmonton…or that I know of. Thanks for sharing that Jen!


      1. You are welcome. 😉 I remember Dad telling us about that when we were kids, and I always found it hilarious! Just be careful in the Christmas Tree Forest this time of year, eh? 😉


  4. Awwwww. That is so darn cute. How could you possibly pass that up? I love the story about your dad and the trees he brought home. You four are the cutest. Its great having those old pics.

    Nice post, Boomdee. It makes me feel warm inside.


    1. Oh boy, you know that aqua colour is my vice. It’s like I have radar…ha. I couldn’t pass it by. Dad and his tools..a day couldn’t go by without fixing or improving something. My brother Wayne has all Dads tools, so that’s nice that they are still being used. I’m glad it warmed you, As always, your messages make my day, thanks ((Alys)).


        1. Ha, good one, thanks Herman. I’m surprised you even know what I’m talking about half the time. I typed: “What does Bowie it?” 😛 say what? I’ve got to lay off the wine! LOL. Thanks for figuring it out though.


    1. From what I’ve been told 3 brothers might be easier than 3 sisters, but I think with 4 kids there’s bound to be some squabbles. I did manage to earn a number of pretty good scars along the way. I should go cold turkey on the aqua and mix it up a bit….but I couldn’t resist. Do you have your own crafty space at home? Thanks for coming by Sunshine.


      1. I do have my own craft room, but at the moment is packed full of boxes because we are renovating the upstairs. When it is all done I will have more storage space for all the my treasures. It feels like all i do is clean that room!! It’s always a mess!


    1. Thats such an awesome idea Marlene, you’re so smart. I will totally do that because it’d have to go to our storage locker otherwise. The kitties love to sit under it, instinct? It’s funny though. Thanks for visiting and have a great day 🙂


    1. Thanks MC Trift Gal ! It’s not a true vintage but fits in with the rest of my joyful collection in the craft room. I hope I can co-ordinate some of my vintage ornaments as nicely as you did on your pink tree. BTW, Your sweet pink tree would go nicely in my craft room too…..mmmmm. maybe next year. I still have that ‘Chatty Cathy’ doll, she’s vintage, so what does that make me? LOL.

      Thanks so much for your message.


    1. Yep, the cats have now done all the investigations required and I can decorate it. The tree was in a window of a shop on Whyte Avenue. It’s a fun area in Edmonton with unique shops, theatres and restaurants. Have you put your tree up yet? Thanks for coming by Steven.


    1. Good Morning Sher! How’s the weather shaping up in Ottawa, With a wind chill it’s -24C this morning in Edmonchuck…yikes 😦 You probably never lived at the duplex (maybe just Brian?) but that’s where those pictures were taken. I bet some of dad’s road trees came next door, I’ll have to ask your mom. Dad was always MacGyvering things, Xmas trees too HA! Thanks for your message, looking forward to your next post 🙂 Love You! K


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