Just want to say, it was a night we’ll always remember.  Sir Paul McCartney and his band totally entertained a packed house for over two hours. Gave three encores and made me cry. One of my favourite moments was when Paul sat at the piano for  ‘Let It Be’.  Such a talent, he changed instruments almost every song.

A Perfect Perfomance
A Perfect Performance

The entire arena erupted in song for ‘Mull of Kintyre’ where the Edmonton Police Pipe & Drummers joined him on stage.  Thank you Dana Koch for posting the Thursday night performance on YouTube.  Please enjoy.

There are few artists in the world that transcend all age groups and musical leanings.  A young fellow behind me sang his heart out through the entire show and knew every word of every song.  He was so full of joy, it was awesome to see.  Sir Paul has an ease and grace  that made you feel so special, even though he’d given a show the night before to 14,000 other fans.   We sat pretty far away and although pictures were tricky I don’t feel we missed a thing.

While the band rocked the crowd with iconic songs by the Beatles and Wings upfront, another fabulous show played in the background on their giant screen.  A creative montage of video clips, home movies, Beatles moments, family moments, beautiful art and uplifting messages of world peace accompanied each song. When Paul got emotional performing a tender song he wrote for John Lennon, I completely fell apart. Needless to say,

the night was pure magic!

de nacht was pure magie!

la notte era pura magia!

la nuit était pure magie!


Ночь была чистая магия

In Edmonton
In Edmonton

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21 thoughts on “Magic!

    1. You don’t miss a thing!! Isn’t that just the cutest site ever? I came across it on Pinterest. I just adore her header with the garden gnome on the little swing. I haven’t had a ton of time to snoop, but plan to go back. Thanks for noticing ! 🙂


  1. I can feel the magic in your words. What a night! He’s 70??? I can hardly believe it. What energy, what talent, what commitment to his art and his fans. I still cry listening to Lennon sing Imagine. Iconic! I’m so glad you scored those tickets.


    1. Thanks so much Alys, hey head over to FB to hear the tribute song to John…have a kleenex in hand. Yes, I guess Sir Paul came into the world June 18, 1942. I look at what he’s doing and compare it to other people at that age and WOW. I know what you are saying about Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, it’s profound.
      I got a program, it was pricey but I think I’ll look at it in 25 years and think about the show with a smile.


      1. June 18th is Mac’s birthday, too! How cool.

        Thanks for sharing the links. I did give it a listen over on FB. I”m glad you treated yourself to a special program. It will be a nice remembrance for a once in a lifetime experience.


        1. Wow, same birthdays, that is so cool! I saw lot’s of young kids (teens) with their parents at the show, so they seem to still adore him. 🙂 I’m just trying to figure out how to save my program & tickets…maybe a frame? One that opens so I can look at it once in a while.


    1. Oh and everyone sitting around was really nice, everyone was chatting and it felt like you were out with friends. The stage looks pretty far on this Black Berry picture but it wasn’t too bad. Jim had bid on 2 tix at work, adjacent to the stage, they were a United Way fund raiser. Some young kid outbid him by $5 right at auction closing (Jim had already left the office). I would have hung around and made it fun. xoK


  2. My friend and her son saw him in Texas recently (not sure exactly where), and they were enthralled, especially when he waved a giant Texas flag! As you say, an artist for all ages. Although I was in love with George, for most of my girlfriends, it was always Paul.


    1. You’re right Diana, Paul would have been my pick just like most of your girlfriends. He’s got that boyish charm and of course the english accent. I really loved a lot the the music written by George though, especially ‘If not for you’. I used it in an 25th Anniversary Video I made for a friends party. It’s beautiful and sweet. Did I tell you I got married in Texas? Loved our time there. Thanks for your message.


  3. Oh boy, I wish I was there… I couldn’t get tickets for the show in Antwerp. I’m playing the ‘Venus & Mars’ cd right now…


    1. It was a great show, we’ll probably never have him here again. You might get luckier. Darn, he didn’t play anything from V&M, but I also like Medicine Jar and What the Man Said. I mean, he even said, “we all have to go home sometime”, after the third encore. No one wanted it to end. There’s just not enough show to play all the songs I would have loved to hear. I’m still feeling the high.


    1. I know right? He’s 70 and still kicks butt. What a big life he’s had. The show on the big screen was so amazing. Lot’s of great video footage and old Beatles photos. Spectacular! We’ll probably never get the opportunity again.


      1. That is the pure reason that when opportunities like that come along – you ALWAYS have to do it! The experience was well worth it! I remember that I got the chance to see Santanna in concert and I had the opportunity to sit six rows from the stage – paid a pretty price for those seats, but I will never forget that concert, ever! And I sang every song right along with them too (like a lark, LOL)!


    1. Thanks Steven, it was absolutely great. I really was hoping for a T-shirt as a keepsake but oh man the line up was sooooo long. It’s really funny how many Beatles songs a person can sing along too…they’ve just been part of everyones lives for so many years…it was a real privilege.


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