There’s Always Room For One More

If you’re a regular here at Boomdeeadda, you’ve probably gathered that I kind of dig old stuff.  I love to wander around an Antique Mall and just browse.

My Favourite Haunt

Sometimes I’m hunting for something specific, like pretty and useful vintage things for the craft room.

Cool Vintage Organizers

I don’t always find something (Mr B !), but I have fun looking. One day, after roaming around for an hour or so, all I brought home was this sweet little dish.  It perfectly matches my craft room, don’t you think?  Pink on the inside and aqua on the underside , I just had to snap it up.  Really, where can you buy an hour of fun for just $4.00.


Sometimes, I stumble upon the most wonderful things ever. Remember when I found my vintage Sunbeam? That was a good day.

My Aqua Sunbeam

I thought I’d dash through the Antique Mall today to give Mr B some ideas for Christmas.  Sounds presumptuous, but honest he asked. Want to see what’s on Boomdee’s Christmas list?

Wish List Pinks

I think this old flower frog would be a great pen holder in the craft room.  Are you rolling your eyes now? I know, I know,  more books? I just fancy the titles on these pink vintage lovelies. There’s ‘No Stone Unturned’ and ‘Turn On The Heat’. Gee, I wonder if it’s about baking? HA!

Wish List Xmas GoodiesThis cute glass domed Christmas scene needs the Boomdee touch but it’s so me.  There were lots of ornaments to pick from.  I actually have that skiing pink snowman,  but a matching one would be swell. OK truth, they’re ALL the bomb.

Wish List OrganizeHey, look!!! Does that yellow cabinet look familiar?  I just bought a white one from the same vendor a few weeks ago and then re-organized my whole craft room around it. Good times, good times. I think they’re a pair, don’t you?  Now that tea trolley has been calling my name forever.  I can see it in a cream colour, in the craft room…no, bedroom….maybe living room as a bar.  Come on now Santa, throw a girl a bone.

(It’s a match!)

Remember this one?

If Santa still has room in his sleigh, there’s this teeny tiny bottle brush tree that needs a home too. “What’s that Santa?”  “Yes, I know I have lots already”.  “Thank you Santa, I couldn’t agree more, there’s always room for one more”.

Just One More....Please

PS. See anything you like?  I’ll put a good word in for you with Santa (snicker).

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

25 thoughts on “There’s Always Room For One More

  1. Wow, so many delightful things! You are right, it’s not too often you get an hour’s worth (or more!) of fun for so little money (though sometimes….it can be dangerous)! And some of the vendors put the prettiest displays together, especially for Christmas.

    That pink tree is just beautiful—I’m surprised you didn’t bring that home!


    1. Oh, great, I showed Hubby the pink tree (I’m a fan of the white ones, too, but in the grey North we need colour!) and he just laughed like a madman. LOL


    2. I’m a sucker for that pink tree too, but since I just brought home an aqua tree, I really don’t dare. LOL I did buy a few ornaments off of it though. This vender always has a really cute display. I bought a vintage Salt & Pepper set from her, I use them for glitter in the craft room. We would be dangerous in here together. HA.


    1. LOL, absolutely Kathryn, I would be leading you astray. Better yet, you could go shopping and I could take the dogs for a walk, I really miss that. When my cousin Sherri visited this summer we made out like bandits. She kept finding stuff I liked and I’d find stuff she liked. Just like a duet in perfect harmony. It’s more fun with a friend 🙂


  2. If we didn’t just pick up a Christmas tree, that pink one would be on the top of my list! Though my family would probably disown me, it would be worth the laugh.


    1. You know what, I didn’t even look and see if the pink tree was for sale, silly me. I think Mr B would scold me if I brought home one more tree LOL, but isn’t it devine! It would look cute in a bedroom. I did buy some glass ornaments off of it…future post 🙂 We would have fun shopping.


    1. I’ll put in a good word, ha! I scooped that mixer at an antique mall in a town near us this summer. I almost died with happiness. I know Mr B hasn’t started yet, so hopefully he see’s my wish list. I could use that end table in sooooo many places. Thanks for your message, have an awesome day…it’s nuts in Edmonton this morning.


  3. I love everything on your list! And your pink and aqua bowl is gorgeous.
    You have an awesome Hubby too 🙂 One year, for Valentines day, my dear Hubby got me an authentic movie poster of “The Bishops Wife” (because I love old movies, but especially Christmas movies). He had it framed and purchased theater candy to go with it. We then had a date night at home. It was one of the most romantic gifts he has ever gotten me.
    Merry Christmas to you! Let us know what he ends up getting you 🙂


    1. Thanks MC Gal! Fingers crossed, I have been extra good, LOL.
      I think that is just precious of your hubby. He’s really thoughtful, WOW. Pretty original idea too. My hubby reads these comments, so maybe you’ve planted a seed, LOL. Actually I am spoilt at Christmas since we haven’t any kids….just us and the pussycats.

      Merry Christmas Sherree, I hope your Santa brings you something fab off your own wish list 🙂


    1. Thanks Jasper, tell mommy she has great taste. I love that word ‘trolley’. Sounds so stylish. I saw on the news today there was a tornado in New Zealand, hopefully no where’s near you. Did that nasty Volcano finish off too? So much going on down your way. Bark at the postman for me today! Cheeers


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