It’s Like Stepping Back In Time

A visit to Coronado Island is not complete without stopping at the iconic Del Coronado Hotel. It was designed by a Canadian, eh. The architect,  Mr James Reid was a native of New Brunswick, Canada.  Construction began in 1887 when the area was enjoying a boom.  Their colourful history includes visits by notables, Thomas Edison, Charlie Chaplin and many presidents, including Barrack Obama.

The Del Coronado

Source Wiki Commons

The screw ball comedy ‘Some Like It Hot’, starring Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis was filmed here in 1958. There’s a wonderful ‘behind the scenes’ photo gallery here that fans of old hollywood won’t want to miss it.  The magic begins right at the front door.  Check out their tropical and gorgeous winter pots. I wish!

Winter Pots at The Del

With its victorian architecture, red roof and beach location, generations of the same family come year after year to celebrate their special occasions. This is how the lobby looked back in the late 1800’s.  Though fashions have changed, the Del remains a delight.

The Lobby in Late 1800's

Boomdee risked lawlessness to get you an exclusive photo of their amazing two-story Christmas tree from the upper balcony.

O Really?


I don’t know how many ornaments were hung, but many of them are available in the gift shop. They’re all nostalgic and were hard to resist. I just might have to go back 😉

Charming Vintage Inspired Ornaments

I thought their vegetable, herb garden was so well-organized.  Looks like it’s just getting started but what an awesome addition.

picture2life_04112_originalIf you enjoy American history, it’s fun to stroll around the grounds.  It was designated a National Landmark in 1977.  Officially, it’s the ‘Hotel Del Coronado’ but to visitors past and present, it’s fondly called ‘The Del’.

Step Back In Time

It’s like stepping back in time.

Are there any historical hotels in your city?  We’d love to hear about them!

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18 thoughts on “It’s Like Stepping Back In Time

    1. Thanks Aunty, ya it was a bit of a bummer but I’m feeling a lot better today. Yesterday we hiked around the zoo and that plumb wore me out. Today Jim would like to go for a bike ride. I think he’s trying to do me in ?? LOL See you Sunday for our trip to Ken & Adeles…xoK


  1. I learned something today–I’d never previously known where Some Like it Hot was filmed. It is such a fun movie. If I ever get to San Diego I’m going to be sure to visit Coronado Island and the Del.


    1. That movie was a riot wasn’t it? There’s a real small town vibe here, I think you’d like it. We have a car but you could manage without. You can come by ferry from dt or take a bus too. We’ve even rented Bikes to zoom around as the Bikes path is great. Thanks for your message Sheryl!


    1. That tree is a monster, but suits the lobby since it’s pretty grande. I tried growing a little herb garden this summer, the basil did ok. I needed a sunnier spot. Someday I’ll have a yard and make a better go of it. Thanks for coming along to the Del 😀


  2. Thanks for the tour! Now that is an awesome hotel! WOW! At first look of the pic, it reminded me of the hotel in the movie the Shining. I love the fact that they have such a huge garden there! I miss so much our garden and can’t wait to start planting again next year! All of your photo’s make me feel like I am there with you! Glad you are feeling better! 🙂


    1. Awwww thanks Valerie, you’re adorable. Yikes the Shining, wasn’t that scary? My girlfriend and I went to it at the theatre and she chickened out and left me to watch it alone in the dark. It is kind of grande and old like that hotel, good eye. Their garden was neat as a pin, raised beds make sense, so tidy. Thanks, I do feel better, I’m just moving way slower. I’m usually a little bee, buzzzing along. I’m more like a butterfly today, fluttering along. Toooooo much cough syrup. LOL.


  3. Beautiful place. I would like to visit there someday. I have only seen it from a distance when I have visited San Diego in the past. Make sure that you visit the San Diego zoo while you are there. It is one of the top zoos in the U.S.


    1. Thanks Steven, we’re planning the zoo for this week for sure. I was last time and loved the meerkats, penguins and pandas..they eat in slow motion. If you get back to SD, I think you’d love the island. Really cute homes and gardens to walk and admire, lots of great restaurants and a small town feel. The Del is fun too. We don’t stay there (too busy for us), but we love the history…fun for lunch and a drink ocean side


    1. ya ya, I kind of pictured you as a princess in a beautiful castle, harhar. Thanks Canuck girl, you probably feel like you’re on the ocean anywhere around the great lakes. Alberta is really slim on ocean front property, 😉 so we think that’s the bomb when we come.


  4. Wow, will you look at that tree? Thanks for taking the risk on our behalf, Boomdee. I see a Christmas ornament in your near future. In all the visits I’ve made to San Diego, I can’t believe I’ve never been inside. We saw it on a tour with Sharon when she lived in Chula Vista, a suburb about an hour away.

    Thanks for the tour and the historical notes. You’ve really made the place come alive. I hope you’re feeling a bit better today. Hugs.


    1. It’s so interesting to me that people are still coming to stay at the Del after over 100 years of service. We’ve never stayed, it’s quite busy, but love to wander around and have enjoyed meals on the terrace in the past (an April trip). We’re about two blocks away at a quiet B&B, more our style.
      Thanks for your hugs Alys, I do feel a little better. I slept a good part of the day, Jim took himself to a movie. Then we bundled up to go see the Christmas Boat parade in the bay. Lot’s of lights and Christmas Cheer, so fun. Then we drove around looking at Christmas lights on homes. Cute, cute little cottages here.
      I don’t want to miss a day, but I had to recover so we can go to the zoo, lots of walking around. I can rest when we get home again. 🙂


      1. I’m glad you feel a bit better and could get out to see some sites. I would love to see a Christmas boat parade. How fun. We like B and B’s as well (or did pre-kids). Now we double in hotel rooms and enjoy the convenience. We spent our honeymoon in various B & B’s on the Mendocino Coast. Just lovely.

        Feel better soon!


        1. I understand your choice for traveling with kids. They’d be bored silly here, there’s no pool or play area and breakfast is always delicious but kids usually prefer a choice. I just Goggled Images for Mendocino coast…looks fantastic..very Ansal Adams or Max Parrish.


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