It’s Been A Pleasure

It almost seems like we just arrived. Doesn’t time speed up on vacation?

Warm Welcome

The best part of our stay in Coronado is always our home away from home, the ‘1906 Lodge’.  The caring staff have made our stay a delight. Where else would they whip you up a special cold remedy, thanks Susan.

1906 Lodge

We especially love that it’s walking distance to all the attractions and great restaurants but located on a quiet street away from all the action. Trip Advisor ranks it #1 for travelers wishing to stay in Coronado.  Well deserved.

The lodge was originally built as a boarding house in 1906 but after years of neglect it was rescued by four local couples and underwent an extensive renovation.  Every room is uniquely furnished for a feel of luxury.  With three on-site meeting rooms, they can also host your conferences or retreats.

Country Club

We love the view into their gorgeous courtyard from our patio.  It’s the perfect place to relax and read a book, listen to the birds and enjoy the trickle of the garden water feature.

A Room With A View

The breakfasts that greet you in the morning are home-made and wonderful.  Fresh baking, a hot entrée, choice of fruits, toast, juice and of course the bottomless coffee cup.  Just pinch me, I’ve died and gone to heaven.

1906 Lodge - Good Morning

Arriving a Christmas has been a special treat. The entire Lodge is tastefully decorated including four amazing Christmas tree’s, all sumptuously adorned for the holidays.

1906 Lodge Xmas Trees

I’ve really enjoyed the garden immensely.  It’s so peaceful and the flowers have been a great reprieve from our wintry weather.

1906 Lodge Garden

Until we meet again, thanks for a wonderful stay, it’s been a pleasure.

Big Boomdeeadda Thanks!

PS, Until you can enjoy your own stay, you can bake up Sue’s favourite pumpkin bread at home. Here’s her recipe!

Home Baking

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1906 Lodge

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

23 thoughts on “It’s Been A Pleasure

    1. Haaa, you didn’t see me waving as we jetted over? That’d be an interesting UFO. We did make it to the Zoo, I took some pictures to share at some point. I was still feeling under the weather that day, so it was so nice to be out in the sunshine looking at all the critters. Lot’s of sleepyheads while we were there.


    1. Thanks Alys, we’ve made our way thru all the usual airport charades, now waiting for a 3:12 flight. Leaving on a good day, it’s pouring here. Are you also enjoying a soaking?


      1. It rained yesterday and we expect more tomorrow. We’re between storms, I guess. It just kills me that you were in the City a few hours ago. I just assumed you were transferring in another state. Next time!

        The kitties will be thrilled to see you. Is it snowing at home?

        Hugs XXoo


        1. I know what you mean. I couldn’t quite comprehend it when Jim told me our route. I assumed we were going home the same way we came. Now that I think of it, I don’t know how we could’ve have hooked up…I don’t know if they’d let me back and forth thru security. When we checked in at San Diego, I forgot that I had tucked my IPOD mini in my bra..they are so small (I didn’t want to have to get in my overhead luggage after). Anyways, they scanned me and then asked to do a pat down too…I was thinking what’s up…then it dawned on me…I got questioned about it and they sent it thru the xray machine….I’m sure I’m like red flagged now or something.


        2. Oh you poor thing. A pat down over an iPod mini. It’s so out of hand. The things they do to catch the riff raff, mostly inconvenience the rest of us. Meanwhile, I always feel like those bent on terrorizing people are outwitting the very security designed the stop them. Seriously, is a terrorist going to do anything to call attention to themselves???

          And yes, I think you are right. I could only wave to you from afar.


        3. Right, I’d have to be the dumbest smuggler ever…..I mean, who’d try to sneak stuff in their bra? We’d look funny blowing kisses threw glass windows..hehe


        4. ((Alys)), Ahhhh, ha, my favourite thing ever…hugs…I think I even posts about them, it’s back there somewhere…ha. I’ll take that promise of a hug and off I go, we’re going to Ken & Adeles today and I’m a wee bit behind. (((hugs back))) xoK


    1. It’s only a few inches deep, more of a reflection pool. But I’ve decided every yard needs one. I like the courtyard plan, you feel so cozy here. Thanks for coming by Leilani!


    1. Thanks Will, it’s nice to be pampered. Recharged and ready for Christmas. We can’t recommend it enough. We’ve been before and I know we’ll see them next time…a great place with super good people.


    1. I’m one of those traveler’s who always love to be arriving home too. Short breaks are best for me. When we traveled in Europe, we were gone for nearly a month…while it was a wonderful trip, I missed my pets sooooo much. I was stopping strangers on the street to pet their dogs, LOL. Luckily my reality is a dream. 🙂


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