The Holy Grail

Look what I spotted at Greenland Garden Centre!

For aqua-holics** like myself, 

this surely is the Holy Grail!

** Aqua-aholic is one who, without cause or provocation, shops for and/or buys items the colour aqua blue.  A term I’ve totally made up to appease Mr B (ie. “sorry hon, it’s not’s the disease”)

PS, They had some cool tree’s too…..

Are you tempted by the trendy colours or prefer to collect your Christmas decor throughout the years?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

25 thoughts on “The Holy Grail

    1. I picked up a couple of things for my Winter Pots on the porch, but nothing for inside…it was hard to resist. Truth, I had already bought some new ornaments at the Antique Mall. They were all $2 or $3…I couldn’t leave them behind. I’d love to see your tree, will you be sharing?


  1. What a fun thread this is. I’m loving all the comments and conversations. That is one beautiful collection of aqua. So…which one did you buy????

    I love several colors including purple, green, turquoise, aqua…I’m an eclectic tree decorator too. Can’t wait to see yours.


    1. Thanks Alys, I sometimes read back to stuff too and think “my god, I’m almost illiterate”. I told Marlene here that taking your decorations down make your living room look hugh…who ever that is, LOL (meant huge). It’s a wonder anyone knows what I’m talking about….you’d almost think I do this drunk…honest, I’m not.
      To my surprise, I was very good at Greenland. I bought a couple of things for my pots outside….I mostly just love to look. Maybe when I’m finally decorating a house, with my regular tree, I’ll treat myself.
      I’m enjoying all the sparkle on the tree and thankfully the kitties are ignoring it so far. It’s a little overloaded, but I couldn’t leave off a lot of favourites. 😀


      1. It sounds to me like you’re having a very good time decorating and enjoying your tree, your kitties and your time at Greenland. It’s fun to “window” shop, anyway. I used to do the same with catalogs on occasion. I would spend thousands in my head, then toss and forget about all of it.

        Your tree is a delightful reflection of you. And how great that J. appreciates pastels. Lucky you!


        1. You have the best catalogue opportunities in the States. Karen gets a lot of them since she’s in Arizona frequently. Plus most offer free shipping within the US. I pretty much have Sears, uggg 😦
          Jim’s pretty flexible as far as decorating goes…he’s just glad I love to do it I think.


    1. LOL, I actually only bought one little thing….but I was there for a looooonnnng time, picking things up, putting things down. It was almost too much, I couldn’t decide. I love that card, ha, I didn’t realize you called it ‘blue’…ha. I pinned a couple onto Christmas Joy…you can link to my Pinterest on my front page any time you want to visit it…cheers Steven! Please smell your roses for me today.


        1. Well Hey? how do I get to your board Steven? Do you have a button on your Blog? I usually just snoop the boards of the person who pinned from me since they often have stuff I like too.


    1. O how interesting Clowie, that’s something I wasn’t aware of. I bet it’s fun to see how everyone sets that up. Rural Spain sounds like a really pretty place! Thanks and you have a wonderful Christmas too!


  2. I still think we should have trees indoors that we can decorate in every color as our mood moves us. I love color and it’s the lights on the tree that do it for me. I hate taking down the tree. I once left it up till April. Yes, I’m certifiable. 🙂


    1. ha….if you’re certifiable, I might be too. Although I don’t think I ever left it up quite that long…giggle. I really don’t enjoy putting everything back into their box’s either. One thing I’ve noticed though, is after it all comes down and gets put away, the living room looks hugh…LOL. Thanks for your message Marlene, I like the who colour idea.


    1. Ha, I like that Lizzy, an Aqua-athon…I may use that’re such a wit!
      4 hands are better than 2. Oh dear, your work really keeps you hopping. I hope you at least have a couple of days off to enjoy the season? Deep breaths….now go to the beach and twirl in the sand with your eyes focused to the fluffy clouds about….that’s the Boomdee Rx.


  3. Pretty, sparkly, loveliness! Have you had counselling for your aqua-holism? LOL! I could have a serious problem with purple but my husband tries to keeps me on the straight and narrow.


    1. Thanks PJ, I’ve refused treatment LOL. Your hubby fairs better than Mr B. He does put on the breaks once in a while. I might usually wait till after Christmas and indulge in the leftovers at the stores, but we don’t have any space here to really decorate too much. So, I will be good this year. Are you decorating a tree? Will your precious little Milo and Bella be able to resist?


      1. We’ve had our tree decorated since Dec 1st – I’m one of those “up early, down early!” people. I love Christmas but enjoy have a good old declutter in the New Year. Milo & Bella have only just noticed the tree and believe that all the baubles have been placed there to keep them entertained 🙂


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