Blogging Friendships Rock !

Congratulations Valerie at Nikitaland, Boomdeeadda’s sending you MORE snow, LOL!

A Winter Wonder

A very vintage Christmas,

with trees and sparkly snow,

to set upon a shelf at home,

to give your house a glow.

A Gift For you Valerie!!

With all the colours I love so much,

white, pink and aqua blue,

it’s a vintage Christmas in a bag,

so you can love them too.

Vintage Christmas In A Bag

I’m super happy to congratulate  Valerie at Nikitaland !!!! Valerie is the winner of the  ‘Frosty Forest Christmas Tree’s’, thank you so much for your entry! Valerie sent me a super cute collage of her sweet dog Nikita visiting Santa.


Unfortunately, Nikita wasn’t too fond of

Jolly ol’ Santa 😦


But I think Santa was fond of Valerie 😉

 Valerie just wrote about her visit to the house used to film ‘A Christmas Story, which is my favourite holiday movie ever.  I really enjoy all her posts because they’re filled with her infectious optimism, her obvious joy for life and stories about her two furry friends Nikita and Bella.

 Thank’s for following Boomdeeadda Valerie and all your super sweet comments too.

Gifts From Boomdeeadda are coming your way!

Blogging Friendships rock!!

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15 thoughts on “Blogging Friendships Rock !

    1. Thanks Alys, I was really happy to send them to Valerie. If you pop by Nikitaland, you’ll find out why she’s so adorable. Isn’t her Gravatar just the cutest? That’s how I first found Val’s Blog, I saw that cute cute puppy on some other site and followed it home…ha. I just had to see what that was all about.


      1. It’s fun the way we discover different blogs. It’s really organic in a way, tracking from one post to another. I can get lost in this place, but in a good way.

        I did pop over to Nikitaland…cute pics and a clever name for her blog, too.

        Your bristle trees went to a wonderful home.


        1. Thanks for popping over there, I know Valerie would appreciate your visit, she’s such a happy girl, I really gravitate to that and she loves her dogs, Ditto 🙂


    1. hey, look at your cute little Kirby there on your Gravatar, Adorable. I’ve got to figure out why I’m not being notified of your posts…I’m following, but I see I’ve missed some. Thanks for your message Lea. I’m coming by to catch up.


  1. Wooo Hooo! I can’t believe I won, did I mention YIPPY & YAHOO too?!!! Thanks ever so much for this awesome prize as I can’t wait for its arrival! You are the best, and yes, Blogging Friendships do rock! I hope that everyone comes on over to Nikitaland and says hi to all of us!


    1. You’ve really made my day Valerie! Congrats and I hope you’ll like them. I made lots of links back to Nikitaland and I hope everyone will wander by too because you’re such a positive part of my day. Thanks again for participating, I had fun making them for you! xoK


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