It’s Almost Too Pretty To Unwrap

It’s been a few days since the BIG event and I’ve only now got the house back in order.   I think Santa regularly reads Boomdeeadda, because I got a number of things on my My Wish List. I hope you did too. Thank you Santa, you made a girl so happy!

Vintage Tea Trolley
Vintage Tea Trolley
Vintage Craft Room Treasure
Vintage Craft Room Treasure

 How fun is it to open the perfect gift? Thanks Kenny & Adele 🙂

My New - Vintage Baubles
My New – Vintage Baubles

When it comes to gift giving, it can be hard to be original year after year. I just love to take a small but thoughtful gift and jazz it up. I’m no Mother Theresa, but she once said “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

Srapbook Paper Gifts
Scrapbook Paper Gifts

Remember these?  They were made for a very special friend back in October.

Admittedly, sometimes you might just like to do something quick but still pretty.  This little project is just that. It’s the perfect way to use up all your little leftovers from other projects.

Make it in minutes
Make it in minutes

step 1: Gather up some complimentary scrap paper.  Don’t be limited by the season, mix it up. Flowery Snow Men? Absolutely.

Cute Snowman

step 2: Get out some of your old punches.  You can mix it up if you have a few, if not, that’s cool too.

Use those old punches

step 3:  Randomly punch shapes from each of your papers.  Go crazy, the more the merrier

Use your old punches

step 4: Using your sewing machine, stitch along adding paper bits ever 1/4 inch or so. No need to over think or plan.  Randomness is key…star, snowman, star, snowman…that’s about it.

Sew Your Own Ribbon

step 5: You’ve been sewing a full 5 minutes now, pat yourself on the back, you’re done!

Home Made Ribbon

Did I mention this was a quick project?  You’ve created a cute and personal ribbon in a blink of an eye (well almost).  Just like that, you’re gift goes from lovely to WOW.   The best thing I can hear is “it’s almost too pretty to unwrap”.

Pretty Gift Wrap

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

30 thoughts on “It’s Almost Too Pretty To Unwrap

    1. Ha, that’s so funny I was just be-bopping around your site. Thank you so much and for following Julia. Isn’t that Pinterest so fab (and addictive). I was enjoying all your quotes and am in process of collecting all the quotes I’ve used here last year onto one page. It’s taking me a while because I go back to a post, re-read it and all the old comments. LOL, it’s like an old diary. Thanks for you nice message.


    1. You’re the best, thanks for all your visits and pinning. I was on Pinterest for 2 hours the other night….I can get lost there. So many awesome ideas. Have a great night! Happy New Year!


  1. I love your vintage tea trolly!! I really am going to come up there one day and go antiquing with you… you find the best stuff. How to get it all back to Mexico tho?
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!
    With lots of hugs and puppy love from all of us here at the ranch xoxoxo


    1. Ohhh, hugs and puppy love 😀 Awesome!! Happy New Year to you Kathryn and all your sweet furry family.
      Anytime you get the urge to head north, please be sure I’d love to go antiquing with you. I leave behind far more than I bring home, LOL I’m sure we’d find some ‘smalls’ (as they say in the biz) for you to return with. You are close to California, I’d die to go to their antique fairs and swaps…awesome stuff. Thanks for your message and cheers!


  2. Firstly, a belated Merry Christmas Boomdee! I’m pleased that Santa reads your blogs… he also read a comment that you made to me (about A Street Cat Named Bob) and guess what? I had an extra book in my stocking so thanks for mentioning it!!
    I love your craft work – it’s made me want to try this next year (the Mother Theresa quote helped a little too LOL!!!). I’ve saved lots of cards, tissue paper and wrap from Christmas so it will give me an excuse to recycle it.
    I would like to invest in a stamp (I love Alys’ watering can) but would also like a heart and or star. Maybe Santa is reading this in readiness for next year! Ha ha x x


    1. Merry Christmas PJ and thank you for your wishes. I’m so glad Santa stopped by with that book, isn’t it just so wonderful. I’m almost thru it. I’ve been know to iron tissue, under brown paper (grocery bag), it looks as good as new. I often buy craft mags and home decor mags from the UK, we can get them at ‘Chapters’. Not cheap, but I always love them. You’ve got great ones, lots of inspiration. I think Santa’s on a little a pool, with coconut sun tan lotion in his hand, but it’s always good to collect a list for next year. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. I haven’t really bought many in a long while, since I’ve now got a Big Shot for die cutting…it cuts really intricate fun things for your projects but these are really useable still for fun things like this. Happy New Year and thank you for popping in!!


  3. I live for these posts. What a charming, original, wish-I-had-thought-of-it way to make ribbon for a package. How can anyone go back to store-bought bows after seeing this?

    I’ve been the lucky recipient of your gift wrapping and I couldn’t agree more. They are too pretty to unwrap. You’ve inspired me in so many ways this year.


    1. OMGoodness, (( Alys )) thank you for all your support. It’s my pleasure to share a few little ideas. I know pink & blue aren’t entirely Christmas colours, but really, anything goes. I’ve seen tree’s this year that are purple & lime green..mmmm not really for me but cool. I have a number of these old style punches, nice to use them sometimes. As you know, I’m a real fan of this tissue too. I pick it up at the Dollar store. 🙂


      1. Another great tip. Dollar store tissue. It’s beautiful. Those punches are quite an investment, so it’s great to find different uses for them. I have hearts, circles, squares???, a watering can and my all time favorite tag punch. I’m shopping around for the perfect star. My friend Mary Ann visits the dollar store for boxes of Christmas cards on the cheap. Then she uses parts of them to make her own waterfall cards.


        1. Mary Ann is a clever one isn’t she. Ya, why pay 3.50 for Drugstore Tissue when the Dollar store stuff is just as cute? Squares might be fun!! With a message stamped on every few ones. I love that little watering can too. I’ve been collecting ones for my ‘Big Shot’ die cutter. It’s a lot slower than these…one at a time. I try and use everything once in a while. Thanks for your messages Alys…we’re off and running. Hope your day is awesome!


        2. I’m catching up tonight!

          Yes, Mary Ann is clever…just like you. 🙂

          Dollar store tissue makes great sense. I’ve got to make a run. I used regular white tissue paper to make some wrap this year. I rubber stamped a couple of images in two colors, randomly stamped. I really like the effect and it was fun to do.

          Today I went with a friend to Paper Source (it’s on our San Jose list) and bought a cool star punch. It’s magnetized, allowing you to punch anywhere on the paper, not just the edges.


        3. Holy Crackers, you are the fastest typist, how long was I out, LOL (went to get a hand full of raisins which is pretty bad for WW but is better than a turtle, ha)

          Thanks for that complement. I never thought of stamping the tissue, that rocks….so who’s the clever one….U! I have an obscene amount of stamps…I should pre-make some….wheels turning. 🙂


        4. I don’t know why I can’t stop laughing at your comment, above. My son just turned to me and asked “what’s so funny.”

          I could see you walking away to get the raisins (I could picture me getting the turtle and then the WW comment. Anyway…I guess you had to be here but it just really made me laugh (thank you!).



        5. Ha, so glad I made you laugh…admittedly I took some time to decide: mmmm turtles or raisins, turtle…no..raisins. Then when I clicked on comments there were like seven of you smiling back at me….love your messages ((( Alys ))) keep those little garden fingers typing. ha


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