Sometimes It’s Nice To Measure Things

It was fun to read a number of your ‘Year In Review’ reports prepared by WordPress. Seems like 2012 was a big success all around, congratulations! There’s probably as many ways to measure success as Blogs at WordPress.  OK, I just checked…..WOW (That’s a lot of choice, so thanks for being here).

A Lot Of Blogs

Canadian Author William Kinsella, who by the way was born in my home town of Edmonton and wrote the novel ‘Shoeless Joe’, the movie ‘Field Of Dreams’ is base on, once said about success:

“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get”
― W.P. Kinsella

It seems to me, it’s easier to plan for professional success than personal success?  What do you think?  If happiness is the ultimate measure of success then I’m having a great year here at Boomdeeadda.

Vintage ruler

While my inner happiness can’t be measured on this vintage yardstick,  it made me awfully happy to find it.  It wasn’t a big investment but I like it tons, it seems to fit right in with all the other treasure.

It Fits Right In

We haven’t had ‘Czechoslovakia’ on the map since 1993 when that country split into two independent states, Czech Republic and Slovakia. But Czechoslovakia became a country way back in 1918, so this ruler could have a long history.

Made in Czechoslovakia

I love how it’s all hinged together and folds up neatly.

Vintage Ruler

LOGAREX of Czechoslovakia is the same company famous for their Vintage Slide Rulers.  You often see them on eBay. I found this information online at The History of Slide Rule Inventors

“The company was founded before WWII as a factory and shop for drawing instruments.

From 1948 to 1950 they belonged to L&C Hardtmuth, which made the Koh-I-Noor pencils.

After becoming a state-run business, LOGAREX made slide rules mainly for the Eastern Block”

Logarex Ruler

I took a moment to daydream about where my little vintage ruler may have traveled.  Who’s tool box, in what countries has it graced? It now lives happily in the Boomdee craft zone and sometimes it’s nice to measure things.

Measuring Up

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

25 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Nice To Measure Things

    1. Thank you so much for coming by. That’s so great, Welcome! It’s always nice to meet new friends. I can’t wait to catch up. What does TC stand for? Thank you and Happy New Year!! 🙂


      1. TC is Tulare County. For years I worked for Tulare County Office of Education in California as a history consultant. I retired in August, so I am redefining myself somewhat and I couldn’t take the TC or the history out of who I am. I’m having a ball as TC!!! 🙂


  1. My parents had one too, and I had totally forgotten about it until I saw this post. Funny how many things are in the dark, forgotten part of our “mental attic” until someone shines a light on something. I’m glad that you appreciate an artifact like that one enough to write about it!


    1. Thanks for your visit and nice message Julia. I love that, “mental attic”. For me, something with a history, a past or an imagined story is far more valuable than brand new…even if it only cost $8.00. I get a kick using tools either for their intended purpose or something new. Like the giant flower frog I got for Christmas… holds my pens at my craft table. I am a vintage junkie…ha guilty.


    1. O no, well that’s what happened to a lot of them I would guess. There’s this website I check in to sometimes, it’s called (excuse me but) shit my kids ruined dot com. It’s full of funny stories about kids wrecking stuff. Here’s a cute critter I pin’d on to my Pinterest board…made me LOL, thanks for popping in Sheryl, I’m sure they forgave you quickly.


  2. Very cool ruler, I’ve not seen one for over 20 years. Czechoslovakia was also the first country to perfect a method of machining the inside bore of a musket with a spiral groove to allow the bullet to travel true, they perfected the mass production of the rifle and had been a source of high tech, high quality manufacturing until well after the Iron Curtain fell. Thank you for all your interesting blogs, I look forward to seeing what you will share this year, keep up the fascinating cool stuff you do/are. S


    1. Sterling !!!! how long have you been hanging out! Thanks for your message and for following along. I didn’t know that about the history of rifles. See I’m learning stuff every day here. That’s so interesting that they were such contributors to the high tech, I would have made that connection to them. The Slide-rules seem to be a big draw…both in on-line museums and ebay…I wasn’t able to find much info about the wooden telescopic rulers. Old stuff really makes me wonder about, who made it, where it was made, what was going on in the world then…all of it. I love learning about history. Thanks so much for sharing.


  3. You’ve found happiness and success, and we get to benefit too. Kismet.

    I love the photos of you measuring Blossum and Petals. So cute!

    Okay, I really had a good giggle when I saw what a gabber I was on your blog stats. Ha! To know you is to adore you. Congratulations on the great year. (((Boomdee)))


    1. Thanks for every single thoughtful message ((Alys)), it wouldn’t be half as fun nor nearly as pleasant if you weren’t here with me. You are the cherry on top! I adore you too. Blossum was having none of it and Petals though I was calling her for a treat…I had to wait till Blossums back was turned…I’m like the pesky paparazzi here..LOL


    1. Thanks so much Will, Alys and I were just ruminating about how much we love visiting you and Eko too. (I was laughing at the Seinfeld analogy at Gardening Nirvana..good one). Looking forward to it.


  4. Ya know, I don’t have one of those foldy ruler thingies, but I want one! I wonder if they come in pink? I got a pink measuring tape though, does that count? I also had to laugh that you were “measuring” your cat! But, I’ve got to ask…..what else have you “measured”?


    1. Oh, I’d love a pink measuring tape, that’d fit right in here. I just bought some new pink scrap book stuff today…(oops, don’t read this Mr B, ha)…it seems to be everywhere right now. My kitties are reluctant bloggers, I had to pretty much sneak up to Blossum…they think I’m weird “what is she up too?” I haven’t had too much time to measure stuff, but when Mr B asks “what are you going to do with that?” I had to justify my purchase by saying “sometimes I like to measure stuff”…hence a post transpired..LOL Thanks for your message Val, hope you had a great day…boy time flies when you’re on the net.


    1. ha, thanks Leilani…that was actually tricky to do. Neither one of them knew what I was up usual..LOL. Blossum kept running away…that’s her down the hallway. 🙂


    1. Hi Sunshine, I just love that “Happiness is having a vision and seeing it through”, I might just quote you next time. Thanks for you message, hope your day is awesome!


    1. Hi Steven, I think my Opa had one too, he had a ton of tools. I got this one for $8, I don’t know if thats a good price or bad price? Good luck finding your treasure.


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