Kids, Don’t Try This At Home

There was a lake  slough near the old farm-house were Dad grew up.  It was there, that he learned to love hockey. It doesn’t get much more ‘Canadian’ than that. 🙂 Naturally, we all learned to skate as toddlers and the whole neighbourhood would come over to the rink Dad would build in our backyard.

County Style Hockey
Country Style Hockey

I was 14 when I got my last pair of new almost new skates. They had a Karen Magnussen emblem on them. Miss Magnussen won Olympic Silver for Canada in 1972.  So needless to say, it was time to upgrade and off I went to United Cycle.

United Cycle Edmonton

I wandered in, thinking it would be a quick stop then off to the rink.  Well things have changed, BIG time. I was met by a wall of choice, it was a little dizzying.

Figure Skates

Que the lovely, helpful and knowledgable Megan. United Cycles most valued employee (or she really should be).  After deciding on how much I could spend, I picked out a couple of candidates.  Did I mention the service was incredible? Megan not only measures your foot for proper fit and is back in a flash with your selections,  she puts them on your feet and ties the laces (over and over again).

Megan at United Cycle

Megan showed me the proper way to do up your laces all while insuring my comfort.  You should wrap the laces UNDER the hooks -vs- over.  Remember to DOUBLE up the tie before you make your bow. If the bow comes undone, your laces will still remain tied.  That little tip could save me from a potential fall, thanks Megan!

Lacing Is Important

A proper fit means there is no room for your foot to move in the boot.  At this stage of the fitting, they should actually feel quite snug with a thin sports sock.  Megan recommends using a thin sock to allow your feet to breath and eliminate moisture in your boot.  Sorry, what’s that Megan?  I was dreaming of my glittering skating debut. Would this be too much?

Dreaming Of My Debut LOL

Next, your selection is put into a heating oven. Then laced up pretty tight to allow the warm boot liners to perfectly form to your feet. This is awesome for people like me who would benefit from buying a different size for each foot (no kidding).  I guess this is pretty common.  Have you noticed that with your own feet?  Come on, you can tell Boomdee 😉 Your secrets are perfectly safe here.

Heated Liners Will Form To Your Feet

After 15 minutes Megan then removed the boots to ‘punch out’ any remaining pressure points.  We did this a few times.  Each time, Megan patiently tied and untied my skates and waited for me to march around until they felt just right.

Punching Out Pressure Points

Make sure you pick up some blade covers for your new skates, I thought these Bumblebees were adorable.

Bumble Bee Blade Savers

I settled on a grown up pair.  Look at all the choices!  You know it, I bought the aqua ones.

Skate Blade Covers, WOW

United Cycle provides your first sharpening free.  There is just no down side to shopping here people.  I can’t recommend them enough.  They have a premium selection for beginner to pro. The staff is friendly and knowledgable and the free sharpening allows you to hit the ice the same day!

Sharpening Is Included

Thanks to Megan, I can now do this!!!

Thanks Megan, you Rock!

Kids, don’t try this at home!!

Don't Try This At Home!

Oooops, we both fell down once, but only

Boomdee had a camera…giggle.


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48 thoughts on “Kids, Don’t Try This At Home

  1. My best memory of skating was at school in Colorado where you would skate for two or three hours, take an hour to loosen up in the swimming pool with a few laps, then hit the sauna to put your body into a perfectly relaxed state. It was a lovely routine and I miss it! I enjoy your blog–it brings back good memories.


    1. Hello! What a good workout that would have been. We only made it about an hour or so, but it’s close by and we can go often. That’s an interesting Gravatar you’ve got…very Mad Max, where ever would that be? Thank you for visiting and what a nice complement to get, so appreciate it. I’ll pop on over to say hello! Cheers


      1. The gravatar is a piece of roadside art near Yreka, California. In the background you can see Table Rock, where our dear friends ranch cattle. I look forward to your posts!


  2. I’m impressed. I can barely skate–and haven’t been brave enough to put a pair of skates on in years. My goal is to be as adventuresome as you. 🙂


    1. Well that’s awfully nice of you to say, thanks Sheryl. But my friend Karen is far far more adventurous…she ski-doo’s up mountains with the boys on her own machine, ski’s down mountains to keep up with her kicks..basically she kicks butt…I’m a lightweight by comparison. It’s never to late to adopt a new habit though. 😀


    1. LOL, vous êtes pardonné 🙂 This is the ‘creme de la creme’ of service and equipment in Edmonton….there’s lots of places to buy skates but really they are not much less in price and there’s no helper like Megan ANYWHERE’S. Any sport you can imagine….it’s here. Thanks for coming along!


  3. What a heartwarming story! Thanks so much for sharing this in-depth, valuable report on your experience as a customer. We’ll gladly share this post with our staff and online audience. You’re right, United Cycle has changed a lot over the years, and it’s always a challenge adapting to new trends, new sports, and new relationships. We’ve always relied on customer feedback to grow as a company, so again, we thank you for your input.


    1. Hi, how awesome to hear from you. I was so impressed with Megan, her enthusiasm and knowledge. You have a gem there. Good customer service is such a rare treat, sad but true. Everyone in the store was friendly and helpful. Congratulations on your success, people obviously like working at United Cycle and I enjoyed shopping there. Cheers


  4. Great article, and the picture of the “boys’ is awesome. Keep up the good work of skating and maybe soon u can do a competition-lol — LUL


    1. LOL, Only if I can wear the sparkly aqua number….hahah can you imagine…maybe in my dreams once, but those days are long past! Thanks for popping in Aunty, I know you’re busy packing…have a great time…see you and FB. Big hugs and lUL 2 xoK


    1. Hello, thank you so much for reading and commenting. You’re right, it’s not for everyone. But yah, maybe your tastes have changed, indoors can be a lot more convenient too…lunch at the snack bar if it doesn’t work out. Cheers!


  5. Weeeeee! That looks like so much fun.

    I’ve only rented ice skates. I had no idea how involved it was to purchase a pair. What an amazing shop and what great service. I hope neither of you are bruised from your fall. I took a tumble this week on cold, wet, aggregate steps. They were uneven and I was rushing. My middle name is ‘Grace’…or it should be.

    And speaking of grace, look at you on the ice. Lovely. What fun!


    1. Ha, nothing graceful about the way I was skating….people might have thought we were drunk. LOL I was totally blown away by Megan, she exceeded my expectations in every way. Really nice girl, part time mom. Ex skater and very knowledgable. The should give her a raise.

      Sorry to hear you’ve taken a spill, gosh I hope you didn’t hurt yourself, on aggregate no less, Ouch! It happens to me rather a lot, I completely understand. I’ve got more scars than most girls, that’s for sure.

      Speaking of rushing, I must jet along, but thanks for all the messages and chats, it’s just the best way to start my day, with a friend and coffee 😀 xoK


    1. Thanks Sheryl, it is pretty fantastic I must say. I don’t know how long the Leg will be all lit up with seasonal lights but it’s sure worth the short walk for us. If you ever find yourself there, I know you’d enjoy it…maybe we’ll bump into one another…literally, LOL Have a greet weekend!


    1. Surprising, it all comes back to you. Although when I did wipe out, it seemed like a loooong way down. My husband said he was a little achey the next day, not me, but I’m like rubber girl…I’m clumsy and continually rack up, maybe I’m just used to it. Thanks for all your reads and warm messages. Have a super nice weekend in sunny Oklahoma.


  6. Envious of such a fabulous vintage family photo! BRR! I went ice skating once and for some reason I thought the area would be warm inside. But no, it was freezing. I guess to keep the ice frozen? 😉 Texans don’t get this concept too well. hahaha


    1. Haaaha, I’m almost surprised you found a place to ice skate in Texas. Well good for you to give it a whirl. Yes, best to have it cold in an arena, much harder to skate on slush 😉 Lucky for you in Texas, so many year round outdoor activities to enjoy. Like biking or roller blading or even just walking the dog without a parka LOL Thanks for commenting & have a great weekend!


    1. You really should ey? It’s the Canadian way….Thanks Rob, we’re lucky to be just a few blocks from the Alberta Legislature ice rink….gorgeous lights and music. Too bad the weather dipped today and cold for the weekend. Back to seasonal mid week so maybe a hump-day skate. Cheers, have a great weekend!


    2. PS, As you can see, I haven’t figured out ‘moving night shots’ on the new camera, but registering for Camera course with Photographer Darryl Benson starts Jan 16th….yahoo!


        1. Oh yes, it just came up in my email yesterday. I took a photoshop course with Darryl last winter. He owns Treasured Memories and the whole family is amazing. I’m so lucky they are offering it, very timely.


  7. I love those old photos that you post! I also could see you in that blue skating outfit too! LOL When it comes to ice skating, I have two left feet, but roller skating or roller blading is a different story. I used to work at a roller skating rink (my first job) and I learned how to skate there! It’s strange that if I can roller blade, then why can’t I ice skate? Weird, huh?


    1. Good Morning Valerie, awwww, thanks again for a sweet message…you do spoil me. LOL, maybe I’d wear it for Halloween…I could be banged up Olympic Skater Nancy Kerrigan and a friend (((Deb?)))), could be Tonya Harding…They had tons of little, tiny, sparkly skating outfits, so darn cute IF you were a wee young skater.

      I’m really amazed that you can roller skate and roller blade but not ice skate. They are so much harder with all those wheels. I used to have a pair of roller blades 25 years ago but living in the country, the really only good place to skate would have been the hi-way and I’m far toooooo clumsy for that. I could see you zipping around though, you’re such a happy girl! What a fun fun job.


    1. They are so sparkling white I just glow out there.
      Hand-me-downs were pretty normal in the hood I grew up in. Everyone had kids and most moms were at home…money had to stretch…..but now we can take a little pleasure in treating ourselves more often. Thank you for your message 😀


    1. Don’t feel too jealous, we Canadians put our lives in all kinds of peril to enable us to get thru winter without going mad…tonight it’s -27 C or -16 F…but we were having a good time…thanks for visiting (hope you’ll get some good news soon xoK)


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