Artful Story Telling – Part One

One thing is certain, bloggers are story tellers. Our local news folks would like to make todays weather the major story. We are near record-setting lows for this day in history 😦 No kidding!!! With so many bus cancellations or delays, many people might just stay home.

Cold Snap

Even Blossum looks worried but she’s happy to have a warm fire to enjoy.  Mittens, scarves and a toque people! DO NOT worry about looking trendy today!!

Stay Warm Blossum

The weather might be frightful, but I’m happy to be inside to finish up a project I’ve putterd on for over a week.  I keep getting sidetracked, does that happen to you?  I started with a new paper collection from Kaisercraft – Secret Admirer paper.  It’s got the vintage themes that I love but in new funky colours.  I like the ying-yang of it all or as the professional art critiques might say “I like the tension” 😉

Kaisercraft - Secret Admirer

One of the hottest trending stories in scrapbooking is ‘hexagons’ and I’ve fallen for them hard.  I’ve collected the stamps, the die cut and even found a stencil.


Over the next couple of posts, we’ll look at some easy techniques that helped go

from this:

Kaiser Craft

to this:

Boomdeeadda Story

One ideology of scrapbooking is to finish pages quickly and use as many photo’s as possible.  For me, a good scrapbook page is a combination of both your favourite photo’s along with artfully placed accoutrement that help tell your story.  Just like life, my pages include a lot of layers and today it’s a reflection of ‘Boomdeeadda’ . It’s  ‘One of a kind’ and Petals and Blossum are an important part of it all.

One of a kind

As you know, I never use just one collection. By starting with a paper that has a lot of colour in its design, you’ll be able to add  more interesting elements to your project. None of these papers or elements are part of this Kaisercraft collection but I like how they complement the project and will use some or all of them to make it interestingYou Don't have to stick to one Collection

Some items aren’t necessarily for scrapbooking at all.  Remember the map I used to create the turntable in my craft room?  I’m using the remnants on my layout here!  I thought the colours were perfect and reminds me of all the great friends I’ve made around the world by blogging.

Use Unexpected Elements Like Maps

Todays tips for artful story telling:

  • Pick a theme (I choose hexagons) and repeat it.
  • Starting with a paper that has a lot of colour gives you more flexibility
  • Don’t limit yourself to one collection
  • Don’t limit yourself to scrapbook product, an unexpected element (I used a map) can add interest

Thanks for spending time here at Boomdeeadda! I so appreciate your visits and comments.  If this is your cup of tea, pop by Friday for part two of ‘Artful Story Telling’.

What’s trending in your world today?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

30 thoughts on “Artful Story Telling – Part One

  1. oh man, your making me want to start scrap booking again! Maybe I will add a page from my old book on kirby! This is sooo awesome I love! The hexagon thing your page looks so artful and lovely, I’d pay to have someone make me a scrapbook like that (Although I guess that defeats half the purpose of scrapbooking lmao) beautiful. Hope the weather gets better!


    1. Hi Lea, you always say the nicest things. Thank you for your message. I really enjoy putting together these pages, I throw on some music and the kitty’s and I spend the day in the craft room. Luckily kitty-cats don’t need a regular walk, they would hate it out there today. I’ve been seeing a lot of cute dog fashions though since most people living downtown have really tiny furry friends like Kirby and they’re cold too. 🙂


  2. Oh, Kelly, I feel badly for you—29 below? That is ATROCIOUS weather! I’d stay indoors too…doubt even Ben would want to head out into that, and he does have a marvellous furry coat. 😉

    I like your scrapbooking page a great deal, especially with the different styles you have added with the hexagons. It’s all very artful and pretty! Plus the base paper (do pardon my lack of knowledge—I love playing with paper, but don’t scrapbook) is very lovely to begin with. Anything with birds!

    Stay warm if you can. It is unseasonably gorgeous here—would you believe I’m sitting here, 6PM at night, with my windows halfway open? I’m about to close them, but still. It’s 68 outside in JANUARY. That is warmer than I keep the house this time of year!


    1. Thanks for your sweet message Jen, you are right -29 is Banana’s. We are in the path of some nasty arctic weather, but there’s relief in site. Water mains burst and flooded a major artery, traffic was a mess. I’m so lucky I didn’t have to venture out. I hope everyone took extra care with their pets. I really worry about that.
      Your comments mean a lot to me because I know you have an artistic eye and appreciate detail, thanks again 🙂


        1. That cracked me up. LOL it’s so funny you refer to Batman because I just happened upon one of those old 60’s episodes two nights ago. I hadn’t seen it in years, so that’s very coincidental. I watched and got such a laugh. What a riot, these go-go girls where working for The Penguin. Their outfits were pretty skimpy. I think people are so much more uptight now. Without a doubt, FOX news would have a lot to say about this ‘kids show’, while secretly enjoying it for the girls.

          Mr B wrapped himself up pretty darn good this morning, just the eyes looking out of a scarf…take that GQ….they wouldn’t even know where to begin LOL


        2. I had a huge crush on Bruce Wayne when I was about 7. When my parents shared that we were moving to the US, it was my fantasy to meet him. He would fall in love with me, of course.

          Now my oldest son is a fan. Life can be so funny.

          Fox News = Hypocrites to the nth degree


        3. He absolutely would and then probably break your heart He had a real playboy reputation in real life. LOL, he is or was pretty dashing though…Alys Wayne…yes that has a ring to it.

          “To the bat cave Alys!!” I could see your red hair blowing in the wind.

          Oh man, don’t even get me going on those Fox people. Are they cloning women over there….they all look identical with the exact same hair colour. It’s very odd.


        4. I hope they’re clones. It makes my skin crawl to think there is more than one woman who thinks and behaves in such small-minded, mean-spirited ways.

          Alys Wayne. My initials would be AAW…



  3. Ohhh so purdy! 🙂 It’s practially BALMY over here in Ottawa with our freezing rain today! argh…. and we had your cold snap last week…. which lasted for about a whole week, so it’s bound to let up eventually! singing in my head….”Always look on the bright side of life”!


    1. Thank’s Sherri! Still a work in progress… me LOL. Hey I love that song! I’ll sing along too “when you’re chewing on life’s gristle, always give a whistle”…..Oh how I miss Monty Python 🙂

      It’s suppose to be +1 on Friday… good things right around the corner….hugs all around…xoK


    1. Hi Betsy! Thank you for that super nice message. I was telling Alys about the die cut tool called ‘Big Shot’. I just love it. I know scrapbook stores here allow you to drop in and use all their tools for a small fee. So you don’t even need to make a big investment to scrap like a pro. I’ve been slowly collecting die cuts. I used it for the hexagons, butterfly’s, roses, leaves and banner. Hey, you probably heard, I’m coming to San Jose in May. I’m super excited! Maybe we can chat scrap 😀


    1. OMGosh Pam, that’s really nice of you to share it, Thank you. Have you gotten in to the whole Die Cut world? It really opens up a whole new world of creativity. I’m working on the alternate page of my ‘two-page layout’. I’m having a ball.


  4. I wouldn’t miss it! Love, love, love what you’ve done here. Your talents for layering and collage are amazing. I like the little bird stamps outside of the cage. The upper corner rolled down is charming. It reminds me of vintage wallpaper, gently peeling to reveal a bit of history below. You should teach a class on this.

    Since the weather is frightful, you’ll have a good week of crafting ahead. I can’t wait to check back.

    PS Layered like you. Brilliant!


    1. ((( Alys ))) thank you for all your kind messages and support. You always make my day. I’m amazed at what you notice too. That little flying bird is from the same collection of stamps as the bee. They’re nice because you can tuck them in almost anywhere on your page.

      You would just die at the scrap store I got the paper at. It’s called The Urban Scrapbooker and they have A-mazing pages hanging all over their store. I’ve gotten a number of my die cuts there. They are quite inspiring.

      One of these days, I might think about the class thing. I’m just not sure if girls like to spend as much time on a page. I guess once it’s designed, it goes together pretty fast.

      Off to do my camera course homework….I’m so late with it. ooopps. xo BIG hugs


      1. You’ve been so busy with your camera course, crafting and helping Adele, not to mention house-hunting. Thanks for taking the time to reply thoughtfully with your comments. I love every one of them. I’m sorry to have fallen so far behind.


        1. O No, never worry about that, I’m always around and we can pick up here, there, anywhere…..anytime. I have all the time in the world. While you are a working mom with a beautiful yard and blog. I’m in awe that you also find time to make crafts and workout regularly. I’m always catching up with everything and that’s with a very open calendar 😀 My days are filled with just fun stuff. Really I think someone will pinch me and I’ll be sitting back at my desk at Telus screaming “nnnoooooooooo” LOL

          Lucky, lucky me. You are the friend every girl dreams of mwwaaa.


  5. All of your work is stunning! I love those hexies too, and how you used them in your craft project was awesome! Stay warm inside! Since it is so cold outside, did you know that if you went outside and blew some “bubbles” that they would freeze right in the air! I tried this a few weeks ago when we had extreme cold and it worked. For us, today it is 66 degrees outside! Strange temps for our area at this time of the year.


    1. Thanks you Val and I can totally see you outside in freezing temps blowing bubbles….HA, you crack me up. I bet the pups thought that was a riot.

      The hexagons have taken over my craft room…HA, stay tuned!


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