Another Glass of Wine

Lots of things might give away my age long before people look me in my giant-sunglass-hidden eyes. It could easily be my choice of music. I’ll take french cafe over hip-hop anytime please.  Maybe it’ll be the kind of car I drive, a PT Cruiser. Oh yah, that’ll do it 😀 It doesn’t exactly scream with youthful mystic.

PT Cruiser

Aging is inevitable, yet a girl’s got to do what she can right? I confess, I’m very lazy about wearing gloves either to house keep or garden. So sadly, my hands will keep no secrets.  When I spotted this new polish by Revlon, I decided to go a little crazy and actually locked myself away for 2 hours to pretty up. Yes it takes that long 😉  Could these fresh and youthful polishes, somehow do magic? Meet ‘Sassy’ and ‘Heavenly’.

Sassy by Revlon

Seeking the relaxing spa vibe on a budget is easier than you’d think:

  1. Soothing music – check
  2. Calming scented candle – check
  3. Glass of wine – check
  4. New Polish – check & mate

Home Spa Day

I included my new ‘Style At Home’ magazine, since it arrived a week ago and I had barely cracked it open.  A little entertainment while my  fresh polish dries to the perfect shade of spring.  Speaking of budgets, my favourite monthly article is their ‘High/Low’.  A designer recreates the same room on two very different budgets and invites you to guess which one is done on a low-budget.  With a keen eye for decorating and a somewhat unexplainable propensity for all things expensive, I can always pick out the cheap budget room. Click here to see if you can too.

Getting In Style

I’ll spare you all the gory details of this adventure, only to say that when we went for a coffee later, a young girl at Starbucks complemented me on my nails (true story)!!!  I must admit, I’m on-the-fence with this colour.  I bought it because it looked like fresh-cut grass, you know, kind of springy. I might also sense a little Kermit vibe 😀

Thrilled As Usual

I attempted to get some feedback from Blossum and Petals.  Petals yawned and Blossum was entirely indifferent. Fine! I shall just go enjoy another glass of wine.


 What did you last do to pamper yourself

While you tell me all about it, please enjoy

a little french cafe music – Tell Me About Love

Une musique petit café français – Parlez-moi D’ Amour

avec Lucienne Boyer


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

42 thoughts on “Another Glass of Wine

  1. What a lovely time you had pampering yourself. It looks positively relaxing. I love the cats. They have an opinion about everything, don’t they, even if that opinion is “who cares…fill my bowl.” LOL

    I’m like PJ. A hot, lavender salt bath with a good book is divine, preferably in the evening before bed.


    1. You know, after two days it was half worn off my nails..ha. I’ve already redone them, now they’re aqua with sparkles. I like it even better. My nails get so dry and peeling in the winter, I’ve been at least trying to keep clear hardener on them. It’s so darn dry here.
      You girls both like the bath, where as I’ve only used the jacuzzi tub once since I’ve been here. Maybe I need to try it again with some yummy bubbles like ‘Aquafina’


      1. Bubbles certainly add to the fun. If you have a cold, eucalyptus is a nice thing to add as well. Lavender for relaxing. Or rose scent for that romantic vibe.

        I love the idea of aqua nails on you. Perfect. My nail maintenance program is as follows: 1, try not to use them as tools and 2, keep those nail clippers handy when I do. The end.


        1. 😀 you are such a natural beauty Alys. I admire your beauty routine, or lack there of it. Not too many gals would dare go without the morning makeup….me included. You should see my poor manicure now…HA, my hands were in the wars today and they are feeling really stiff. Another joy of aging?


        2. LOL! I don’t know about the natural beauty part, but natural, yes. Lazy, too. There are too many other things I would rather do.

          Sorry about your poor hands. I can just imagine how hard today’s work would be on them. The weather is dry here to, so between the colder air, central heating and the constant hand-washing of the last week, mine are a mess, too. Sorry about the stiff joints. You need a couple of hot pockets for your aches. Maybe one of those lavender wraps across your lap with your hands tucked inside. Doesn’t that sound relaxing.

          Do you know what I do on occasion in the winter months when my hands are really a mess? I use a heavy-duty emollient at bedtime then wear the stretch gloves to bed. Your hands will be so soft come morning. I didn’t think I could ever sleep in gloves, and believe me it’s strange at first, but after just one night, it was amazing how soft they were.


        3. Hey, I have some of those hot pockets and never even thought to do that, good one! They were a gift to Jim last Christmas but he never seems to use them. Maybe it was one of those things that I actually wanted, HA. They’re from Restoration Hardware and they’re little cashmere mittens with hot pockets in them for under $20. I thought they were awesome. I find it hard to shop for him :o/

          I have actually a few pairs of those cotton gloves and Jim laughs at me when I wear them to bed. I’m going to wear them tonight maybe inside my…..errr his cashmere mittens. I made Jim to a paraffin dip one night…I think he liked it. LOL


        4. Men don’t know what they are missing. And Mike, too is hard to shop for. I just ask him what he wants these days. It all works out.

          Those gloves sound divine. Let me know if they help with your aching hands. I wake up with sore hands every morning. My doc thinks it might be arthritis but I’ve been too lazy to follow up with the specialist.


        5. I resemble that remark, except in my case it’s all about denial…it’s not just a river in Africa..LOL…now I sound like an old lady, cause everyone has heard that one before 😀


    1. I know right? LOL, we got it when we had Buddy because it was good to haul him around in. We are thankfully car shopping this spring…I haven’t decided what yet, any recommendations? I need something smaller but with 4 wheel drive….they hardly do any ploughing in the city. Whereas when we lived in the country the highway was always cleaned.


        1. Yah I think you really should, that would be a quick mixup and sounds like a treat. I’m going to give that a whirl….giggle! Mr B will wonder what the heck HA!


    1. Booty shorts 😀 now that would not be a good thing…hahha, I saw Joan Rivers on some show and she was talking about all the stuff she’s had done including a ‘hand lift’ ??? Like a manicure wasn’t doing it for her anymore…for us mere mortals, this will have to do. I will say, this is probably one of the wackiest colours I’ve got, but I do like to rock the ‘turquoise’ at times too. Hope your day is sun filled, down there in Florida!


  2. I love your choice of music… whilst I listened to it my whole house turned black and white for a few minutes and I was transported back to a time that I have never known (even though it feels so familiar!).
    Loving the Kermit vibe! I tend to keep my hands neutral but have a party with my toes – bright pinks, purples, turquoise (!) and oranges all fandango together and when my days are particularly bad at work it makes me smile to know how happy my toes are 🙂
    I pamper myself with hot bubble baths, a good book and an early night with fresh, clean sheets x


    1. Thank you for listening to the music, it’s one of my all time favourite french songs. You’ve managed to describe how I feel perfectly. I think I’d fit perfectly in the 30’s. You are such a talent with prose PJ 😀 That’s why I just love visiting your blog.

      Truthfully, I haven’t done my nails since Xmas and was well overdue. As you can see, I haven’t any nails really, but made the best of it. Happy toes at work…giggle 😀 you’re so cute.

      I’ve tried to read in the bath, it never works out, I’m to short and continually slide down, but I love fresh bedding and for one night anyways, a pillow without cat hair on it..LOL Your visit, as always, has been brilliant…thanks PJ x


    1. Thanks Aunty! I must admit, I do get pampered more than most. We often dine out on Fridays and then include a breakfast out on the weekend too. Weekends are like my days off too. 🙂 Have a fun day with Friday! Love & hugs K & J


    1. You and me both, I have some vintage items I love but generally don’t wear jewelry much. I love vintage bakelite bangles and do have TWO bling-things. One is a vintage, rhinestone. star shaped pin my hubby bought me for Christmas one year. I wear it on my jean jacket. I look like the Sheriff of Boomdee town, LOL, The other is a vintage crescent moon. I pinned it on a giant black wrap when we went out for dinner in California. You might have seen those posts here.

      Most days, I haven’t any jewelry on at all and even forget to put my wedding ring on before I leave the house (oooops). As I tell people, “I’m a heartbeat away from ascots and turtlenecks”, so NEVER anything there.

      The sparkly Revlon polish kind of looks like ‘Opals’, it really jazzed up the day…..or maybe that was the wine HA. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


  3. Sounds like you had a very pampering day! I TOTALLY think you should have painted the kitty’s toenails. I also TOTALLY think you would have been scratched repeatedly, but the end result would have been too cute :). Et merci beaucoup pour la tres belle musique francaise. (sorry, I could not get the accent keys to work….).


    1. J’ai le plaisir 🙂 LOL, kitty manicure would be far too dangerous, especially on Petals. We have had Soft Paws on Blossum a few times which are temporary claw covers. Her’s were pink and oh so pretty. :D. I’m glad you enjoyed Mademoiselle Boyer! Elle a chanté comme un ange, oui?


  4. Do very little of the pampering stuff unless I’m going out to something. But I’m indulging is regular massage again. Found someone who is almost good here and try to go every 2 or 3 weeks. It’s essential to my health.:) Beats a doctor any day. I just gave myself a trim on Saturday. Love the sparkles. My great niece painted my nails purple with sparkles last time I visited. That was so much fun. Always be kind to yourself. Hugs.M


    1. Thanks so much for your message Marlene, purple and sparkles sounds pretty awesome too. Believe it or not, I’ve never been for a message but I do know people love it. I’d pay someone to scratch my back for 1/2 hour, that’s be awesome. The last manicure I did was San Diego, I went to a salon and the toes lasted till now, but the nails were shot a few days after I got home. I must start wearing gloves. Have an awesome day! xk


      1. Massage is the most healing thing you can do for the body. Finding someone who is good at it is a little harder. Everyone should have a least a couple by different people to find someone that works just right for you.


    1. Thank you! She is just lovely, sounds like a music box full of jewels. She sings about never tiring of hearing about love or the words ‘I love you’ even though her heart has been broken. She wants to believe and my favourite words “if you don’t believe in dreams, grief is quickly appeased”….it’s a love conquers all story.


  5. Aaaahh…pampering yourself is so fun when time allows!! I love that you went for the gusto with the lime green and sparkles!! I would of complimented you too♥ The next pampering item on the agenda will be a brow job. We saw them in houston in the mall for only $10 and my daughter tried it, she was in and out in only 10 minutes..incredible.


    1. Thanks Laurie, I guess they call it sassy for a reason, ha. I went swimming this morning and they sure sparkled on the pool deck. Now, when you say brow job, is that tweezing or permanent ink? There sure is a lot of great shopping in Texas. We got married in Dallas and I was amused by the Valet parking at the mall…fancy pants. 😀


  6. The last thing I did to pamper myself was to put on some nail tips and did a french manicure on them. I felt pampered you bet, but it was hard to type with long nails and working in the garden made it difficult, not to mention it ruined my manicure – so off they went! So much for pampering, eh?


    1. It is tricky with those nail tips. I remember gardening was a disaster. I had the gel type for a while when I worked since it saved me from manicuring my nails several times a month. I glued on nail tips once to go to Hawaii in the 80’s, my gf didn’t like sand (?? I didn’t know that when we planned it) so we sat at the pool all week. I lost a nail tip the very first day and found it two days later so bought crazy glue and fixed it…eeeek! 20 year olds aren’t always the smartest ha.


    1. LOL, ya what doesn’t go with basic black! I was trying to think of an interesting was to photograph the results. thank you for commenting, have a great day. Are you connecting any furry loved ones with their people today?


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