Can Your Pets Get Into Them?

I am truely a creature of habit.  Every morning, after the kitties politely wake me, I enjoy my coffee and toast with our Global News Team.

The Morning Crew
The Morning Crew

Speaking of creatures, I especially love  the Wednesday morning news. Besides being hump day, our local SPCA brings a couple of pets to highlight and hopefully find their forever home.  Blossum took a keen interest in this pup one particular morning. She sat staring directly at the television for the longest time.   I wonder if she thought he looked like Buddy?

Who's that Blossum?

Sometimes they bring a couple of kitties, sometimes a couple of dogs.  Today was awesome because they brought one of each. Look who’s up first!  This beautiful black cat came to the SPCA as a stray. ‘Queen Apailana’  is named after a Star Wars character.  Of course, here at Boomdeeadda we have a soft spot for black cats ❤ ❤

She's A Beauty

This gentle giant is Rosco. He’s apparently a take-it-easy kind of guy.  It was funny watching our weather man Mike try to do the news this morning, Rosco really kept him moving 😀

The Weather Team
The Weather Team

He’s a Neapolitan Mastiff Cross and they are recommending a home with a big yard…Geez ya think? Just think what those brisk walks could do for your figure 😀

I'm Big & Lovable
I’m Big & Lovable

Dr Purcell also reminded viewers to check their homes for toxins that can easily harm your pets.  Things like household cleaners left on the counters, toilet bowl lid left up after you use a cleaner and even water sitting in a bowl of a freshly watered Lily can be toxic and fatal for your cat.

Black Is Beautiful
Black Is Beautiful

Did you know number one on the list is human medications?  A stray pill can be absolutely lethal.  Here’s a list of the top ten toxins in a home. If you have any of these,  can your pets get into them?

  1. prescription human medications
  2. Insecticides
  3. Over-the-counter human medications
  4. People Food
  5. Household Products
  6. Veterinary Medicine
  7. Rodenticides
  8. Plants
  9. Lawn & Garden care products
  10. Automotive Products

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48 thoughts on “Can Your Pets Get Into Them?

  1. Wow! Look what I’ve been missing these past few days. You have a good heart. Thanks for sharing the adoption news and thanks, too for the reminder to watch out for the potentially harmful toxins in the home. I bought mistletoe last Christmas, and although it was hung high up, once it dries it can fall to the floor. I won’t make that mistake again.

    Cats seem to have a bit more sense than dogs in this regard. I’ve know several people who had to rush a dog in for surgery after they ate a large box of chocolate. Sad.

    Thanks, Boomdee!


    1. Maybe you missed a little, but I missed you more! I hope you’re feeling a better! I was out all day and came home to a beautiful surprise..Mwwwwaaaa xoK…see ya on FB.

      I didn’t know that mistletoe was poisonous, good to know! I’ve never bought it but Adele might put it in an arrangement. I best let her know to ask clients if they have pets. Thank you for sharing that Alys. I learned more about this topic than my post offered..isn’t that the great thing about blogging?

      I’m glad to know your friends dog was ok, but I imagine that vet bill was a good reminder to be more cautious. Dogs have what you’d think an iron stomach, Buddy used to eat deer poo….yuke! I didn’t really care too much but then he’d give you a big wet one later…LOL. Loved hearing from you (((Alys)), do rest up if you can. Do you have clients waiting for you this week?


      1. Hello, my good friend. It’s so nice to find this long note from you here. I have one client on Saturday for a few hours and again Monday. I’ll rest up on Sunday. I took it easy today too. Still feeling crummy after five days.

        Great topic. You really get the conversations going on your blog. Nice information, presented and shared, then enhanced by your readers, animal lovers one and all. I love that about blogging, too.



        1. Good good, not too crazy on the work front than. Have you considered a medical appointment if you’re still feeling bad next week? I’m not sure how long these things should hang on. Five days seems pretty long. You could end up pretty dehydrated. Well, thanks you for all your reads tonight, sounds like stubborn, nasty flue.

          Darn flue…..hit the road already, you’re messing with our lovely sweet Alys and I don’t like it. xoK


        2. Awww! I hope the darn flu listens to you and takes a hike. Five days is on the outside, so if things don’t improve over the weekend, I will for sure check in with my doctor on Monday. Ugh!

          I’m glad things are good and not too crazy.


        1. Yikes, sounds bad at any rate. I don’t know who’d think of making tea with it but it won’t be me. Thanks for the link Alys, that was interesting and I’m glad it’s part of this post now. xK


        2. You’re welcome. It’s amazing the things we let into our home without realizing the damage they can do. You would think they would have a warning label if they are that toxic to animals.


        3. Good point Alys, I don’t know what they don’t do that.I’ve already changed my habits, no more night time prescription left on the bathroom counter. Without a second thought, I used to leave them by my mirror so I wouldn’t forget to take it…..tucked away now.


        4. You’re the best cat mom ever.

          When Mike was only two, he nearly died from a drug overdose. he was in Argentina visiting relatives with his family and he ingested his grandfather’s heart medicine. Can you imagine?

          When Chris was small he popped an Azalea flower in his mouth, right in front of me. I can still remember calling Poison Control and how reassuring it was to be told that he would have to consume and entire plant in order to get sick. You try to plan for everything, and then they do something like that.


        5. 😀 Thanks, Petals and Blossum agree….I took a survey.

          Good grief, his grandpa must have just felt sick with worry. I can’t even imagine. Close call. Did Mike have to be hospitalized?

          When I was two, Kenny opened a bottle of Bayer’s baby aspirin, remember those pink ones that smelt like candy? We’ll I don’t remember it, but we both had to have our stomachs pumped because they didn’t know who ate them or how many. I guess Kenny had eaten more…..that guy didn’t hardly share…LOL

          Poor Chris must’ve thought your flowers looked delicious, or thought you’d be impressed that he liked them so much. How scary having to call Poison Control in a panic. It seems so stressful being a parent of little ones. Having never been, I see these girls (they all look young at this point) trying to manage and think, yikes!


        6. I love that your divas took part in a survey. Clever gals, those two. 😉

          Yes, Mike was hospitalized. I can only imagine how his extended family must have felt.

          As for you and Kenny, what an ordeal. I remember those baby aspirins with the tasty orange backing. Sometimes I would try to finagle a way to get one.

          Motherhood is not for the weak of heart, that is for sure. I’ve been to the ER with both boys (Chris once, Mac three or four times). I watched him get stitches in his forehead and had to work hard keeping my smiling poker face in place with his sweet little face looking up at mine. My worst ER trip was actually with my Mom. I got her half way out of the car, but she could no longer hold her weight (nor could I). I finally sat her on the curb when it was clear no one was in site, so I could get her a wheelchair. Life isn’t always easy.


        7. Oh no Alys that must have been just frantic. I’m sorry to hear that. Thank goodness you could be with her. Your poor mom must have been very scared to be out sitting at the curb. I’m actually really bad in emergencies…good for you to think fast and remain composed.

          Holy little Mac was a trooper…I’d probably cry all over him if I had to watch. I had to have stitches once at the ER too. My friend Debbie L was there and held my hand. We can compare scars when I visit LOL.


    1. Thank you for that Laurie, I was really puzzled at her reaction then when I spotted that dog, I had an ah ha moment as O would say. Blossum is a sweety pie. Petals could care less…LOL


    1. But what will happen Steven, is you’ll fall madly in love. You’ll be rushing home from work early because you miss kitty. Then you’ll feel guilty that kitty is alone all day and get her a friend….just like that, you’re a two cat household and you can’t imagine your life without them…LOL Once you go cat, you never go back 😀


    1. Hey hey Rob, do the Calgary crew do the same on Wednesday? I guess there’s been a rash of accidental poisonings lately and Dr Purcell wanted everyone to think about it. My cousin commented below that her gf left a CLOSED bottle of aspirin on the tv and the dog chewed it up and got really sick. He was ok thankfully.


  2. Aw, wonderful post, thanks for sharing. The pic of Blossum watching the tv dog is too cute! So great of you to share with other pet owners how to protect their pet but also to share with everybody the important message of adopting a pet. There are SO many animals that need homes. It’s great your local news has this program, as well 🙂 .


    1. Aw, thank you so very much Catja. I was really surprised that Blossum was so intrigued with the TV that morning. She watched the whole segment up close and personal. When it was over she walked away. I swear, she seemed to think it was her old pal. We are very lucky, our news crew is very involved in the community….and they obviously love animals too.


  3. Great reminder for anyone with pets! We (unfortunately) do not have cats or a dog, but we have two freshwater aquariums and keeping toxins away from the fishes’ environments is important, too. I’m careful not to wear perfume or lotion when I clean their tanks and I don’t use spray air fresheners or anything that could contaminate the water. People think “oh, they’re just fish,” but they’re our pets, and they rely on us to keep them safe and healthy. 🙂


    1. Thank you for sharing that info Sheryl, you’re so right about people thinking fish are so replaceable. But when they’re your pets, you do everything you can, absolutely. Once, we were housesitting for our friends and their cat ate their daughters fish, the kind that just lives in a small cup. We came over one morning and the cup was tipped over and the fish was gone. So we went to the Fish store only to find that they are all different colours……even though I’d seen ‘Wonder’ a number of times, I hadn’t really taken stock of it’s exact colouring. We did our best but it was noticed by their daughter….I felt terrible.


    1. That’d be one GIANT surprise for our landlord, LOL. Blossum and Petals used to curl up in the middle of Buddy’s pillow and I’d come in the living room and poor Bud would be sleeping beside his pillow. He really indulged them, he was such a good boy. Hopefully one day when we have a home and a fenced yard….it’d be nice to have a whole furry family like yours xoK


  4. Wow, this is something we think too little about but a really good reminder. I have been trying to look for dangerous things around the house lately too, as one of my pretty little kitties eats everything in her path.


    1. I know it’s so easy to get busy and just be on auto-pilot so I need to be more vigilant everyday. I couldn’t bare to have an accident that I could’ve prevented. Do you know, are poinsettia’s poison or not? I keep hearing different things. Thank you for commenting!


      1. I hear they’re actually not, despite years of bad press. I find, though, with plants, that cats (probably not dogs but I don’t have any) have a pretty good sense of them. My old (R.I.P.) cat would eat Fritillaria leaves and then heave them all out in the garden. Was he doing a cleanse? Anyway, he certainly didn’t die from them as he lived to the ripe old age of 18.5, and one of my young kitties used to go outside and dig out my foxgloves when she was small, leaving them lying on top of the mulch to die. I was constantly re-planting them, but she just seemed to have it in for those foxgloves.

        But I think indoor dangers are another story. The old guy lost so much weight all at once, one year when he was around 8, that I thought he was done for, when all of a sudden after about 10-14 days or so of this, he threw up a huge pile of elastic bands onto the floor and after that he recovered. So hide your elastic bands: no idea where he found all those 😦


        1. Thanks for the additional information on Poinsettias, I’m sure many will be surprised. I wondered about cats senses when they come across something they shouldn’t eat so it’s interesting your kitty dug up your foxglove. 18.5 is surely geriatric for cats.

          Dr Purcell did mention, there’s something in antidepressants that cats like, and they’ve been the reason for a number of accidental poisonings of local pets.

          Maybe the same holds true for rubber bands…they do have a certain smell to them. OMGosh, you must have been really worried. Thank goodness it wasn’t the end of him. Thanks for sharing that, good warning for all.


    1. Thank you for your kind message Clowie. I was waiting for her to walk away but she was just mesmerized. Long enough for me to get my camera, set….focus……click…….forever. Just like our love for Buddy. The photo was taken on our front deck outside. His poor knees were so messed up, we’d bring his pillow out for him so he could be comfy. ❤ ❤


  5. Awwww…. BUUUUDDY!!!!! Too cute! I bet she DID think he looked a lot like your sweet Buddy. Good reminder on the pet toxins. A friend of mine had a bottle of advil or tylenol, can’t remember which, on a tv stand, and even though it was closed, the dog ate through the container while they were out. Luckily, the dog was treated in time, but they almost lost her. 😦 It’s amazing what our pets can get in to! I’m always worried a stray one will land on the floor, and Friday might hoover it up. But… so far so good!


    1. Mwwwwwaaaa ((((( Sherri )))), it was so weird to see Blossum just sit and stare at the tele……I think for sure she regonized Buddy in what she was seeing….sweet Budmeister. ❤

      Thank you for sharing your friends story, it's so easy when you're in a hurry or the kids need something and you put something down. Half the time I don't know where I put things, I'm so absent minded, frightening really. Thank goodness their pet made it ok. Someone might read and think twice. Even a closed bottle left out was dangerous.

      How old is Friday now Sher? Puppies seem to get into a lot more than a mature dog….you probably feel like you have a little kid in the house again. I would imagine Benjamin is totally in love 😀


    1. Thanks Will. It was funny to watch Mike re-situating himself to accommodate Rosco…..but he always gets the doggies lots of face-time and hopefully someone at home falls in love…..big big love. Look at that rolly Polly face!


  6. So sweet Boomdee – that doggy on the tv certainly looks like Buddy!
    At first glance I thought Blossum had managed to get a morning slot reading the news LOL!!
    We need to keep our fur babies safe x


    1. Thanks you for your sweet message PJ. It was the funniest thing with Blossum and that dog. She’s never done it before or since. It was about a minute or so that he was on and she walked right up to the screen and stared and stared. I think they know more than I think….I’m not sure she’s ready to anchor yet though LOL! Hugs to you all!


    1. Welcome Kat, I’ve heard that too and never buy one because of it. I would go insane if I ever left out something that hurt our pets and I know everyone else would too. Is your holiday coming closer now?


    1. Thanks Leliani, BTW did I ever tell you how much I love your name? Our local SPCA is drilling this home today and I thought it was good info that probably everyone knows but I guess they’ve seen a rash of accidental poisonings as of late so maybe a refresher is good.


    1. Welcome 🙂 I know I am very cautious but thought about all the times I leave a Windex sprayer on the counter or take nail polish off and leave the remover soaked cotton balls in the waste paper basket. I don’t think they’d be interested, but I could and will be more careful. Thanks for your message Valerie! xk


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