Well the day has come where this retired Boomdee has to leave the nest and go out into the  cruel real world. Oh the drama of it all 😀  I’ll be trying to help my sister-in-law Adele prepare for the Valentine’s rush crush madness kaos at her shop, Corinthia Flowers. Only six more days until the big event and  I wanted to take a Valentine treat from the craft room for my peeps. I settled on this cute little paper purse.

Valentines Purse

I used the same template back in October to make a Birthday gift tag. You can visit that post here..   This little template is perfect on any occasion. Just change-up your paper and the message.

Happy Birthday Purse

The template for the purse card can be found here

While it’s traditional to have red and pink, there’s already a ton of that everywhere you shop.  I like to be a diva and use my aqua.  Here’s the elements I started with.

The Elements

You might notice, I omitted the butterfly and used a tiny birdie with this gathered tulle trim instead.  I think it was the right choice.  There’s no reason you can’t be creative along the way.

Valentine Close Up

The Resting Birds die cut  by Poppystamps Inc is brand new.   They’re very tiny and perfect to tuck into your scrapbook pages, cards or projects like this. The tiny frame that everything is built on was cut from a paper pack I received with other goodies from sweet Alys, oh she does spoil me so.

Thank You Alys XO

These perfectly pretty little purses can contain a chocolate, special tea, a gift card or just a lovely message.  No matter what you deliver, they’ll know it came from your heart with lots of XO’s

Oh Petals

PS. Petals was no help at all, in fact she was being rather naughty.

How will you celebrate with that special someone?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

31 thoughts on “XO’s

    1. I guess that’s why my favourite version of ‘Young at Heart’ by Jimmy Durante always makes me smile. Thanks for your message, that’s just the nicest thing to say. “Fairytales can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re young at heart”….la la la…giggle.


  1. Petals steals the show! I think that black fur adds such a dramatic touch. That’s one reason I love our Schipperke so much – he makes such a nice accent in any room. I tried clicking on the part about emailing the templates, but it wouldn’t work for me – was it supposed to be hyper-linked? Hope you are not snowed under. Thanks for your lovely posts – as I mentioned on another one, it’s like vitamins for the soul!


    1. Petals says “meow, meow” ^=o=^

      Thanks again Julia! Sorry, about the confusion. I should edit that to make it more clear. Just an email to xxedited and I’ll reply with the template.

      No snow here today 😀 thank you so much for your visits, I so enjoy your messages.


    1. Oh LOL, I was being dramatic…it’s half work, half gossip and a lot of laughs. It’s hardly my place to ever complain since I have the dream gig here at home. What do you do for work Laurie, is it monday-friday? I think you girls are amazing. You organize your homes and families and now a grandchild and work and hubbies and yards…..YOU rock! Thank you for you visits and lovely messages, I so appreciate them.


  2. Hmmm…the case of the disappearing message again.

    What I started to say was, I love this idea for Valentines day. You’re right, too about tucking so many different treasures inside. Lovely. It’s nice to see that paper in use so quickly. I’m pretty sure, too, that I have that same swiss dot paper. LOL. Sister love. ♥

    Thanks for the fairy garden ping back. I hope you’re having fun at the shop.


    1. You know the other night, WP was possessed. I typed the same message to Julia about 4 times. I also stopped getting emails for new posts and a bunch of Blogs I follow and it took me forever to figure out how to check and update that.

      I just discovered swiss dot and fell for it. It’s really nostalgic I think. I’m not surprised that you would have it LOL..xo

      Had fun today, back for next Monday, Wednesday and Thursday AM….it’s great exercise too. You can’t even imagine how many roses we did today. Every single one must be cleaned, trimmed and put in fresh water. Plus so many other beautiful flowers….smells awesome….I’m loving the Stock. I’m going to plant a whack of it some day. It’s awesome to visit with you Alys, are you feeling better today?


      1. I planted Stock one year and the snails finished it off in 48 hours. I was so disheartened that I never planted it again. It is a lovely flower, isn’t it.

        Are your hands sore from handling all those roses? My friend Doug planted 3,000 bare root roses at his nursery in December and January. His poor hands are a mess.

        Oh I love the smell of a nursery. Love, love, love it.


        1. Darn those snails….I’ve heard people set out a beer bottle on it’s side with a tad of beer still in….That’d give Mr Prickly something to talk about…chug-a-log it where he can see you…LOL

          My hands are stiff mostly from holding these big clippers that are quite wide. Every bloom gets a clip and the roses are extra work because the thorns are scrubbed off too (with this little rubber pad), It was an all day event…but yep, smells wonderful.

          Wow Doug is going to have a beautiful display. That sounds like an amazing amount of work. It would be much harder planting those thorny beasts, poor guy. When I worked at the garden center my hands looked like man hands.


        2. I can imagine your hands would take a beating at either job.

          I often wondered how they removed rose thorns. Do you help with that, or do they come to the shop that way?

          LOL on Mr. Prickly.


        3. Some are more thorny than others, most need to be de-thorned though. We all were unpacking and cleaning flowers. The roses come to the shop stacking in dozens with a stiff cardboard collar around the blooms. covered in tissue, placed in a long cardboard container There’s so much to recycling you almost need a fulltime person for that. Poor Ken has to breakdown all the delivery boxes and haul them to the station.


        4. Wow, what a lot of work. My mom and dad had two flower shops in Seaforth and London before we were born. They talked of how much work it was, especially around the holidays.

          What a lot of work. Fascinating to hear the details, though. I never knew any of that.


        5. Oh fun, I don’t think I knew that about your mom & dad Alys. You really must have inherited the love for flowers then. It is a tricky business, luckily Adele is very popular and rightly so, I love their work there. It’s really one of those businesses where customer loyalty means a lot. Flowers are a luxury that people can forgo if times are tight. I would rather have a beautiful fresh arrangement twice a year, versus fake ones displaying all year though.


        6. I’m with you! Fresh over fake is the only way to go.

          You describe it so well: customer loyalty means a lot.

          I have a black and white photo somewhere of my parents shop. If I find it I’ll tag you.


        7. Love those vintage B&W’s, I’ll watch for that on FB, thank you. I don’t know if I could work with Jim all day….love him to bits but we work so differently. I like to throw a lot of things at the wall until something sticks…….he likes to think long and hard about what he should be throwing and be certain that it will stick before anything gets thrown……..see? Am I making any sense LOL. I’m throwing caution to the wind…..he’s licking his finger, putting it in the air, checking the wind direction. LOL


  3. You are so crafty! I just love all the things that you create! Thanks for the link share too! You are so thoughtful! Did you know that Valentine’s Day is my Mommys day? It sure is because it has her name in it…. VAL-entine’s Day!


    1. You’re so cute Val…I’m glad you’ve adopted it as your mommy day. I know Nikita and Bella will spoil you to bits (with help from their daddy). We are planning a nice night out and until then I’m going to be at my sister-inlaws flower shop, so busy busy. Did that giant snow storm we’re hearing about on the news effect you? I hope not. Thanks for you’re sweet message, you’ve made my day. I’m not use to standing on my feet all day, the dogs are barking (aka ‘my feet are sore) xK


    1. Awwwww, Sheryl…you are just the nicest gal, thank you again. Are you going to do anything on Valentine’s day? I’d love to bake some nice cookies but then I’d eat them and I’m trying not too, dang.


    1. 😀 I have one kitty, Blossum who’s just happy to be near you, meows every so softly, sleeps most of the day on her pillow near my work space….and then there is Petals. She’s too busy ransacking the place to notice tulle I guess….LOL Thank you so much for your nice message 😀


  4. I think Petals looks rather lovely perched up there! The aqua is refreshing. I expect the bipeds will have a special meal – I’m just hoping they remember any scraps of their food are appreciated!


    1. Just a moment after I took this photo, lovely Petals knocked everything over and a few things came crashing down. Naturally I had to rescue her LOL. We are going out for Valentine’s so I get the night off, woop woop! I would bring you a doggie bag if you didn’t live so far away….I see something yummy in your future though


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