We Miss You

Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

My Uncle Johnny - photo by Brian H
My Uncle Johnny – photo by Brian H

Dear Aunty Kathleen and family, thinking of you all

today with love.

My sweet Dad grew up on a farm with his brother Johnny and sister Doris.  Dad loved telling the story about when him and brother Johnny begged Grandpa for a guitar.  A neighbour was going to give them lessons for free.  For months they hounded him till finally Grandpa gave in.  Knowing Grandpa, it wasn’t a new guitar, probably made some kind of horse trade for it, LOL.  Well, weeks went by and Grandpa kept asking “how’s those lessons going?”.  Of course the boys assured him, “very well, we’re learning lots”.    After a month or so of veiled assurance from the boys, Grandpa told them, “you bring that guitar home tomorrow, I want to hear how well you are doing”.  Now this was a major problem since they had sold it weeks ago and already spent the money 😀  Apparently, Grandpa had inadvertently taught them about trading and bartering a little too well and sadly but unavoidably, punishments followed. 

His daughter Sherri has written a very moving piece at her Blog today.  It’s so brave and honest, you can link to it here at Smackiland. Love you Sher!

Uncle Johnny we miss you 

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22 thoughts on “We Miss You

    1. Thank you Sheryl. We all lived very close to each other growing up. So our two families had lots of visits. Uncle Johnny was a hard worker and loved a good laugh too. Just a really good man. Thank you so much for visiting and your kind message.


  1. You and Sherri have an amazing legacy. And we the three of us share that powerful, and at times, painful, love of our lost dads. I read and commented on Sherri’s profound post (with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.). Powerful stuff.


    1. Awwwww, I know Sherri will be glad for your visit and comments. It was really hard to get through it this morning, I must admit I sobbed. Profoundly honest and well written I felt. We sure know each others hearts on this one. Heartfelt thanks ((((Alys)))) xo
      Happily, there were lots of fun things too. We’ve been pretty blessed. I wish with all my heart that you could have had more time with your dad. I always feel so blessed for that, just the time. xoK


      1. Awww. You are so good to me, so good for me. Life isn’t fair, but we learn to make the best of it. We grow and gain strength, blah, blah, blah. But…I wish he had been there growing up, too. We missed out on a lot.

        Sherri wrote a heartfelt, honest piece and that is why it resonates so well with all of us. It’s good to let the sadness out. Hard…but good.(((Boomdee)))


        1. I’m am THE number 1 leader in “Letting it all Out”. I will cry when we finally meet and I’ll bawl like a baby when it’s time to say goodbye…..it’s just a fact LOL. Jim’s used to it but I hope I don’t scare your guys. Happy cries look pretty much the same as sad cries…..OMGosh, I really have no control.

          I just think you’re so special Alys. Mwwwwaaa.


        2. (((((((Boomdee))))))

          I’m a crier and a hugger so we’ll be in good company. Mike’s Italian, so he’s also demonstrative. My boys are at an age when anything like this will make them uncomfortable, but only because they are 12 and 15!

          I. Can’t. Wait!!!! Mwaaaaa


  2. Thanks for the wonderful story, but I wonder if u were ever knew the one about the two boys smoking – I’ll tell u about that some day – LUL


    1. Hi Aunty, I’ve been thinking about you all day. I read Sherri’s beautiful post today and cried my eyes out. How nice that you got to spend today together. I must have heard the smoking story but I I’d love to hear it again. LOL. Hope you guys have a fun weeknd. I was in the craft room allllllllllllll day. Might do it again tomorrow to, ha what a life I lead. xox Mwwwwaaa LUL2


  3. Thanks so much for your touching and funny tribute to a beloved uncle. Such stories are treasures and will help future generations know him. I can just imagine the beautiful scrapbook page you have made or will make about Uncle Johnny. (I have an Uncle Johnny too!)


    1. Hi Julia, thank you for you warm message. I laugh when I remember how often my Dad told the same stories, my husband accuses me of this same trait. I guess this apple lays close to the tree 🙂 Oh my, another Uncle Johnny? I know mine was one of a kind, as I am sure your’s is as well. xK


  4. ❤ thank you for sharing this wonderful story! I hadn't heard it before…. And I am not surprised, as our dads were mischievous kinda fellas! 🙂 I spent a few days sorting my feelings out with the help of my blog. It's amazing sometimes how we carry these thoughts within us, and it's a release when they are finally written down, and carry with them a sense of healing. Thank you for being an inspiration to me… ((Hugs))!


    1. ((( Sherri ))) you are in my heart everyday and especially on my mind today. I think about your dad whenever of think about my dad. It’s heartwarming to remember dad telling all his funny stories and I wanted to share this one for you today. You are a dear, thank you for your sweet message, I love you xK


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