Gnome Sweet Home

I live in a little forest

with moss to tickle my feet

I’m the happiest little Gnome

that you will ever meet

Garden Gnome

My home is very tiny

just big enough for me

from my view up on the hill

the valley below I see

Gnome Home

Oh look, there’s Romeo waiting

halfway down the walk

A sweet little friend of mine

we laugh and play or talk.

 My friend Romeo

I also made a garden

for fairy’s one and all

you’ll have to look so very close

as it is really small

 My Fairy Garden

As I look out over my Kingdom

all the glory that I see

I can’t help get that feeling

that someones watching me

 Someone's watching me

Well, off I go to wander

there’s so much I want to see

I’m sure I heard a fairy singing

just beyond that tree.

My Little Kingdome

 Drop in on Sunday for the genesis of

Gnome Sweet Home. See you then!

Ps. I haven’t a Gnome name yet, any idea’s?

I need a name!!
I need a name!!

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40 thoughts on “Gnome Sweet Home

  1. Greetings! Just stumbled across your blog, and wanted to say your little Gnome Home, poem and photos are amazing. Did you decide on a name in the end? Hope all well in your world, Best Wishes.


    1. Hi ! Glad to have you drop by and thanks ever so much for your nice message. I named him Alyster, for a friend who’s inspired me to make this little garden and well honestly in so many other ways. He’s had a few adventures along the way and adopted a cat. Heaven know’s what will happen next, ha! Great to have you here, Cheers!


  2. Reblogged this on gardeningnirvana and commented:
    Friends, if you aren’t already following Boomdeeada, you are definitely missing out. Check out her latest “Gnome Sweet Home.” She’s created a charming ‘garden within a garden’ and recently received the kitty-cat stamp of approval. Enjoy!


  3. You are a poet. I didn’t know it. Your little gnome, in need of a home gave rise to the need for the poem. Loved the fairy garden. I love gnomes. My first mother-in-law was Swedish and called them Tomte’s. We called them Tomte-gnomas. They live off nuts and berries in the summer and appreciate a bowl of porridge in the winter. The help lost animals find there way home and if you are kind to them, they can be all manner of helpful. Loved the pictures and the post. Happy smile here. 🙂


    1. You are so lovely Marlene….ha thank you for adding another verse 😀
      I hadn’t heard that before, Tomte-gnomas, how fun. I like the idea of helping lost animals, how sweet. I think that’s a ‘must have’ trait. Thank you for sharing and your fantastic prose too. I’m going to double down on your happy smile. 🙂 🙂 xK


  4. I just adore your poems, and your photos, and you, and the incredible miniature worlds you create full of magic and tiny antique creatures! I don’t know how you do it, but I love it! Thanks for the big smiles, and have a great weekend!! xox


    1. Kathryn! Hey you! You are the sweetest, mwaaaa. I have, in fact, a very special Fairy-garden Mother who’s own little fairy garden was my charming inspiration. Of course I never miss an excuse to be at the Antique Mall. I had to make more than one trip to find the perfect little accoutrement..oh the drudgery, LOL Thank you for your lovely message, I so appreciate your kind response. If the rest of my weekend makes me half as happy, it’s bound to be great! Enjoy my dear! xK


    1. Thank you so much Sheryl. Have you caught the bug yet? Seems there’s a lot of very creative souls on Pinterest. These items were all from the antique store and all were under $5.00 each. His little garden home was a last minute find….kizmit.


  5. By the way, check this out:

    Gnomes have become controversial in serious gardening circles in the UK, and have been banned from the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show as the organisers claim that they detract from the garden designs. Gnome enthusiasts accuse the organisers of snobbery because they are popular in working class and suburban gardens. source: Wikipedia.

    I agree with the Gnome enthusiasts!


    1. Jolly right Gnome enthusiasts, I protest !!! (on behalf of my little garden friend).

      Really bad form I say and yes, total snobbery…..HA. Good Grief, only in the UK could there be ‘garden protests’…thanks for sharing that Alys! 😀


  6. I’ve been looking forward to the fairy garden debut. Hurray, hurray.

    Oh my goodness, will you look at the face and the posture on that little fella? And what a lovely home you’ve created.

    I love the layering of different greens and the sweet little stepping stones. How sweet. And a tiny fairy garden in a bottle, within the garden. You are clever.

    Let’s see…how about ‘Gnome de Plume’ in honor of your blog?


    1. Oh my, YOU are the clever one, Gnome de Plume…so witty. Does that mean I’d have to keep his name a secret? I’m terrible at secrets….BTW, NEVER tell me a secret LOL.

      I almost flipped when I found him along my afternoon stroll at the antique mall. Like he was just waiting for me to come along. I said “oh, hello!” and he stared indifferently, but I could tell he was lonely so I brought along Romeo too.

      Thank you for all the inspirations. It was so fun to join the fairy garden world. His very own fairy garden is made in a ‘Tim Holt’ bottle. I bought a set long long time ago. There’s a little thing growing in there that I found in a plant I brought home from Adele’s shop. The stepping stones are from Corinthia’s too.

      Thank you for your sweet message Alys. I think he’ll have a few adventures along the way…the wheels are already turning HA. xoK


      1. Okay….never tell a secret. Oh dear…now *all* I want to do is tell you a secret. Must not tell secret. 😉

        GdP is lucky to have found your home sweet home. He looks downright pleased with himself.

        I do love Tim Holtz. They tried for months to get him to visit Scrapbook Island, finally succeeding. How fun to have a little something growing in that tiny bottle. So sweet.


        1. LOL, GdP makes me thing ‘Gross Domestic Product’…why do I even know this?
          I know Tim Holtz been in a few stores in Edmonton but I’ve never seen him. I do wish he put his stuff in better, long lasting packaging. It would be easier to organize, but I like all the ‘found object’ feel of his collection.

          Thank you for your nice message Alys, There is actually something growing in there now…giggle. We’ll see how long it lasts.


        2. I know, me too on the whole GDP thing. We sure hear it enough.

          The whole topic of packaging is an interesting one. You might write him a letter with your suggestions. Who knows. You may not be the first, and could influence a trend.

          How’s the garden in a bottle holding up?


        3. Oh, ya It’s actually still green. I have no idea what it is…maybe a little clover or something…it really perked up when I put it on the window sill for a bit….you are sweet to ask.


    1. Hi Paulette and thank you for your nice message. I’m so happy you enjoyed it. I really had fun making his little home. I found him hanging around a dusty shelf at the antique market and adopted him straight away. Blossum was very interested since it smells like the forest in this jar. 😀


  7. He has a vintage vibe that will suit most older names and he’s absolutely adorable! I love the tiny little fairy garden that you’ve made him…. and I’m sure that he’s quite snug in that little house. Love it Boomdee x


    1. You’re so right PJ, he is vintage and has a German mark on his bottom. Maybe it should be a name from the ‘old country’? Thank you so much for loving his new home. It was fun to make and shop for. You know Alys has really inspired it all. I just love her creative fairy garden that changes with the holidays. x


    1. Herbie! Like the Luv Bug. HA 😀 That’s fun Val, thank you. I’m collecting a few good ones here, it’s going to be hard to decide. Wish we could shrink real small and invite ourselves for tea. xK


    1. Awesome, thank you Lea and thanks for pinning. I almost always forget too. I’ll have to come find your boards. But sn’t he so cute? I was over the moon when I spotted him at the antique mall. I couldn’t believe my luck. He’s funny with his foot up in the air too. HA. Belated birthday joy to your mom! How funny that we both bought Gnomes this week!


    1. Thanks Leilani, I think of the Soprano’s when I think gangsters. Like Tony Homey? I think he needs a benevolent name since Boomdeeadda is all about living in the sunshine. Oh boy, I will have a hard time deciding.


    1. True that GJ ! Good thing Blossum is just a sweetheart. She doesn’t have a malicious bone in her ample furry body. Petals however, is another story. She’d climb right inside there if I’d let her. Who could blame her? I love the smell of earth and pinecones too! yum!!


    1. LOL, sounds mischievous to be sure! He does look like he’s contemplating something doesn’t he. I think he’s very playful at heart, maybe tuckered from his garden work. I so appreciate your suggestion 😀


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