Let’s Eat!!

A few days ago, my friend at Kat & The Falling Leaves shared her recipe for Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes.  Kat was telling us how she first had them at the Hotel Gelato in Toronto.  I guess Tom Cruise has eaten there too.  Well now, I must try them I thought.  Kat’s a salsa dancer with a great figure, so I knew they’d be healthy too.

Ricotta Pancakes

The trick to making breakfast is to open every cupboard door and don’t worry about the mess 😉

Make A Mess

Blossum kept me company chirping at her new friend while I created some magic in the kitchen….la la la, ooops, splash, ouch.  I’m sure Kat’s kitchen is much more tidy 😀

Come be breakfast!

Two thumbs up.  I loved the lemon flavour with strawberries.  Of course there was lot’s of hot coffee too.  I think I’ll stay in my jammies a little longer this morning and finish the pot.

Let's Eat

You can find the recipe here, on Kat’s Blog.  I added a little vanilla too.  Thanks for sharing Kat, we loved them. Come on Hon, let’s eat!!

What’s your weekend breakfast treat?

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Pancakes With PJ

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31 thoughts on “Let’s Eat!!

  1. Pyjamas and a mess in the kitchen – we are definitely soul sisters! I know when I’ve enjoyed myself as there won’t be a cupboard untouched, clean surface or spoon anywhere!
    The pancakes look delicious – I’ll try them next weekend 🙂


    1. We ARE soul sisters PJ, I know this with every post you write. Mornings are easy and slow in pyjamas aren’t they? I even think the coffee taste better

      I think you’ll really love them, Kat has so many healthy recipes to share but this one especially caught my eye because I love breakfast food. 😀


    1. Hi Aunty, pretty easy breezy…you can pop over for breakfast one morning or we can cook em up at your place too. A few more days I guess! Looking forward to seeing you soon. LUL2 xK


  2. The pancakes look delicious. I like to make nice breakfasts on week-ends. I’m going to have to try this recipe soon. (I’d make them tomorrow, except I need to buy several ingredients. :))


    1. Awesome Sheryl, I think you’ll really like them. They really brown up nicely and with the Strawberries, I didn’t even add syrup. Mr B did though. Either way they were perfect for the weekend. I doubled Kats recipe and made the pancakes a little bigger. the double recipe made 12 large. Kat made 8 small ones when she make a single recipe.


  3. Yum! These sound delicious. I never would have thought to put ricotta in them. For some reason, I think of ricotta as only an ingredient for savoury dishes. I hope you gave Blossum some!


    1. Surprisingly, I never thought of it either but Kat is such a wiz with healthy and great tasting food, I had to try.

      While Blossum and Petals sometimes hang in the kitchen, they never eat anything you put down. Even Cheese. Blossum does like pudding though. I let her lick the cup and she folds her ears back to get right in there LOL


    1. Highly recommended 😀 both the PJ’s and the pancakes. I ate the left overs for lunch. I really enjoyed starting the day with a special breakfast. Have a happy lazy day Sheryl and thanks for your message.


    1. LOL, thanks Rob. I walked over to our trash can opposite and turned around and thought…geez louise!!! I mentioned to another visitor here that it looked like we’d been robbed. Big mess and all the cupboards open HA.


  4. Krusteaz Honey Wheat Pancakes. Just add water! And they’re vegan, to boot. I can’t eat them too often, though, because I always wish I hadn’t eaten pancakes after I eat them. I feel like a cow.


    1. Gotta love the ‘add water’ mixes, this excursion did made the kitchen look like we’d been robbed. HA

      These were pretty filling too, I made them a little too big. That being said, I just ate two more as a late lunch :P.

      PS, the way you work out, you could never be a cow.


    1. How cute, HA, Pikelets? That’s a fun one. Are they made like regular pancakes but with more sugar? These aren’t too sweet on their own. I don’t use syrup or icing sugar but I’m sure they’d be good with either. Happy Weekend Lizzy!


    1. weird or what, I replied to you this morning and was wondering why it still showed outstanding and it seems to have my reply above your comment in a little box ???? Incase you can’t see it, here’s what I said:

      Good morning snow bunny! Hey, ya really yummy. Kat’s always got yummy things to share from her kitchen. They were really really filling too. Glad to here you are rocking the jammies too. Just love weekends! Have a wonderful day!


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