A Gnome Home Of Your Own

I hadn’t ever made a fairy garden before, in fact it wasn’t even on my radar until I became a frequent visitor and friend at Gardening Nirvana.  Alys revamp’s her very own Fairy Garden for every special occasion and is brilliant at recycling everyday objects into her charming creations.  With that in mind, I used my faded Christmas wreath as the filler inside the glass urn.

recycled greens

I had to have something with a lid, as the kitties are relentless about plants in the house.  They absolutely must investigate anything new.  Here’s the sharks kitties circling the container before planting.  Since I was re-cycling the pine and cones from my old wreath and additional cedars from the Winter Pots, I decided my garden would reflect a boreal forest.  I splurged ($10) on a miniature tree grown especially for a miniature garden.


I started by making a nest  inside the urn with layers of recycled cedar bits and Reindeer Moss (Michael’s $5.00).  I added a little garden soil inside the nest to lay my sheet moss on.  This will give the moss something healthy to grow on. If  you buy dry sheet moss (Michael’s $5.00), do let it drink water in a shallow dish for a couple of days before. I wanted a little hill so I added the pine cones I salvaged from my Christmas wreath, put a little dirt on top and covered them with another piece of sheet moss.

layering recycled greens

The fun part is adding your treasures. If you are a frequent visitor at Boomdeeadda, you know I love all things vintage. Naturally the Fairy Garden had to reflect that. Romeo, the squirrel, Gnome and his garden house are inexpensive vintage finds from the Antique Mall.  The glass stepping-stones are from Corinthia Flowers, but you can find these at most Dollar stores.


If we’re very quiet, we can catch a close up view of the garden layers in the urn from behind.  Can you see the pinecones tucked in there? I’ve hardly had to water it at all since the moss was very moist when I made the garden.  A quick spritz with a spray bottle does the trick.

Shhhh! He's sleeping

As of today, I’m still thinking of a name for my little red capped friend. I got these fab suggestions:

Laurie at Pride In Photo’s, suggested ‘Thinker the Stinker’

Julia at Defeat Despair thought ‘Ferdinand or Ludwig

Leilani at Clyde Woman offered ‘Gnomey the Homey”

Thanks Valerie at Nikitaland  for ‘Herbie’

My Fairy Garden Mother Alys, tickled us with word play via ‘Gnome de Plume’

The Pyjama Gardener thought an old name would suit his adorable vintage vibe and

the lovely Marlene at In Search Of It All told me all about Tomte-gnomas….maybe Tommy?

Stay tuned and thank you one and all! 😀

A Gnomes sweet Home

I just can’t help saying hello every time I walk by, I’m having so much fun. I hope you’ve gotten some ideas for a Gnome home of your own.

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Gnome Sweet Home

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

47 thoughts on “A Gnome Home Of Your Own

    1. Hello! Thanks for visiting, that’s so nice of you. Isn’t PJ a doll? I just love her and her blog and well honestly the kitties are crazy cute too.

      Oh, a card? Like on Pinterest? How mysterious LOL. Well have a boo around, I’ll have to pop in on you tomorrow, off to bed here in the Great White North. 😀


    1. Hello! Thank you for this, so nice of you. I bet your little niece was enchanted. I’m really enjoying it and it was fun to plan. I’m sure he’ll have the odd adventure along to way, stay tuned! 😀


    1. Hey, I have to send you a FB link of this guy who builds the coolest stuff in the smallest glass jars…mind blown! Wouldn’t it be cute to make one with Friday, a ball or tiny Frisbee and a mini B? Thanks for all the support, you’re too cute…babes HA luv that. xoK


  1. Oh, this is so pretty! I like the little miniature bottle tucked in…it seems almost magical. I’ve no name suggestions…Well, he actually looks like a Fergus or Seamus to me. Regardless, this is so lovely. And yes, the kitties do circle like sharks at times, don’t they? It’s very unnerving.


    1. You say the nicest things, thanks Jen. He’s really good company in the kitchen too.

      Those sharks, errrrrr kitties really get their nose in everything. HA But they get me through the day with lots of smiles too 😀 Thank you fro visiting.


  2. I love the idea of creating a berm or hill with the pinecones. Clever you! This turned out so well. Thanks for taking us through the process.

    You get the best cat photos, too. Sharks. [giggle]

    Good luck naming the gnome. Now say that three times, fast: gnome naming, gnome naming, gnome naming.


    1. Thank you my dear. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a couple of hills? Red could have a neighbour, HA. I’m going to need a bigger urn (think ‘Jaws’). Giggle…gnome name, gnome name..LOL. One would think cats might be reluctant blog stars. Not these two. They are on my heals all day. Especially Blossum, she gets her little toes stepped on all the time because she’s like a little shadow. I’m having a ball…mwaaaa.


      1. Hurray for having a ball! Mwaaa to you too.

        Your kitties are excellent models. I love it when they appear. You do a clever job capturing the moments, too.

        Maybe you can buy an old fish tank? (No Mr. B. I didn’t really just say that). 😉


    1. I think they’re are making a teeny-tiny comeback in a huge way. I’ve got some really neat ideas from Pinterest too. Darn that Pinterest, it’s such a wealth of projects, LOL. Thanks for visiting Kerri!


  3. Forget about the gnomes, I’m wondering if someone will make me a larger version to live in. I want to nest in that fairy tale jar. Now, if I could just find my “drink me” bottle … 😉


    1. LOL, Shelley you are priceless. I should hope you’d find the ‘eat me’ cake so you could pop back too. It might well be 1865 in this little fairy tale jar since my very own friend Alys has been my inspiration along the way. I’ve been hunting for a name too, maybe Alastair. It sounds like an old soul. Astaire? A little sparkle of a name. Mmmmmmm. This is tricky.


    1. You’re right, the comments are very often like a second post. I skip back a lot to past posts to enjoy them again and again. Agreed, I have the nicest visitors. Thanks for being here LB.


  4. Since I saw the word cobble above I thought of the Brothers Grimm story the Cobbler and the Elves which is also known as Gnomes or the Cobbler and the Gnomes. Of course my mind is wandering other places as well. My suggestions for names are Rumplestiltkin, Grimm or Cobble.


    1. Ah, yes he does have a ‘Rumplestiltkin’ vibe about him. He might need a name that’s easy to make rhymes with for future Boomdee poems so that would make it a good challenge HA. Thanks for giving it so much thought too! 😀


    1. Thank you Sheryl, I didn’t want to look at the dirt so it was a perfect solution. I think you could also etch the glass in the bottom of an urn or clear jar, that would look pretty too. They sell glass etcher at the craft store.

      The idea is really from Alys at Gardening Nirvana. If you want to see more Fairy Garden Magic I included her link 😀 She’s a great gal! You’ll love her, I do.


  5. After seeing all the fun that Alys has with her fairy garden (and now you too!) I am going to try and cobble something together 🙂
    Yours is absolutely lovely and I don’t blame you for putting a lid on it!


    1. Awesome PJ! You say ‘cobble’, but I know it will be something totally sweet just like you. I can’t wait to see what you find to ‘cobble’ together your little english kingdom. It’s the ‘Fairy Garden Gang’…hehe. xo

      Thank you for your encouragement too, this is a magical place to be with all you all here. Hugs 2U.


  6. I love how you created this! It is funny how our pets have to “check out” everything you bring into the house. Nikita and Bella have to “sniff” the mail everyday to see that it is ok. When Grandma sends us something – they sniff it, then wag their tails as if they “know” it is from Grandma! They have a lot of fairy gardens on Pinterest too that I just ran across, and I even pinned one that was made in a pot with a stone walk, a park bench and a little red watering can. Check out our pin board to see it under gardening. You can probably purchase little items from the doll house section at any craft store to make a fairy garden! (ie: like a little picket fence)


    1. Oh ya, I think they must smell every single person who’s handled it, ha. I just wanted to get a picture before I started garden building but they were too interested. I’ll swing by Pinterest to check out your pins, awesome. That’s a great idea with the doll furniture. I hope to have one outside when the weather warms up. Maybe for the patio table….wouldn’t a picket fence be adorable? Wheels are turning. Are you planning one soon Val? Make sure we get peeks! 😀


      1. I fell in love with the fairy gardens after seeing lots of them on Pinterest. Not sure if I will make one, but if I do, you bet I will do a blog post on it! The doll furniture would work well for the fairy gardens – – fairies need to sleep too, right? How about even a little car?


        1. You know what? I looked for a little car at one booth that had old Hotwheels. Nothing look quite right, but I have my eyes peeled. I want a vintage 40’s looking car…patience is key LOL. Oh, O I think I’ve got a new obsession 😀


    1. Oh thanks for your nice message. He could try one for certain. Really pretty easy to do. The tricky part for me was finding an Urn large enough with a lid. Then I spotted this one on the discount shelf in a local Home store. Enjoy the day!


      1. Ha ha, now that would be funny if things were moved around! It is kinda like the Elf on the Shelf, but it would be the Gnome on the Shelf instead. Your gnome could do funny things all around your house and you can take picture of what he gets into!


        1. LOL, I try! It is a good idea! Start placing him all over the house doing bad things (unrolling the TP, in the litter box, writing on mirrors with your lipstick) all funny blog posts! Adventure awaits!


        2. I am on a roll today for sure! If your gnome went potty in the litter box, get a picture, and when he is crawling out of it, make sure you have a little piece of toilet paper stuck to his foot as he is walking away! LOL, now that would be hilarious!


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