Remember that post where I spent an obscene amount of time pampering myself, along with fine wine, scented candles and soothing french music? Oh yah, good times, good times.

Pamper Day

So guess what?  The glamour bubble has been burst and it’s a reality smack down for the Boominator.  No matter how hard I try to keep up, the dang laundry pile soon takes over my life and half the bedroom too.

Bad laundry! Bad, bad laundry!  Say it like the cats are on the counter licking the desert and company is expected in 5 minutes.  WHICH has never happened……EVER !

dang laundry day

There is something about warm weather and open windows that makes me want to freshen up the whole house.  I got the spring cleaning bug early and found myself inexplicably stripping the entire bed, including the bedskirt.  Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever single-handedly changed a bed skirt but I’m here to tell you people, “this is not an easy thing”.  As soon as I had wrestled the giant queen size mattress up and off the bed, I knew I was in too deep.  Fast forward forty minutes…..I’m whipped, sweating and haven’t even started the laundry or ironed a single thing.

Don't try this at home

With the weather goddess smiling down on us I was almost feeling motivated.  Unlike Petals and Blossum who promptly took a nap on my freshly laundered bedding 😦

Oh Petals, Oh Blossum

The unvarnished truth is it’s not always glamorous around here. What is it they say in Mexico? Mañana

Laundry Day Blues

Are you doing any spring cleaning yet?

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36 thoughts on “Mañana

    1. Oh my, that’s awesome. It would feel great to start the New Year on a clean state, I barely managed to clear away all the gifts, wraps, box’s and what not. I actually still have an small vintage aqua tree up in my craft room…..true story HA. Thanks for all your messages, so nice of you to visit.


    1. They are professional nappers who can just as easily sleep on a window sill as fresh clean bedding, but they looked so peaceful, I didn’t have the heart to make them move..ha! They are spoilt!


  1. I love how the honesty just shines through! You rock! But can I just say…who cares about the laundry…your bedroom is so big and the light is just gorgeous in there…I wouldn’t mind some laundry if I could have this bedroom♥♥ I am in the spring cleaning mode too…just did a post on organizing my pantry. Love it now.


    1. Thanks Laurie, this bedroom seems big because there’s hardly anything in it except a bed dresser and clothes rack HA. We’ve just stored a lot of our stuff since we didn’t know how long we’d be here. It is nice and bright though, true that. The blinds are rarely open because there’s a giant apartment building looking in. You got to remember to put your clothes on downtown.LOL.


    1. Hi Lea, it is a cozy spot for sure. I got the bedskirt with the duvet cover. I like how they look but man o man it gets hairy. Next time, I’m going to use Julia’s little trick and inch it a long between the mattresses….no muscles required LOL. Thanks for visiting 😀


  2. We’re living our lives in parallel again (except for the ironing part). No bedskirt here, but plenty of laundry, including bedding. Even washed the cats bedding. I’ve also been cleaning like a fiend now that I’m feeling better. Mike hung some shelves for me, which lead to clearing the top of the tv cabinet which lead to the book shelves, etc. etc. I packed up five boxes of books and kitchen ware for donating, then moved on to the cabinet above the microwave.

    Then I worked with a client for 4.5 hours and cleaned some more.

    Lindy curled up on the clean sheets, but then discovered Mac’s new blanket, so she’s breaking that in now.


    1. Makes me laugh, we are so in-sync. How you start tidying up one little thing and then hours later you’ve cleaned and re-organized. I want to know who breaks-in, in the middle of the night and fills closets and cupboards with all this stuff. I’m pretty sure I did all this purging when I moved. I think cats must be just like people, fresh linens feel and smell nice and they can’t resist. LOL.


  3. I haven’t even bothered buying a bedskirt. I despise washing the duvet cover, though. Somehow, even though I’m quite sure that my king comforter is just a large square, I can NEVER get the stupid thing turned right the first time.


    1. True that, getting a giant feather quilt back in the Duvet cover is a total workout. I bought another coverlet to cover the duvet because it’s easier to throw in the wash. I don’t even know why my cats aren’t totally naked they shed so much, but I’m sure you know all about it.


  4. How is it that you have spring weather?! Not fair! And yes I have very recently changed my bed skirt as it had been 6 years! And our whole room was taken apart and I could get at it!! Lol. It’s about as much fun as making up bunk beds. Gah!! Thanks for the laugh.


    1. Oh sunshine, I’ve been watching the news and you’re really getting hammered out east. I guess we got it all under our belts before Xmas and January was a bear. My sympathies, hehe. Wow, in 6 years, there would be so much cat hair on our bed skirt 😀 I saw on Pinterest I think, someone just uses a fitted sheet on the bottom box spring too…..that’s an idea. You have to laugh about ironing otherwise it’s too much of a downer. Nice to see you my dear!.


  5. When you REALLY don’t plan on getting something done, say “ahorita.” It means “in a little while.” Any time I was told something would get done ahorita, it never happened. haha 🙂


  6. I spy with my little eye… a trés cute pair of aqua flipflops! And… a bottle of spay starch on your ironing board! (hmmmm… looks like the same kind I use)! Funny… yesterday at lunch, my coworkers and I were discussing ironing and starching… (apparently I’m the only one who really does it)! Well, except for my kindered cuz! ….. Martha, Martha, Martha…… 😉


    1. You are the cute one! Good eye Sher! My beloved aqua flip-flops get me thru the day. I use that starch on Jim’s shirts and pillow cases and my tank tops and dining table cloth…they just look so much fresher. I actually really like the smell too, sort of nostalgic. It’s a wonder it’s not on every ironing board, but from what I’ve been told not everyone irons (you know who you are 😉 KP). We’re a dying breed dear cuz…..enigmas really, HA! and let’s face it, Martha has staff. LOL smooch smooch K


  7. Hey Boominator! You know that I have already started my Spring cleaning over here. We had a nice sunny day yesterday and I got out the windex and started cleaning all the windows. I put that melted bead pizza pan sized sun catcher in the window so the sun could shine through the colored plastic and it looked awesome! I had to flip our mattress on Friday night since Bella had a little accident on it. After I cleaned it up, I decided to flip the mattress and that was NOT an easy thing to do. Man, that thing is heavy and almost took out two lamps in the bedroom doing so.


    1. HA, we do seem to have the same notions when it comes to chores. Why wait for hubby right? I almost knocked over the lamp too…but rescued it in a flash…haha. My windows could really use a cleanup, I had to buy an extending squeegee since we’re up high. Only -5 days but +5 by friday so maybe then. It’s so nice when the sunshine can come in. Do people call you Martha?


        1. Do I hear a ‘hallelujah’ in your voice? I hope you get someone nice, it makes a world of difference. We had some great neighbours and some ‘less’ great neighbours, but living in a small community meant getting along even if I had to smile thru gritted teeth at times. I do believe I should have the Academy Award for Best Actress in the Nice Neighbour category. LOL


  8. Clowie, you rock! My Pasha does the same favor for me. Boomdeeadda, I am SO RELIEVED to find out someone else’s home looks messy sometimes. Great comic relief with Petals and Blossum, though. That bedskirt stuff is definitely not for sissies, but I manage it a few inches at a time (lift one side of the mattress, slid the skirt up a few inches, repeat on other side, on and on until it’s in the right position). Am I doing any spring cleaning yet? Let me get back to you on that.


    1. You lucky ladies to have such sweet company on your walks 😀 Even though this isn’t a very large place, we manage to get out of control with the messes pretty frequently. HA, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that sliding trick, thanks for that Julia. I just hiked up the whole darn mattress (with a fair bit of groaning). The hard part was getting it back on the bed without messing up the skirt and without a cat under there.


  9. I heard one of my bipeds say that the sun was showing how dirty the windows are. She went to the cupboard where the cleaning things are. But she closed it again, said it could wait, and went for a walk with me.


    1. Lovely, a walk with you Clowie would be so much more desirable. Why waste a perfectly good day cleaning? That would be silly. In this Condo they only clean the windows once a year, can you imagine? I bought a super extending squeegee to reach way up high. I think my neighbours are jealous…giggle


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