Petal Card by Boomdee

Don’t you love to receive an invitation to a party?  The only thing better would be an invitation to craft. Lucky me, a couple of weeks ago, I received and invite from Alys at Gardening Nirvana to ‘Craft It Forward’.  I will receive a craft from Alys (squeal) and five friends who replied to my invite, will receive a craft from me sometime this year!   It’s all systems GO!

Countdown to ‘Craft it Forward’…5..4…3…2..ONE!  Crafting friend number one will receive this card:

Petal Card by Boomdee

I’m sending it along with a little gift box full of goodies. Now, I’ve never made a box before but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted.  After shopping at a number of  my favourite haunts with no luck, I thought I’d give it a try. It was surprisingly easy, all be it, time-consuming. I bought 2 sheets of  12×12 cardboard @ .99 cents each and the masking tape at the dollar store.  Accuracy in cutting is key. I used an Exacto knife, my clear ruler and a sanding block to clean up edges.

Make a box

Once masked, cover with your favourite scrapbooking paper

Little handmade box

 I’ve just fallen in love with this new card shape sent to me by my sweet friend Alys.  She’s always so thoughtful and when she saw these ‘Petal Cards‘ in the gorgeous ‘Pool’ colour, she thought of me.  Isn’t that just the nicest thing?  Since we don’t have a Paper Source Store in Edmonton, they are extra special. I like that you can decorate the front and the inside if you wish. They fold up like a closed flower, so unique and I love them.  You can purchase your very own at your local Paper Source store.

The Petal Card

Of course, I have crafted something special to send in the little scarlet hued box, please come back tomorrow for the reveal and maybe grab a new idea for your own craft room.

The Petal Card By Boomdee

Petal Card by Boomdee

More projects using Die Cuts & the Big Shot

Valentine’s Envelope with Die Cuts

Scrapbook Page

Gift Envelope

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

52 thoughts on “Petal Card by Boomdee

    1. Thanks again, the card shape is called Petals (which is also the name of one of our cats) and I dolled up the top. They were a thoughtful gift from another Alys. She’s named after a favourite Aunt. Our dear Alys writes wonderful posts at Gardening Nirvana. I guarantee you’ll not meet a nicer gal at WordPress. I’m actually off to see her next week, very exciting. Thanks for your nice message Alice!


    1. Thanks Sunshine, I never thought of that. It’s off to a new home. Do you have a Paper Source in town? I wish we did. I’m off to San Jose in May and will probably spend wayyyyy to much there…Alys will have to kick my butt out of there. LOL


  1. I love this! The box is fabulous and I am so proud of you for making it yourself! What a great idea and you make it look so simple. Those petal cards are the sweetest thing too. I received my first Craft it Forward gift today and it is a box too XOXO


    1. You are the sweetest, mwaaaa. Thanks for cheering me on Betsy, I just love that you’re here. I sometime think maybe I shouldn’t post another craft, but it’s what gets a girl through winter up here. Well some like to shop I suppose, but I never got that gene, ha. Well actually, I should be at boot camp like Alys LOL.

      Wow, a ‘Craft It Forward’ already!! AWESOME. I’ve gone ahead and started another. Really half the work was calculating HOW to make it…so the second one is so much faster. I don’t think it’s franchise worthy but I really like the idea of the box matching the gift…..It’s a little insane how much time I have for these things..LOL.

      Even though I stay up late on the internet too…HA xoxoxo


  2. Oh so pretty and clever, too. You made your own box!!! You’re amazing. I love what you did with the petal envelopes. I wouldn’t have thought of that. I’m with the rest of this crowd…I need some of that Boomdee magic to rub off on me.

    Thanks for all the great shout-outs, above. Oh, how you spoil me. Mwaaaa.


    1. Thank you Alys, truth is I’ve become a die cut maniac. This new company has such cute cute shapes, I can’t wait to start a new project. The little box was actually an addition to a completed project because I couldn’t find what I was looking for….what do they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”. True that. HA

      BTW, I am the spoilt one but I’d love to spoil you too! Big hug!


      1. Big hug, you!

        I love what you do in your magical craft room. Stellar one and all. Can’t wait for part two.

        By the by, WP kicked me out tonight, right after commenting on your comment. Are you still having that problem, too?


        1. Oh yes, WP is frustrating this week. I’ve book marked the sign on page. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes I end up in my reader. Sometime I end up back at my homepage, but not as a signed in user…..???? One day, I may not be able to get back and it’s making me a little nervous……I need a craft fix…LOL


        2. LOL, Alys I can barely remember to get what I need at the grocery store….I currently have TWO giant english cucumbers because of this.

          If people only knew how late in the day I get dressed, HA I do everything from housecleaning to porch sweeping in my PJ’s. I’m not sure about March 7th, but I hope so. 😀


  3. WOW Boomdee your creations are amazing! I’m not sure I belong in the same craft swap with you :-). You mentioned using die cut letters – were those by any chance from Cuttlebug? The font looks very similar to a set of dies I have, but have not yet used. I’ll keep prowling around your site and hope I can soak some of your talent up via digital osmosis!


    1. That’s exactly why these craft swaps are so fun, all the awesome craftiness is so unique along the way. While they look tricky, with a die cutter it’s very easy to be creative. Thank you for all you nice messages. The die cuts I’ve been using are flat metal plates. Mostly Memory Makers. I think I posted the link for Kha below, but you can also see a couple of them at ‘From Flat To Fab’…my Valentines post. I’m hoping for that digital osmosis every time I Pinn something at Pinterest…LOL, we could be crafting 7/24 for the next 50 years to catch up.


    1. Thanks GJ, I’m having a ball making these little box’s. Very easy really, I don’t know why I hadn’t tried b4. Kitty is so kind to cheer me on…giggle, thank you sweet Kitty 😀


    1. Hey that’s an idea, thank’s Laurie. These little envelopes are the bomb. I’m hoping to get into The Paper Source when we’re in California later this spring. I wish we had one here.


        1. Wouldn’t it be great to have one big Bloggy Party somewhere one day? A gal I follow in Australia is going to London to meet up with all her sewing friends. So fun!


    1. Merci, Mon Amie Valerie. I’m addicted to these little die cuts. The paper is from Valentines. I like the combo of Red and Aqua. I also used the same colour to wrap Christmas stuff one year. Thank you for always cheering me along! mwaa!


  4. Keep posting these cute paper posts! They are so beautiful and inspiring to this gal who scribbles invites on whatever paper happens to be lying around. For someone who loves stationery and pretty packages, I sure use a lot of Wal-Mart sacks and notebook paper. eep!


    1. Hand written invites would be very dear indeed Leilani, in fact it probably is a lost art, what with the internet and all. I’m always totally enamoured by old postcards with their vintage-y writing….never stop!
      For those of us who are not challenged with home repair or gardening chores, it’s a fun diversion. Thanks for all you great support. Hey we are getting a Target very soon….can’t wait to see what they have.


    1. Thanks Clowie! You’d know, as a member of a family with you’re own sweet cat, it’s hard to resist them. It’s a new die cut found, I see kitties on everything. =^o^= x


    1. Hey smacki……..mwaaaa. thank you. It was nail day at your moms. I’ve drank a gallon of coffee and may not sleep for a week, but was fun…wish you were here xoxoxoxK


        1. HA, I had to go look that one up Leilani. We don’t get that show, I wonder why? Looks fun…..”Put a bird on it!” I initially thought it was some whacky Beyonce parody, HA! But I might have to adopt that phrase…LOL thanks!


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