Wake Me Up When It Gets Here

It’s been pretty hard  to see any signs of spring this week in Edmonton.  Since  winter got such an early start last November, we’ve had very little reprieve. Yesterday -11 C.

Relentless, it's March 18th!!

I know, I know! Yes, there was that awesome trip to sunny California in December. It’s a little crumb of summer sunshine, I’m clinging to by the tips of my perfectly manicured nails (wink, wink DL).

I Love You

I decided I’d forge ahead without the cooperation of Mother Nature, she’s being a real pill.  You know how much I love my flip-flops, or are they thongs 😉 ?  I went ahead and bought myself a couple of new pairs. Surprise, they even match my winter scarf!  😀 That might come in handy.

new flip flops

Second,  get out the sunny summer bedding, including the Hawaiian shirt pillows I made last summer. (Petals bum is on daddies pillow..giggle).

Spring Bedding

Next, look for pussy willows. They’re a sure sign of spring.  This is what Petals saw out our 2nd story bedroom window.  Now if I was a little bird, I would have known spring is getting closer.

Petals can see spring is close

Speaking of birds, I’ve been really worried about them this week, what with all this late season snow.  Just incase they fly by my neighbourhood, I’m leaving out a few snacks and some warm bedding.  Welcome to Casa Boomdee-ville.

Casa Boomdee

I got this ‘Nesting Wreath’ idea from my friend Alys at Gardening Nirvana.  She’s a recycle/reuse Ninja, which is something I’m always striving to be better at. I saved the wire wreath from my door decor at Christmas, and of course all those enjoyable laundry days have provided me with the rest.  I hope some little birdies will come on by and pick up some dryer lint for their home sweet homes.

Nesting Wreath at Casa Boomdee

  1. Gather supplies: yarn, wire hoop, dryer lint
  2. Wrap wreath with yarn
  3. Tuck lint into wrapped wreath
  4. Hang out for the birdies along with a sweet treat

Oh ya, the snow aliens have been by too.  They come and growl at our door but we don’t let them in.  Petals actually runs and hides, but Boomdee had her camera ready this morning.  Look, here’s a rare glimpse.  Have you ever seen anything so hideous 😉 ?

Snow Aliens

Speaking of hideous, I don’t know how all this snow will melt by Wednesday. There’s still a day to go, so we are crossing our paws.  Blossum says, “just wake me up when it gets here”.

Wake me when spring arrives

What are you doing to get ready for spring?

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57 thoughts on “Wake Me Up When It Gets Here

  1. I hope your spring arrives soon! It can’t be too far off now 🙂 I love the nesting wreathes, the birdies in your neighbourhood will really appreciate all the cozy materials for their little beds. I set out all the dog (never the cat!) hair after brushing, always in the same spot out in the cactus garden so they know where to look… and you should just see the amount of birds that come gather it all up! Oriels, house finches, kiskadees, vermillion flycatchers, tiny green and blue hummingbirds, sparrows, wrens… it’s just amazing to watch.


    1. That would be so amazing to watch. How sweet are you to leave it out for them. I imagine you have oodles too, LOL. How come you only leave dog hair? Is the cat hair bad for them? I think that’d be so cute to peek into a nest and see it lined with doggie hair. OMGosh, if you get photo’s, I know we’d love to see them. Thanks for sharing that story Kathryn and for cheering on spring. Today was sunny and it’s starting to melt! Wa-who!


      1. I probably should leave the cat hair out for them too, but somehow I feel like like its just not the nature of things… a bird sleeping in a cat hair lined nest! Lol 🙂 One time a large nest blew down in a big storm, and when I went to check it out I found that it was lined with a long strip off of a blanket from inside my house! The dogs had nibbled the trim off of one side and left it sort of unraveling, and I guess when I had it out on line after a wash the clever bird stole a strip for herself! I love nature so much. Have a great weekend!! Xo


        1. You are so smart…I never even though about a bird sleep in a bed of cat hair…maybe that bird would need a good sense of humour, LOL. I can see you love nature and animals so much, me too. That’s why I’m so glad I found your Blog. Once my sister-ilaw left a pink rag rug over her porch railing and found it unravelled. Later they found a little pink squirrel nest….animals take advantage of good opportunities don’t they? We can learn a lot from them 😀 You have a great weekend too! XoK


  2. I so love your positivity! (The flip flops and scarf are PERFECT!). I guess the calendar says spring has arrived, but the weather has other ideas…hopefully you don’t have to go out in all that snow. We haven’t had quite the accumulations you have, but the wind has been absolutely horrible here.

    Your cats are total photogenic hams, they are so sweet. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Sheryl, I never have to wait too long to get the Diva’s doing something nutty. Petals probably was trying to see a bird but when I climbed up there I noticed the pussy willows. We got SUPER hammered with snow yesterday, up to 40 cm or 16 inches, people were stuck all over and 100 cars piled up on the QE2. I’m lucky I can stay home. Batten down the hatches, it’s been a rough ride. The wind is the pits, whips things into giant drifts. Won’t be long now though, hopefully 😀


    1. Oh yes the little rascals just sleep all day on their cozy pillow or in their perch near the window. The sun shining in is actually pretty warm. Spring can’t be toooo far away, thanks for cheering us on Clowie!


    1. Hello Florida! These flip flops are on $4.00, so why not right? Today was around 0 C, 32 F so it was melting some because the sun is really warming up. This has been a bit of a snow filled winter….soooooo long. Yet in Manitoba they had a snow storm a couple of days ago that was way worse, poor guys. Well, I guess it’s all good moisture for farmers. Thanks for visiting Laurie 😀


    1. LOL, I did Steven! I even left a message yesterday…is it showing up for you there? WP is nutty these days. How’s the white car working out. You probably feel like prince charming in that thing, I think he had a white horse HA.

      Those yellow roses are so pretty, and yes I’m totally envious 😀 Take lots of pictures when they start loading up.


      1. The white car has been returned and Old Blue is back in the garage after getting a new starter :-). Jury duty was uneventful. I will be missing my roses as I leave for South Korea on Saturday.


        1. South Korea!? You just unpacked. Well I hope you collect Airmiles…according to Google, South Korea is 5,812 miles from California. So take a good book to read you’ll be up there for more than 11 hours. I’d go bonkers, I don’t really like flying.


    1. Oh, no thank you……..I don’t like nightmares 😉 Remember this?
      Hush little baby don’t say a word
      And never mind that noise you heard
      It’s just the beast under your bed
      In your closet in your head.
      We’d dance like heck to that one. Snow was melting today, Yippy!


  3. You must be so bored with snow by now! I hope you’re planning a little Spring party? Your cats are funny 🙂 Thanks for the mention – you’re a sweetie x x


    1. Hi PJ, (I’m waving like the Kate) I hadn’t thought about it but that might be fun. A little spring thing….yah. These kitties need their own agent, they think they are movie stars HA. Thanks for your visit and awesome support.


  4. Ah, yes. I know the feeling. It has been snowing here for 24 hours now and will turn to freezing rain soon. And, tomorrow is the vernal equinox!!!!!!!!!??????????? Sigh. Well, I’m going to be having a giveaway on my blog to ‘celebrate’ the first day of spring (sort of difficult to do when all we see is snow and grey and cold, but…anyway, it IS still the first day of spring!). So, feel free to drop by and enter!

    We actually have a bird feeder in our backyard, have for years and the birds come in droves every winter!! And it is perfect Cat Television for Kitty. 🙂


    1. ewwwww, a contest! yah yah, I’ll be there. Sorry to hear your first day of spring will be a wash. At least we’ll have some sun for part of the day….or that’s what they are saying.

      I used to have a few feeders at the lake. Are old kitty would tip toe thru the snow and sit in the door of the dog house to watch them. We’d asked him on the way out the door “you going to the office today Paco?” and off he’d go. Yah, free entertainment LOL. Thanks for the message and heads up, see you tomorrow!


      1. You are entered into the contest. And, what did first day of spring bring (in my parts anyway)?? Snow!!!!!!!!!!! Snow, snow, snow. Sigh…………..again. But, at least the day and night are equal length, so that means that daylight is starting to not be a stranger again! (yes, it’s spring for me here, you had said happy autumn to me on my blog, lol – that is for our Australian and other southern hemisphere friends, who have been complaining about the humid sticky heat. So, that’s why the equinoxes are so wonderful, they bring an end to the most extreme weather and allow it to be nice and gentle outside. IF, indeed the snow would finally stop!!


  5. Oh Bloomin Boomdee! I hear ya…..You are right on with this post today. I had to head to KMart today to pick up a few things and I too purchased a hot pink & black pair of flip flops today (you never have enough flops…am I right?) and I am working on some Springy flower clay pots and painting them in a “Mint Majesty” from Home Depot. You would surely love this color! (don’t fret, a blog post will be forthcoming regarding them) And, we are getting ready to paint the bedroom which needs help badly. You have more snow than us right now, but today I am watching the sun peek out for a few seconds, then the snow comes down, but all in all it is around 31 degrees, way too cold for me. I am sick of this weather, the cold, the layers of clothes I need to put on to take the dogs out…..I WANT SPRING TO ARRIVE ALREADY and the warmer temp too! By the way, love the pic of you in your rear view mirror, you rock with your fun photo’s! Hugs!


    1. Well aren’t you just a ball of goodness….thank you for your fab message Valerie. You’re right, you may never have enough flip flops. It’s weird seeing them in the store with 2 feet of snow on the ground. It’s melting some today because it’s 0 C or 32 F and Bright and warm. Yippy! Those pots sound interesting, I’ll be watching for that one. I think we might see some green by May, hopefully. Hugs 2U2!


  6. Hey, it’s 51 and sunny here as I type this, so I’m sending you a few degrees of warm! I too strive to be a recycling ninja, but I have never been as creative as making a Home Depot (in the form of a building materials wreath) for the birdies out of dryer lint! Very clever. Thanks for the link.


    1. Who would have guessed that Lint could be used for anything at all, LOL Thanks for sending the lovely weather, it is actually sunny here today and 0 C or 32 F. Thanks for the spring bunny at your post, just made me smile!


    1. Complain away my friend. I don’t want to sulk alone….actually today the sun is shining brightly and it 0 C or 32 F so might even see some melting 😀 Chicago always seems colder because of that dampness from the lake…so I feel for you. I’m going with the flow and wearing my flip flops around anyways. 😀


  7. What a delightful post (except for the long, cold, snowy days part). You get the best shots of the divas. So darn cute.

    Good for you for moving forward, regardless of the thermometer readings. I remember when you made those Hawaiian print pillows (and the cats bedding, too). Lovely colors and clever use of materials.

    I’m still giggling over the colors in your wreath. 😉 By the way, what are those red berries?


    1. Good Morning Wonder in Alys-land (hehe). Thank you! Those little kitties follow me EVERYWHERE, so it’s easy to get the shots. I dropped all my shopping in the crafty room and Blossum was on the flip-flops immediately, she even tried to chew them which I though was weird.

      I just used cranberries for the wreath. I bought them for a New Years supper and they’ve been in our crisper and they’re still good….that shocks me. What are they putting on them??? Good thing I was the daylights out of everything. LOL.


      1. I wondered how you got that shot! It’s a good one. Mouse chews on all sorts of things, too. It’s bewildering.

        When he chews the corner of my file folders, I try to distract him with something else, but get the ‘why would I want that’ look. LOL. Hours of free entertainment those cats.

        Mmmm…cranberries. Any takers, yet?


        1. Oooooh Mouse! (say it like Laura Petrie to Rob on the Dyck Van Dyke show…giggle)
          I heard Blossum cackling at the window yesterday (as she does) and ran with the camera. It was a Magpie sitting in an adjacent tree. We waited but gave up. Maybe he’ll be back today 😀 I have my spare camera set right there. Bird-a-razzi!


  8. Those poor guys look half frozen. The birds are built for the snow and cold. Too bad we aren’t. I hope you get some relief soon. I checked our 10 day weather and after the storm tomorrow, we have clear sailing. Yay spring!


    1. Hooray for spring, March typically is up and down for us. We’re seeing some zero’s mixed with -5 C in the next couple of days….yeehaw! Get your galoshes out Marlene!


  9. Sheesh! If only it would snow here. We need that water it will turn into! So yeah, I am preparing for spring by praying it would frikin rain!


    1. oh sheesh is right! My friend Alys in California is really wishing for rain too. We’ll up here it will be a big melt down for a couple of days when we hit zero and then back to below zero. I’ll wish for it for you too, I’m worried for them in New Zealand as well. I follow down there and they are in a draught. OH boy, worrisome.


  10. Great story & pictures – yah when is spring coming or has it been and we skipped summer & fall and returned t winter??? LUL


    1. LOL, Aunty, wait that theory might be not too far fetched. We won’t even to there. We will just have to ignore it entirely 😀 One day this summer when it’s too hot, we can laugh. LUL2 xoK


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