All You Can Eat Buffet

The day-to-day business of planning meals can be a real challenge for me.  I never know what to plan and I just plain get tired of my cooking.  That’s why today, when I braved the roads to get groceries (yesterdays snow fall 25 cm, almost 10 inches), I thought I’d make it more fun and pick up my Aunty Kathleen for coffee too. You might remember her recipe for Nachynka  I scored at the Ukrainian Hen Party . Yum!  Did I mention our birthdays are only a day apart? True story! Last year Mr B took us to brunch at the MacDonald Hotel, just because we’re so special 😉

My Aunty Kathleen

Thanks for meeting me up Aunty! LUL

On my way home, I spotted our local ‘Wild Birds Unlimited‘  store and thought about meals again. Except this time, it was meals for the birds.  If you visited Boomdeeadda the other day, you saw the brand new ‘Casa Boomdee-ville’ I had just set up in a tree adjacent to our condo.  There’s fine Linen Lint Bedding and a Sweet Treat for all weary feathered travelers to indulge in.

Casa Boomdee

Well, we’re  already expanding.  Today I added a ‘Bird Bark Butter Feeder’. Check it out!

Bird Bark Butter

It’s smells like peanut butter but it’s not as oily and is specially formulated for your backyard visitors. Apparently it will attract over 90 species of birds, including thrushes, warblers, cardinals, wrens, woodpeckers, robins and more.  You can visit their website and watch a cool video of bark butter in action.

Wild Birds Unlimited Stash

It’s about the easiest set up you can imagine.  Simply spread the Bark Butter into the holes in the feeder and hang in a tree.  I also bought a tiny wild-birdseed heart for any visitors who don’t like peanut butter, but really who doesn’t? 😀

Casa Boomde-ville

Of course Petals, Blossum and I will keep you posted of all photo worthy moments to the Casa Boomdee-ville

  ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ Buffet.

Petals & Blossum are on it

(PS. They tend to get distracted easily, but I’ll stay on it)

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

26 thoughts on “All You Can Eat Buffet

  1. I’m spending a fortune on bird seed at the moment but they’re worth it! I’m sure that the cats, chickens and wild birds eat better than I do. I hate the thought of them starving with all the snow on the ground – they should be all loved up and enjoying the Spring sunshine 🙂
    I can imagine Blossum and Petals licking their tiny lips….. tails swishing…. mmmmmm


    1. Awwww PJ, you are so good to nature. I laughed because when we lived in the country, I spent so much on bird seed too. Giant waste high bags of striped sunflower seeds and multiple feeders. I’m sure your sweet chickens love you for it, I didn’t have to spend too much to get Casa Boomdee-ville up and running and the good thing about the butter bark is there are no seeds on the ground. I’m pretty sure the Condo Board people would frown on that. There’s an real Owl visitor at the store today, I’m going to pop on in to say hello, maybe I can hold him 😀 The kitties are loving this nice weather, lots more birdies to watch.


    1. ((( Sher ))) See today you could have had breakfast with us, your mom treated….but no, you had to be professional, cycle riding, hot chick with cute family in Ottawa. 😀 ok, that sounds fun too! Miss you more xoxox k


      1. You make me laugh! ((((Hugs)))). But, I do think if I lived there, we would see each other a lot! Damn this thing called ‘distance’! But… on the flip side, I think you would be a “bad” influence on my shopping ‘habit’…. 😉 xoxo


    1. I know right? We heard lots of singing today because I had the window open for a while. But it got too cold so we had to close it. I have a camera ready though. 😀 Thanks for your message today!


  2. Great story and the pictures r perfect. Your birds are certainly well fed and if they don’t come to visit they will never know what they missed!!!!! LUL


    1. Hi ((( Aunty Kathleen ))), thanks for all your love and support. It means so much to both of us. I haven’t seen them yet but we were out today. The house we went to see was terrible. A mess 😦 We are like the birds, no permanent home. At least we all have snacks. 😀


  3. Ugh, I hear you on that “what to eat” thing. I feel like I’ve planned, shopped for, cooked and eaten everything I want to plan, shop for, cook and eat—many times over!!! Makes me wish I was a bird at your place!


    1. Come on by, we’re open 7/24 😀

      I think I need some cooking lessons. I recently adopted a full vegetarian menu and I need some new ideas. It’s fun to surf the net, but it’s more fun to drink wine, mingle and cook together.


  4. I see some happy, happy birds in your future. Who doesn’t like peanut butter? LOL You’re adorable…and sweet and kind, too. Any takers yet? Has it stopped snowing?

    The store has a beautiful logo and shopping bag. Nice.


    1. Awww, you are the sweet one ((( Alys ))) 😀 THANK YOU. We heard a couple of little sparrows sitting in the sun of a nearby tree across in the park, I’m hoping they’ll come for snacks. I read on at the link to Birds Unlimited that it’s good to provide water, but it would be frozen in no time. Maybe when our weather is above zero. No snow in the forecast but not too warm yet, -19C currently and a high of -6C….balmy LOL.

      I really love that shopping bag too, you always notice the little details xoK I think their slogan “We Bring People & Nature Together” is nice. Two weeks from now, they will have an Owl and a naturalist in the store, I’d like to go back and meet them

      Has any little birdies visited your wreath? Kathryn at ‘The Lonely Dogs’ leaves out dog hair for the birds, always around her cactus garden. She has even humming birds come by, I love it!


  5. That photo of you and Auntie Kathleen is beautiful! We used to feed our birdies too, but it attracted too many other critters, like possums, racoons, squirrels, and those nasty deer that nip all of our bushes and kill them. I miss feeding the birdies, but I have to save our yard! LOL I love all of your bird items in your yard and I bet you will get lots of great photographs of the cats watching them – – – when they are not distracted by other things!


    1. Thank you for that nice complement for Aunty an me, I can’t wait to choose something new for the porch pots this year.

      I know what you mean about attracting other critters. I used to buy striped sunflowers by the bag full to fill 3 different feeders at the lake and lots of it got spilt in the garden. We even had a couple of porcupines visit which would make Buddy crazy inside, while we shooed it away. What I like about the Bark Butter is there won’t be any clean up on the ground. I’m not sure if a deer would gravitate to it though? I’m hoping the Diva’s will get some entertainment while I’m away in California, so they won’t be as bored, HA. Like Kitty TV.


    1. Thank you Daniella, I wish I had been organized earlier in the winter but we don’t see many birds here in the winter. I just started to hear a lot of them finally singing in the sunshine, I’m the hostess with the mostess, HA 😀


    1. Hi Laurie, I’ve driven by so many times, so finally made a visit. It’s really close to where we live. It’s so nice inside, lots of bird song playing on different monitors and I really love the smell of bird seed, isn’t that weird. I imagine your backyard birds have plenty of bugs to eat since it’s summer all year round. I really should have had these out all winter but I kept thinking I should wait till we move..LOL that seems to be a slow process. Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend!


  6. Loved this post. Bookmarked the site for bird peanut butter. You have so much heart even the birds know it. I’ll have it in the ready for next winter. Spring is almost here. We had snow flurries this morning to remind us to appreciate the spring and summer weather. Mother nature is such a tease. Thanks for the info. Give Blossom and Petals a chin scratch for me. Hugs. M


    1. ((( Marlene ))) you are always so kind. Thank you for your message. I had a great visit at Birds Unlimited and signed up for their email newsletter. Two weeks from now they’re going to have a live owl in the store with a naturalist so I’d like to attend that. I always fed the birds and squirrels at the lake and missed it so much, every thing’s in storage. I tried to resist, thinking we should get settled in a house first, but this little feeder is great because there’s no spilt seed to clean up. It was bright and sunny today, so mother nature is coming round. Petals and Blossum are always happy for the attention, thank you for thinking of them. Hugs 2U2 xK


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