Oh, That Adventure Was Fun

I was watching Alyster

as he hiked away,

he had to go for cat food

on this bright sunny day.

Going For Cat Food

When a beautiful deer

came and stood by me,

he just wandered out

from behind a tree.

A Sweet Deer

I said hello to the deer

as he looked my way.

“I’m Romeo, the squirrel,

it’s a lovely day!”

Romeo the Squirrel

He replied, “good day, to you sir.”

“Do you have a red hat?”

I told him I only had Grace,

my green-sweater-wearing cat.

Green Sweater Wearing Cat

He must have seen Alyster,

he’s a little Gnome.

He wears a red cap,

this forest’s his home.

Alyster's Ladder

That’s his ladder

he fashioned from a tree.

He’s way down there,

look hard, can you see?

Hey There's Alyster

Alyster had sat down

near the water’s shore,

He got out his map

to check it some more.

Alyster Checks His Map

Then he went off,

whistling down a path,

till he found a clearing

of tall green grass.

Look At This Grass

Petals & Blossum

heard the tip-tap of little feet.

“Maybe we should check it out,

get something good to eat!”

Let's Go See!

“Oh NO,  black monsters,

with teeth like a knife!”

Alyster hid down low

and feared for his life.

Black Monters

They tried to find him,

chomped and sniffed a lot.

But finally went away,

without the meal they had sought.

The Monsters Gave Up

Alyster ran back to his ladder

and sat with everyone. 

With  a tale to tell

Oh, that adventure was fun!

I Wasn't Scared

Original Poem By Boomdeeadda

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

22 thoughts on “Oh, That Adventure Was Fun

    1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane Julia, I haven’t seen that movie for years. Weren’t those kitties little devils. Luckily Petals and Blossum are content to eat, sleep and snuggle. LOL I did have a cat once that would climb to the top of the drapes and sit on the road at the top…used to freak out my parents HA. Thanks so much for visiting. I’m off to see what you have for us today, I just got back from Skypiing with Alys….it was AWESOME.


  1. I haven’t had a lot of time recently to catch up with your gorgeous blog – this means that when I do I can have a Boomdee feast and gorge myself on your whimsical world (no calories either!!). The ladder is sweet but my favourite is the little cat in the green sweater… so cute!


    1. I’m having the best time catching up with you and my morning coffee my dear, even though you’re probably busy cleaning up the supper dishes ! Mwwwwaaaa No worries of calories in a fairy garden, everything is too small 😀
      The little ladder helps Alyster get around, I’m not sure where he stores it. Grace loves the new sweater he’s made for her, it’s almost as soft as she is, giggle 😉 Of course it’s green, since that’s Alysters favourite colour. Thank’s for coming by the Fairy Garden PJ, we adore your visits xK


    1. Good Morning Lea, wow when you leave a message for me it tags it in my local time, which was 5:55am…LOL

      Thank you for cheering me on. Yah I never knew a little fairy garden would inspire so much creativity, it just seems to beg for stories. Thanks for your nice message!


  2. Oh, so many things to love about this post. I love the sense of adventure and the little glimpses into your indoor forest. The ladder is adorable as it the map. How did you make the ladder? I see a couple of lovely kitties got some cat grass. Did they like it? They sure look interested. Love the picture of the cat on daddy’s knee. Boy do they have it made.

    Hi Alyster, Grace, Romeo and Deer [waving]


    1. Ummmmm, Alys….that ladder is made from a forest tree…LOL 😀 It’s KaiserCraft scrapbook stuff….I don’t know how I’d use it in a scrap page though. Thank you for all the nice compliments. I’ve been growing 3 rotating pots of grass, finally spotted the seed and bought 10 packs. They are crazy for it. The picture on daddies lap was when we had company a couple of weeks ago. Kari and Randy were on the sofa and our cats just sat and stared at them….”why are those people in our sleeping spots” LOL….you’re so right, they really do have it made in the shade.


    1. Hi Sheryl! It has been really fun. I feel like Spielberg, writing a script, getting everyone on their mark and then ACTION…ha! All these fairy garden accoutrement are new finds but I’m totally hooked. Now I’m walking around the Antique mall thinking of story lines……what next? HA. Thanks for your message!


    1. Hey Marleney-bean, you’re a doll to say so. The pictures are so fun to set up. I write up my poem then go back to the garden to catch the action. What fun we have here in play land! Hope we never grow to old to play! xk


    1. Hey Mr Bowie, I heard thru the grapevine that you are sleeping in the tub so I wrote a bedtime story with a happy ending. We didn’t want Alyster to end up like a mouse in Hermans garden…do we? Thanks for your nice message 😀


    1. Hey Leilani, you have a cute new Gravatar….I LOVE that idea bubble and your pigtails so cute (and original)
      My husband just told me to get busy and make a us a million…LOL. I was thinking it’d be fun to print one of those hard copy picture albums at Costco. Who knows, maybe I will send it somewhere, sometime. Thanks for cheering me on! You’re all the best. xK


    1. Nancy, you spoiler! Thank you for that. I was telling Valerie at Nikitaland that I might print one of those hardcover Costco books for fun. Maybe one little hard cover for each adventure.


  3. What a great adventure! I agree with Laurie, you should write books for a living! You are truly awesome at it, not to mention, you keep my attention as I wait anxiously to see what happens next! Hugs!


    1. Well, that’s awesomely nice to hear…you girls spoil me to the nth degree. Thanks Valerie. I think it’d be fun to make one of those hard cover books at Costco. Maybe I will send it off to a publisher someday…..mmmmm what will I do with all that loot? LOL. Thanks for those hugs! Back atcha x 1,000,000 😀


    1. sssswhat? (that’s new and hip for ‘say what’…I just made it up..HA) You flatter 😀 Having never been a mom that notion escaped me….but I am a big kid at heart. I was tell my husband last night, it might be fun to print one at Costco or something. Seriously though, you always leave the nicest messages, thank you Laurie x


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