Delicious And Yet, Calorie Free!

Have you ever started, what you think will be a ‘quick-little-project’ , only to be saying half way thru, “what have I gotten into” ?  Well sensible crafters, meet ‘The Paper Cupcake’ 😀

Paper Cupcake!

I started this ‘ little project’  last week in anticipation of Boomdeeadda reaching 200 Followers. Que the fireworks!

Boomdeeadda hits 200!

Mr B even took me out for supper to celebrate.  I got this funny fortune in a cookie and we laughed and laughed because……well really, I’m a pampered  retired princess, LOL.

Fortune Smiles On Boomdee

One week and  millions  lot’s of hand-made paper roses later, it all makes more sense. By the way, have you ever had white glue dry in your hair?  Ya, I must have unknowingly leaned into it on my craft table and then blissfully went to off to bed.  The next morning I was like, “why can’t I brush my hair?” 😀

OK, it's not me but it looked like this!  This is astronaut Astronaut Marsha Ivins
OK, it’s not me but it looked like this! This is
Astronaut Marsha Ivins

(photo source)

The cupcake bottom is a die cut as are all the many mini roses.  It was a pretty easy, all be it, mind numbing project.  I used half of a styrofoam ball for the top. I’m overjoyed with how it turned out, all iced in white roses.  The pretty pink doily and butterflies are also die cuts.

Cupcake Fantasy

Kidding aside, thank you everyone for your amazing support and generous messages along the way and for sharing your art, crafts, travels and wisdom  with me too.

200!! Yahoo!

I’m having the best time, thank you for helping me reach this milestone.  You really make me shine!

You really make me shine

This ‘one-of-a-kind, never to be done again’ confection of loveliness is off to one of my ‘Craft It Forward’ friends.  Enjoy! Who knew blogging would be so delicious and yet, calorie free!

Craft it forward!

So, what’s your favourite cupcake?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

29 thoughts on “Delicious And Yet, Calorie Free!

  1. That’s wonderful! What a lovely little birthday gift that would be! Such a big kid to get glue in her hair!! hahahha. Congratulations on your milestone by the way. It’s obvious that you’re having fun!!


    1. Lets just say I was thinking of a haircut and that was the clincher….LOL…I’m a certified hazard.
      I’m still blown away by all the great support. It’s been a totally awesome year with so many great connections. I’m now looking forward to a trip to see Alys and WOW, who’d have thought that could transpire from blogging? I’m having the time of my life, true that. Thanks for all your visits Sunshine, I was out all day and it’s so nice to see your smiling face here as I relax with my glass of wine…Cheers!


    1. Thank you so much Sheryl. I’m sure it’s a one of a kind, I’m brain-hatching another option for cupcake top. I think it might be fun to make a planter cupcake, like a round chicken wire ball filled with dirt and moss….mmmmm more work required on that thought. Almost time to think about the outdoors, hippy!


  2. Loved the cupcake! It looks like something to create when meditating. I’m not the least bit surprised that you have 200 followers. Next year it will be double that if not more. Once we find you, we want to sugar up as often as you offer it. I am so envious of your talent that it’s shameful:(. But at least you share. 🙂 Congratulations and I wish you many more. Hugs.MH


    1. Awwww (((Marlene))), you are a dear, Thank you for your sweet message. Yes, I think you could easily have meditated. Making these mini white roses was kind of like counting sheep, you had to be careful not to fall asleep LOL. I had my iPod on shuffle and just kept singing along. I’m thrilled to have reached 200, I’ll keep throwing on the sugar, Ha. xK


  3. Hi Boomdee! Congratulations on 200 followers (all who have impeccable taste may I say). Where on earth do you find the patience to create such a beautiful cupcake? I would have got to the seventh rose (which would have looked more like cabbages) and thrown the whole thing in the air! As for glue, it would have been everywhere! Boomdee you are a beautiful genius and I can’t stop saying wow 🙂


    1. Hi PJ, thank you for the cheer and all your visits too. The saving grace in the whole project was it’s for a friend to Boomdeeadda. It was nice and sunny last week, I could crack the window and enjoy the birds singing in our trees & Petals and Blossum were on their pink pillow, sleeping all day. Add the iPod and it’s a pretty glorious place to hang out really 😀 Tons of hugs to you!


  4. Yay, Hooray, it’s a happy day!! Congratulations on your 200th follow 🙂
    I am almost tempted to unfollow you and then re-follow… just so that you can go through the bliss all over again… and so that I can be your magical 200th follower too harhar!
    Have a great Easter weekend, sending lots of hugs from all of us here at the ranch xo


    1. Thank you dear Kathryn. You’re part of the magic no matter what number you are. I’m so glad for your visits and all the photo’s you share at The Lonely Dogs too. Happy Easter to you and all your buds! 😀 It’s a four day weekend for some here. My hubby will work on Monday but had today off. We went for a super long walk…around 9 km. Buddy would have loved it. 😀


  5. Wow, look at all the love on this thread! Congratulations, Boomdee. So happy and proud to know you. Well done, well done.

    I L.O.V.E. love that cupcake (no calories, either). You inspire me every day.

    I’m hoping you’ll do a tutorial on the amazing paper confection. It’s stunning. It must have taken hours and hours and hours to make.


    1. Awww thank you ((( Alys ))), I remember how excited I was at 14 follows, now WOW, I’m blown away by everyones generous messages and what it’s brought to my life…namely your friendship.
      I thought about a tutorial and had taken some pictures along the way, but half way done, I didn’t honestly think anyone would consider making one….it was a crazy amount of work…LOL. I’ve got the die cut though and have a new idea for it. I’m working now on Betsy’s Craft It Forward so I can bring that with…hehe. There’s always something going down in there. I’m so happy you’re here cheering me on Alys, I feel so loved. xoK


    1. HA! Aunty, you never have days like that, your hair always looks so nice. I had a bottle of this hair smoothing stuff you used with a flat iron and it worked opposite over night, just crazy hair in the morning. I’d always burst out laughing when I got to the mirror…I should have taken pictures, what a riot. Smooch! xo LU2


  6. Hi Ya Boomy! Congratulations on such a wonderful milestone! We are so glad that we have enjoyed your journey with you! What a beautiful way to mark your milestone with a handmade cupcake! Hugs to you! 🙂


    1. Mwaaaa, thank you Val! It’s been awesome to have you with me here. Your cheerful outlook on life is infectious and I can’t get enough of you pups. Thanks for all the special messages and tips too, I really appreciate it! Hugs 😀 xK


  7. Congratulations on reaching two hundred. I recently hit the same milestone, but was too busy with other posts to note it. When you travel it is sometimes hard to squeeze in milestone posts :-).


    1. Congratulations to you Steven, I’m in awe of how often you do write given your heavy itinerary. I did my last milestone at 105, so celebrations can be uneven numbers, go for it! 😀
      Thank you for all your visits and cheer, I’m really glad you’re part of my WP family. Have a super day!


    1. LOL, that’s so funny. Subliminal eating 😀

      Thank you for all your visits and messages, I almost can’t believe I’ve gotten this far. It’s just so much fun to visit with everyone and have a place to share photo’s and stories. Thanks for being part of it 😀


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