A Real Hoot

I’m happy to report, there is evidence of some friendly feathered visitor’s at Casa Boomdee-ville.  A couple of plugs of  Bark Butter where missing and some seeds from the heart feeder have been scattered 😀

Bark Butter Feeder

I’m still eagerly trying for the holy grail, ‘a photo of a visiter at the feeder’. Apparently my guests are sneakier than I had anticipated, but I’ve given Blossum and Petals a stern talking to and they are to pull up their britches and spy on those birdies……as soon as they’re up that is.

Lazy Cats

Last week, when I visited ‘Wild Birds Unlimited’ to pick out my new bird feeder and Bark Butter, I was happy to be  invited back  for a special event featuring Biologist, Dr. Gordon Court and his tame Barred Owl.

Burrowing Owl

Meet ‘The Colonel’ a female Barred Owl who, we are told, eats pretty much everything. She lives in a large open aviary where she’s even able to fly.  She was so soft with deep layers of downy feathers.  We were told by Dr Court that owls can easily withstand extreme cold in the wild easier than heat, which can be fatal to them.  They generally live to be 9 – 13 years of age in the wild.  Car fatalities claim many before then.  Did you know, White Horned Owls will eat these and other owls in the wild? That’s kind of creepy isn’t it?  Owls eating owls, yikes.

YouTube via Canada Wild One Channel

Locally, they’re found in the Boreal Forests of Northern Alberta. If you watch the video, you can hear their call.  Does it sound like he’s saying “who-cooks-for-you?”

Birds Unlimited Guest Appearance

Mr B and I had a great visit, as did all the little ones at the store. One little girl took pictures of the owl with her own ‘owl camera phone’.  Kids are so darn tech savvy, HA.

This Date Was A Hoot

I  also spotted this fabulous bird bath, it’s glass with Hummers and flowers and I must have it.  What’s that Mr B?  We should wait till we have a yard?  Awwwwww 😦 but it’s sooooooo pretty!

Beautiful Boomdee Birdbath I got side tracked long enough to spot some of their nesting materials for purchase, but nothing like the ‘Lint Wreath’ at Casa Boomdee-ville.  We might really be onto something with that A.M. 😉

Nesting Bundles

I thought it was a great event, I know the kids really enjoyed it.  I was impressed at their clever questions for Dr Court.  One young fellow asked if she loses her feathers in the summer, and in fact she does around her legs and talons. Hey,  good one kid, I was just going to ask that 😉   I totally feel if you’re taught to respect and enjoy nature as a young child, you’ll grow up to be a more empathetic and caring adult.  Bravo to the families attending!

Young Naturalists

After our excellent adventure at Wild Birds Unlimited, we toodled over to Urban Scrapbook to get a couple of necessities for my next project.  Here’s a little sneak peek.

Sneak Peak

Wow!  A Starbucks latte, the beauty of nature and a scrapbook store all

in one day! Snap! I’d say my date with Mr B was a real hoot.

What do you think would be a ‘Perfect’ date?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

26 thoughts on “A Real Hoot

    1. LOL, Apparently ! Did you get it at a ‘Wild Bird Store’ ? I’ve seen the same store in San Jose. Wow, this post was nostalgic 😀 Thank you for finding it 😀 xK


    1. That sounds like lots of fun too, 20 years ago LOL. Now I can’t take the volume of the music in Safeway let alone a night club. We actually live 1/2 a block from a club and I can hear their music in our condo on the weekend 1/2 a block away….and it’s not even good music (well unless you like techno rap…HA) You kids have fun !!!


    1. Isn’t that funny? The person who uploaded it to Youtube noted that. It’s a very neat channel over at Youtube, Canadian Wildlife photographers contribute there. Thanks so much for watch and commenting. 😀


  1. Great story about the owls – sounds like u had alot of fun yesterday??? I do believe u deserve the bird bath for ur yard, even t is just postage size. LUL


    1. Hi Aunty, hope you had a great weekend. I tried to reach you, but I guess you were out. We had a really nice day, thanks and I got spoilt…LOL. Don’t you just love that birdbath? It would look so cute nestled in my porch pots except someone would probably snitch it. Someones actually been taking our blue bag every week. Downtown is weird. Talk soon LUL xk


  2. It is so much fun to see the pictures of the owl. It bring back wonderful memories of owls that used to come out in the evening on my father’s farm.


    1. How sweet of you to say Sheryl, I’m glad it brought back such a happy memory. We used to hear lots of owls in the country but it got to be less and less. Then at some point, it changed to amazement, “sssssssh, listen….an owl” we’d whisper. As if saying it loudly would chase it away. Don’t know if you played the video, but this particular owl has a very distinct call. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂


  3. Your feeders are probably being visited by the Barred Owl who secretly followed you home and like what you put out for breakfast.


    1. LOL, that’s a brilliant thought PJ! Mr B Owl would have had to go via the scrapbook store first and then for coffee of course. Sounds like my kind of new friend. Mwaaa, you’re a doll x


  4. Aw, wonderful post on birds. I LOVE birds, and have a lot of bird decor. So happy you wrote up a post on birds in sanctuaries and have a bird feeder (we have one too, I think I mentioned to you already that it is the BEST cat tv). Birds can fly and are meant to be free!!


    1. Thanks GJ, you’re so right about constant entertainment. Blossum was glued to the window today because I had it open and we could hear lots of song. We had a Budgie when I was little, we didn’t clip her wings so she could fly around the house. She liked to sit on top of the draperies. We loved her so much. Thank you for your visit!


  5. Fun times! Dream date would be showing Dave all the places I love in London. Hopefully we will be doing this in 2014. 🙂


    1. Oooooh, I’d like to go on that date too….third wheel? LOL, I guess that’d be a weird dream date….I’ll just skulk around corners and follow you……what? Still creepy? LOL

      Isn’t London awesome! How exciting you’re looking forward to returning. Did you live there for a while Leilani? We had only 3 days there before leaving on a multi country trip so we never did figure our way around well. We once got directions from a Jamaican Tube employee with an english accent that had us go in circles and right back to him 15 minutes later……we where like “Dang, what language is he speaking” LOL. Thanks for your message :D. Whatever’s rocking Clyde today, Enjoy!


  6. Such cool stores in your town! I’ve been lucky to participate in a Sounds of the Night lecture where the speaker plays nightime bird/insect/frog sounds. One time, the calls drew an owl in! So fun!!


    1. Good Morning LB, ‘Sounds of the Night’ sounds fantastic. That must have been a thrill to have a wild owl show up! WOW. There was a girl with a whole interpretive display here too, of other birds in our area. She’s actually from the area we moved from. We had Herons, Pelicans, Swallows,Hummers, Pipers, Ducks, spring Swans and of course Canada Geese at the lake on any given day….I’m really missing it. I can hear a bird chirping outside as I type this….I think it’s finally spring 😀


  7. Whooooo wouldn’t love a date like that! I would love to get a Starbucks coffee, see some nature, and get to go to the craft store! I love how you write. I love your blog. You always get me to lean in closer to my laptop to read more (and that is not just because I need glasses), but your style of writing intrigues me and when I get to the end of your post, I want more! Now, that is a good writer! We keep telling you that you should write a book(s). Just so you know, I did once have a Buzzard sit on my arm when I was little. Man, those things are U-G-L-Y! I grew up in a little town called Hinckley where they celebrated “Buzzard’s Day” every March 15th.


    1. Whoooooo’s such a clever girl? You are!! LOL Thanks for all those Kudos Valerie and for all your sweet messages typed without glasses, ha 😀 I just got a new prescription last week and must go soon, things have changed in that department.

      You’re also the brave one…..geez a Buzzard, that’s too freaky for me. The only ones I’ve liked were the ones in that Disney movie that sounded like the Beatles. I bet they’re some
      U-G-L-Y, haha. It was probably as big as you are! “Buzzard Day”, I’d like to see what Hallmark could do for that one. Well every little town has a trademark event, gets the neighbours out. This little town by where we used to live had a “Snow Goose” festival…..a tad might cuter than a Buzzard hey? Have a wonderful day, I think I just heard a Tomato grow 😀


    1. Isn’t it so funny! See we would go gaga over your sweet little Koalas. I don’t imagine either would appreciate a trade. Those little Koalas would be too chilly here and the owls would be to hot there, I guess I’ll just have to come on down one day :D. Hopefully! You’re getting close to your trip! How Exciting. Thanks for your message Lizzy, I have to catch up on my mail, I had an action packed weekend.


  8. Who needs a yard, the birdbath would look really nice just sitting in your house. I am sure that the cats would like it just fine :-). I like you owl themed post. At least Mr. B. didn’t take you to that Owl themed restaurant that so many men seem to like ;-).


    1. You see Steven, if you had been there we could have ganged up on Mr B with your clever rebuttal. Hahaha, that Owl Theme restaurant is over at West Edmonton Mall and that’s a ‘NO CAN DO’ at the best of times but especially during spring break LOL. Thanks for your message, it made me laugh in my coffee.


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