Boom Box Number Two

I’m  really zipping along on my ‘Craft It Forward’ gifts and just having a ball.  The first Boom-Box was stuffed full of ribbons, tags and gift topper’s  to help celebrate special days with flair. If you missed it,  here’s a photo or  visit the original post right here.

Boom Box Number One

I loved it so much, I immediately made a second one for another friend but with a whole new colour scheme.  The paper I used on the handmade box looks just like old wood, isn’t that fun!

Boom-Box Number Two

Just like the first Boom-Box, I included a set of monthly index cards for her recipe box to help track all her special days.

Boomdeeadda Style

Are you looking for some new ideas to enhance your own projects?  Here’s a peek at the whole caboodle.

Scrapbook Ideas 1

Scrapbook Ideas 2

Scrapbook Ideas 3

Have you ever seen these Martha Stewart Silicon Moulds in the craft stores and wondered what to do with them? Come on by  Boomdeeadda Thursday and I’ll share how I made these fun customized gift topper’s included in the Boom-Box’s.  It’s just so easy!

Martha Stewart Silicon Moulds

Thanks to everyone who follows here, you are all so awesome.

 Surprise to one special friend, you’re receiving

Boom-Box Number Two!

Boom-Box Number Two

What’s YOUR new favourite crafting product?

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Boom-Box Number One

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

40 thoughts on “Boom Box Number Two

    1. Thanks Sunshine, I like that “Pizzaz’ HA. The good thing is you have a whole year to finish the ‘Craft it Forwards’ but I always have so many things I’m wanting to try I couldn’t wait. Maybe if we find a house, I’ll have less time, so seize the day I say. 😀


    1. Thank you Sheryl. I’m having fun, but maybe next time I should simplify because some of the crafters are feeling worried about making theirs 😦 Thats not what I was hoping for….Well for this year I’ll have fun spoiling people.


    1. Thank you Clowie! I’ve just seen a brand new dog die cut too, I only resisted because I’m traveling to the states at the end of the month and there’s a fab scrapbook store in San Jose where I’m going to visit Alys, pretty exciting! 😀 thanks for visiting!


    1. Isn’t Steven a dream? Hehe, I like to tease him.

      I’m the lucky one to have such great friends here. You’re such a great supporter and I enjoy your blog so much. Wish we could hang out and have a cup of tea. Thank you Julia, very your joyous support. mwwaaa K


  1. Loved the boxes. They just get better and better. I loved what you did with the wooden spools. I have losts of little spools and a few larger antique spools. Now I know what can be done with them when I have a place to display them again. I’m looking forward to Thursday too.


    1. Thanks for always leaving such beautiful compliments Marlene. I’m having a ball making these. I get to use up all kinds of paper and what not. The ribbon around the box was actually a piece of ribbon I got on a gift from Alys. Past the love please 😀 Those vintage wooden spools are harder and harder to come by. The larger ones are from France. There’s a wonderful store in Edmonton that sells all things french and romantic. I hope you’ll soon have the space to spread your wings. See you Thursday! xoK


  2. Okay – I’m officially hyperventilating and typing this whilst breathing very slowly through a paper bag. You see it’s a combination of love and fear… I love what you have created and the special details are so beautiful but (eeekkk!!) I have NO idea what to make – I’m not a crafter! Of course, I blame Alys for starting this 😉
    Would it be cheating to buy some craft materials, package them in a pretty box and ask the recipient to have some fun making their own?? Ha ha ha. Help Boomdee!


    1. LOL, PJ you worry for nothing. Your home is gorgeous so I know you have the eye. I really loved the lettering you did on that sign awhile back. Do you grow Lavendar? A little set of hand made shachets would be so so cute and useful. You are absolutely brilliant with your camera and editing the photo’s. Your vintage books with sparkly hearts the other day took my breath away. Add a little favourite saying, pop it in a frame and I would totally go gaga over that…’s one from Pinterest

      Maybe a quote from one of your favourite authors? I could go on and on….HEY, hand died eggs from your very own Chickens. Have you seen these where you make prints with leaves and flowers from your garden?

      Oh, those would be so fantastic in pastels. xoxoxox you will be amazing, you always are!


    2. PJ, I’m really sorry I got you in to this. I feel so bad that you feel pressured. I wanted to be nice by letting everyone who was interested in on Craft it Forward.

      I do agree, however, that Boomdee raises the bar. I had the same reaction when I saw her first post.

      That said, I’m having fun and in the end, it’s about sharing and caring. I love Boomdee’s ideas, below. You also had and idea about seed packets. Have fun xox


      1. Please don’t feel pressured at all, I have far more time then either of you to play and I’m sure way more stuff in my crafty cupboard.

        Bravo Alys, you’re entirely right…it’s all for fun, I will love whatever I’m lucky enough to get because it’s from the heart. Mwaaaaa to both of you lovelies.


      2. Don’t feel bad Alys – it will do me good. Boomdee has given me some great ideas in her response and I’m going to give it a jolly good go! Your good intentions are beautiful and I’m sure it will be good fun once I decide what to make you special gals!
        By the way… I’m hoping to have chance to make a fairy garden this weekend!
        Love you guys…. mwwaaa!!!


        1. Jolly good go!…….hehe, I want to be a Brit and say that as often as possible 😀 Mwwwaaaa 2u2. Milo and Bella are going to look like giants next to your fairy garden, I can’t wait to see. HUGS xK


        2. I’m smiling like a Cheshire cat… are you thinking Downton again?? ha ha x
          I’ll have to keep the kittens away from the fairy garden or else I’ll never have fairies move in!


  3. Hey Boomie! Your Boom Boxes are simply great! With each one you make, they just keep getting better and better! You should start selling “Boom Boxes” as gifts, housewarming presents, etc. as they would be a great seller! I can’t wait to see how you make those silicon molds! Great job!


    1. Hey-ho my little pink boot wearing friend….splashed thru any puddles today? I just got back from another Apple One-on-One lesson. I bought a year of unlimited training when I bought my new MAC…so fun.
      Thank you for all those yummy compliments, I’m going to hug you right now (((( Val )))) I spend so much time on one project, I could never put a price on it. Or one that anyone would want to spend. I’m not sure it’d be fun for me if I had to do it for sale. But that’s so nice of you to think. See you on the flip side…or Thursday! xoK


    1. 😀 A violet crate will be perfect in someones spring garden too! Hey how’s your flower tower filling in? I bet it’s stunning. Any little squirrelly friends stopping to check their reflection in the gilded pots, LOL? They are living amidst garden glamour :D. Can’t wait to see every little thing. xK


  4. Your Boom Boxes are exquisite. I really look forward to these posts. You’ve taken wonderful photos of all the details that add up to charming, creative and practical craft it forward gifts for the lucky readers on your list.

    Some of my favorite details: the little bird (stamped?), perched on the flowers. Teapots and cats (two of my personal faves) and the wood-like paper lining the box. That is inspired.

    Is it Thursday yet? I don’t know if I can wait two whole days to see how you used those molds.


    1. Thank you Alys for all your cheer, mwaaaa. I was tickled to find that ‘old wood’ paper, it seemed perfect and was in the colour I was looking for. Sometimes all the planets align and it really comes together. That little bird on the card is a stamp, good eye. You always see the little details. That little ‘Lily of the Valley’ tag is left over from the paper I used on another project 😉 Those Martha Moulds have been used over and over so I thought that might be something you crafty girls might like to try.

      I can’t wait to see what magic is transpiring in your craft room. You’ve been working so much, I’m sure it’s hard to squeeze in craft projects. Journals are very, very hot right now too! There’s a new Stampington Magazine just for Journals and all the photo’s a gorgeous! Someone will love that Alys 😀 xoxo


  5. All so beautiful and feminine! Currently, my “only” craft is making all my greeting cards, using rubber stamps and all sorts of embellishments!


    1. Thanks so much Dianna, I’ve really enjoyed making it. I also enjoy making cards too. Do you ever buy “Take Ten” by Stampington? Oh, so creative! They’re like little works of art. I used to know a gal selling Stampin’ Up. Their catalogue was full of cute ideas too. Cheers!


  6. Oh I just LOVE these boxes of yours Boomdee…….absolutely gorgeous and so fun and personal too. Great ideas…….The most creative I get is decorating my grapevine door wreaths every Spring with different “things”…..and since Spring is refusing to come this year I may NEVER get one done….Whoever your lucky friend is that’s receiving your latest box is mighty lucky indeed.



    1. Good Morning Pam & Sam, your message, like your Blog just put a big smile on my face. Thank you so much. I hear you on the spring thing..urg now we are to get snow on Friday. I know it will melt quickly but we are overdue for spring too. I love that you revamp your existing wreath, with ‘Things’….LOL now I’m really wondering :D. The gal this Boom-Box is off too is very special and I hope it brings sunshine to her day. Enjoy yours too!


      1. Oh we have no doubt your friend is going to LOVE that Boom-Box….really. Snow? Yipes! At least we don’t have any of that AND it’s going to be 70 next week (briefly though). I think maybe Spring really is almost here (Virginia). I’m glad we make you smile….. 😀

        Pam and Sam


      1. LOL Alys, let’s “sprinkle a little sugar & spice” on Steven’s cereal this morning. I actually have seen some guy at a scrapbook day when I was working at the store….he was a big hit with the ladies. 😀


    1. Hey, thanks so much Steven. I appreciate a manly message since I know these crafty posts are more for the girls. If you had joined in, I do have a funny idea just for you. Ha, oooooh please please join in next year Steven. 😀 You could always re-gift these things to someone.


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