Customizing Resin Elements

As promise, I wanted to share a super easy way to customize your scrapbook projects with homemade resin elements using these brilliant silicon moulds from Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart Silicon Moulds

I bought everything I needed at Michael’s with coupons I printed at their website.  You can always save at least 40%.  I used Enviro Tex Jewellery Resin, there may be other brands around.

Envirotex Jewelery Resin

What I really love is, you can make them in any colour to match your projects with just regular craft paint.  

Any Colour You Want
Any Colour You Want

It’s great, because I never use all the colours in sets they sell at the craft stores. Some of the colours are always weird, right? This way, I don’t waste money on products I’ll never use.

Mine are the Martha Stewart Line
My silicon moulds are from the Martha Stewart line

I make 1/2 oz of product for about 6 resin flowers:

  • Measure 1/4 oz Resin with 1/4 oz Hardener with 1/4 tsp craft paint

  • Following package direction, blend thoroughly.

  • Pour into Silicon Moulds and let set for 24 hours.

Use Any Colour To Match Your Project
Use Any Colour To Match Your Project
Set Level To Harden
Set on a level surface to harden

These moulds are just amazing! After 24 hours, with the slighted bend of the mould, your hardened resin elements pop right out.

Gorgeous Aqua!
Gorgeous Aqua!

They’re ready for your scrapbook pages and other projects.  I cut out some cool shapes with a die cut.

Die Cuts

I used Rangers Glossy Accents to affix them to the die cuts and voila, it’s now a pretty gift card topper!

Home Made Resin Elements 

click on collage to enlarge

If you have any questions, please do let me know in comments. Happy crafting, and thank you so much for coming back for ‘Customizing Resin Elements’.

Would you like to see more Tutorials here at Boomdeeadda?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

33 thoughts on “Customizing Resin Elements

  1. It is always inspiring to visit with you!
    I did something similar with dots when I was younger, we made cards ,I have none to share I threw away the grid too, that’s terrible…


    1. Thank you so much, that’s just the nicest thing to say. I’ve used these moulds over and over. Surprisingly, the resins go a long way. The paint is pretty inexpensive (under $3 at most craft stores). I wasn’t certain when you mentioned grid, if those are a mould? Sounds interesting. I’ve used the Glossy Accents to make dots, but I found it doesn’t dry super clear.


    1. That’s awesome. I’ve looked at Martha’s clay too but they only sell it pre-coloured here. What do you use your clay shapes on after? Thanks so much for your message 😀


    1. Thanks a bunch Sheryl, just when I think I’ve seen it all and done it all…..there’s always something new. Pinterest always has so many good ideas, dangerous really. LOL


    1. LOL Neat-o in a speed-o makes me laugh so hard. My ex had a boat business and his friend Geoff would show up and wear the same speedo, day in – day out…..yikes HAHA. Glad you found it interesting. I’ve just found a girl at Etsy selling really cute moulds, tempting 😀


    1. Thanks again Laurie. I think Martha Stewart has a clay that she sell for use with these too but it’s pre-coloured and I like the option of any colour I want……because I’m a princess LOL. Thanks for popping in 😀


  2. You make it look so easy! I love this and all your tutorials, so yes, please. More, more, more. You can even set up a Page with links to all of them.

    These are really clever. I would never have dreamed this up. Thanks for the inspiration. Your local craft store should put you on the payroll. Your classes would always be full.

    Beautiful colors, textures, details. Love!


    1. It really is pretty easy when you have the tools. Unlike gardening, there aren’t to many variables when you follow the package directions. It’s mostly important to measure the hardener and resin accurately. They really state that in the directions.

      I really like your idea about making a PAGE with tutorials filed there. You always have great ideas, xoxox I’m going to get that organized! Thanks for cheering me on!

      HA, I tried working in a scrapbook store and almost went broke. I spent my whole paycheque and always had a large stash of stuff on Hold. It’d be like working in a bakery…..oh man that’d be dangerous too HA Thanks for all the Love, you always make me feel great xoxoK


      1. Oh yeah, I didn’t think about that. Working at a scrapbooking store would be hard on the wallet.

        Have you ever watched the show Cake Boss, about Carlo’s Bakery in New Jersey? Oh my they make some amazing cakes. A few of the bakers are hefty, but many of the younger folks decorating the cakes are quite trim. You probably just get sick of it after awhile if you work on it all day.


        1. I have seen a few episodes of that and they are so amazing. I think Carlo is so young for so much responsibility. He pretty much employes his whole family, that’d be daunting. Seems like they have a good time though. I’m sure you’re right about getting sick of the baking sooner or later 😀 It’d be fun for a while though. I used to work with this one girl who ate like a monster and never gained a pound, we’re talking a family size chocolate bara a day. She got Tim Horton’s coffee and baking every morning……urg


  3. Absolutely yes, I would love to see more tutorials! I really appreciate the way you put the photos of each step with instructions that are easy enough for me to understand. Some of the craft books I have read don’t make it “dummy-proof” enough for me! Plus I had never heard of craft resin but I do use those Michaels coupons! One question: do you have to attach them with Rangers Glossy Accents or can they be glued? Thanks for a great post!


    1. I’ve wondered at times what makes a fun tutorial versus “we didn’t need that explained” Thank you. Ellen Degeneres had on this adorable 12 year old one day that had melted off her hair with a curling iron while she was making a Youtube video about “how to curl your hair”. HA. Ellen’s so good with kids and I was laughing because I know she was THINKING “Did you really have to show us how to curl our hair?” I guess the girl got grounded and her dad was in the audience and Ellen said something like “oh, sorry dad I guess I’m not helping” HA.

      Well, I’m glad you liked the post. I guess you recognize the Gift Toppers. HA spoiler alert, I’m not making magic in these ‘Craft It Forwards’, it only looks tricky but is totally easy.

      I think you could use other glues Julia. I like the Rangers Glossy Accents because it dries quick and the bond is permanent and I already have it (I use it for other things). The Glossy Accents is pretty versatile. I use it to make letters shiney and then to affix them to the project just like glue. Well, I’ve wrote a whole novel here..HA, thanks for your great message XK


  4. The LIKE button is not good enough for this post. You should have an AWESOME button to click on! These are really cool. All of the molds you showed are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this! You are a crafting goddess!


    1. HA! An awesome button! You’re adorable, thank you Valerie 😀 you spoil me. I bet you could fill these moulds with those pony beads too and melt those into shapes……mmmmmm, I might have to try and find a package. This goddess is going over to my Aunties for lunch today! My life is a dream…crafts, lunches out, you and other friends here…..I’m really lucky. Hugs xK


    1. Oooops, I posted a message for another so that didn’t seem to make sense HA. Anywho thanks for popping in and yes I have a lot of play time until we can be out enjoying sunshine. Lucky lucky me. 😀


    1. Mmmm, WP just posted my message for you on a different comment (???, silliness) Anywho I was saying thanks a bunch. I’ve seen them for sale around the Web and wanted to make my own colours. Easy Breezy. Hope you’re having a great day and thank you so much 😀


  5. Cool use of resin. I may have to look for a few molds that may work with some of my Ankerstein buildings.I could make some custom decorations for the buildings.


    1. I never thought of that, I wonder what you could find on the internet? I have seen giant gallon containers of the hardener and resin that would be more economical. I remember when people were making Cribbage tables (the card game) out of giant slices of a tree. After making the Crib holes they’d put on layers and layers of resin till it was shining like a still lake. Kind of like this one

      When my brother was living with me, we played a lot of crib, I could never beat him, he’s really good at calculating your hand by what cards you play…..darn kids HA. Thanks for your message Steven, hope Korea’s good to you today.


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