Dear Diary

Years ago I was enjoying an episode of Oprah, she was sharing her love of journaling.  Oprah was talking about how she’d been writing in her journals almost daily for years.  My first thought was, “wow, those must be worth a million bucks!”.  My very next thought was…..

I Like That

It’s somewhere’s special to share your successes, joys and sometimes heart breaks.  Pen to paper, for posterity.  Even Captain Kirk started his day by dictating to a Cyber Journal, long before it was on anyone’s radar.

Today’s Star Date: 66742.66

James T, Cyber Journaler

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Have you ever thought about how you would document your passions, projects, gardens, photography and other interests if you didn’t write a blog? It seems the shops are full of every option you could dream up, in a rainbow of eye-catching colour’s.  I actually got that “I Can’t Sleep” journal from a friend. I have it beside the bed and write in it when I wake from a dream. Remember that crazy dream I had about bears?  Yep, that’s what I’m leaving to future generations, thanks Oprah!

Tempting New Journals

Before Boomdeeadda, I had a journal for crafting, poetry, home-decor and several scrapbooks.  Some with artistic flair, others not so much. Long before I’d ever seen the inside of a scrapbook store, I kept this simple scrapbook of home decor ideas that I crudely clipped from all the many magazines I would buy. I really laughed at how primitive it looks now.  It’s like Pinterest  for Wilma Flintstone, LOL.

The Old Fashioned ScrapbookThe Original Pinterest

My little craft journal, a brag book really of things made for friends.  It was a little more artistic, but still nothing too fancy. If you don’t keep it simple, it becomes a chore right?

Before Blogging there was a Craft Journal

I  just Boomdee’d up the cover one day when I wanted to use up scraps from a recent project. You might even recognize the paper from my  ‘Artful Story Telling’ post from February 1st.

Pretty Journals

Keeping a diary is not a new idea. Far from it.  My friend Sheryl shares her grandmother’s 1913 diary entries each day at 100 years ago . Sheryl add’s charming articles and recipes from days gone by.  I wonder if her Grandma ever thought it would be around in 100 years, let alone shared with fans world-wide.  I’m sure her world was much smaller than yours or mine is today.

Only Aqua Journals for Boomdee

This Keel’s Simple Diary first caught my eye because it’s Aqua, but once I peaked inside I thought it was filled with pretty cool and original ideas. Instead of ‘a-page-a-day’ format, there’s a clever quote to enjoy, thought-provoking questions to answer or just a neat little survey to complete. Bonus, I think I’m actually  going to learn a lot about myself this year.  I can write in it as often or as little as I wish or even carry on in the same diary next year.  I think that’s perfect for me because you might not know this, but while every day is magical, not all of them are diary worthy 😉

Kohl's Diary

Julia over at Defeat Despair wrote a wonderful post about how journals, scrapbooks and blogs are capturing the everyday history you never read about in published history books and really help us see the exotic in the familiar. That really resonated with me. Reading your posts affords me the opportunity to do that everyday and I’m so grateful for that.

The Modern Journalist's AKA Blogger's
The Modern Journalist’s
AKA Blogger’s


While blogging on WordPress has brought so many gifts to my life, I’ve also made a new commitment to keep my many journals and scrapbooks more current.  I don’t want to tuck them away where they can’t be part of my day.  Because whether or not your day is stellar, exotic or ordinary, there’s something special about ending it with “Dear Diary”.

Good Girls  Keep Diaries

Have you bought a new journal this year?  Are you keeping it up?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

45 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. I have years of journals … just old, ratty notebooks. Drawers of memorabilia … nothing as lovely as yours. You are so creative!


    1. I have so much more time too, HA. Well thanks a bunch, we all enjoy our treasures in different ways. It’s great to have journals to read back too, it really show’s you how much you grow. Even crafting journals 😀


  2. Your scrapbooks and journals are so beautiful. Mine are mostly basic notebooks though I have quite a few with prompts or sayings in them. I started keeping them more seriously since the 90’s when I received a parking ticket in the mail. Going back to my journal, it showed I had been nowhere near that area that day. I called the clercks office and let them know that my journal said I was not on that street that day. They dismissed the ticket. Wonder who was up to no good but it wasn’t me. I wish I had kept even the most basic of journals earlier as I lost entire years that I cannot remember. I’d love to dress mine up like you do. So visually pleasing. I do two pages each morning with gratitudes added at the end and another journal for the best part of today. As soon as I can get to my scrapbooking stuff, I’ll see what I can do for the pretty effect. Yours fill the visual vacuum for now. Thanks for sharing your art.


    1. At first when I read you’d started your Journals after a parking ticket, I thought “we’ll that’s a funny inspiration” 😀 but then it made sense….LOL you made me laugh.

      You actually do far more journaling than I, way awesome for you Marlene. I’m sorry to hear you lost a year of memory, is that due to the bells palsy? I guess that leaves the opportunity to embellish…’The Year You Hope You Had’, might be a creative endeavour. 😀 Thanks again for your wonderful support, I just adore you xK


    1. LOL, I do my best. I don’t journal everyday either, but I like to do something creative everyday, even if it’s only for an hour. I always have something I can pickup. 😀


  3. Really enjoyable and interesting post. So glad I found your blog. I now know what I should be doing with all the home magazines I can’t bear to put in the recycle bin! Thanks so much and give those two gorgeous black cats a cuddle for me!


    1. That’s really nice to say, thank you! 😀 I had the same problem, I just couldn’t part with any of my magazines. But when we moved, I donated over 300 magazines to a local library. It felt liberating but I do miss the odd one. Petals & Blossum are watching the birdies on their climbing tree, they’ll be happy for the cuddles, thank you 😀


  4. SO many things I loved about this post… especially the Star Trek link, and your Pinterest for Wilma Flintstone comment! Lol 🙂
    I don’t journal much, or at all really. I’ve tried in the past and just ended up tossing them into the bonfire come springtime. Which is actually sort of cleansing. I do however like the exercise of writing down dreams, and it really is an exercise. I find the more I do it, the easier it becomes though, and of course once they are written down you just don’t forget them, ever!.


    1. Thank you Kathryn, I still love looking thru that decor scrap book. I’ve actually got a giant stack of magazines recently from my Sister-inlaw, she had them out at the curb to recycle and I threw them in the PT, LOL. I’m going to clip-n-snip my way to happiness.

      Dream journals are so funny to read later. I had a dream about Obama on a bus once, HAHA he was giving me relationship advice 😀 Who know’s what these things mean? Something or nothing. That one might have just been my brain purging a weeks worth of stuff. Thanks for commenting and hope your weekend is FAB!


  5. I love this post too but I can’t tell you how many journals and diaries I have that are writtten in for a few days and then the rest of the book is totally blank-maybe I just haven’t found the right one to keep me with it. I can’t believe it is only 3 weeks and one day until you get here!! So exciting!! Hope you are feeling better XOXO


    1. Good Morning lovely Betsy! You know, this Keel’s simply diary might be for you. They prompt you on what to write and you never have to worry about how often you write. Fill it up in one year or ten. I slept till 9:20 this morning, I actually do feel a little better Thank you so much. I’m more worried about you ❤ We are counting the days to California. If you can believe it, we are getting another snow storm as I type 😦 we are shocked, even for Albertans, this winter is bananas. This day in 2008 it was 24 C or 75 F. Other areas in Canada have been nail with storms over the past 4 days, it's insane. Can't wait, we may never come home LOL. hugs xoK


  6. Even your simpler journals are terrific and full of scrappy goodness! If you’re looking for new stuff, I can hook you up 😛 Great stuff. I’ve got about 3 or 4 journals myself, full of different things, I’ll have to post some pictures of them. I’m also dabbling a little in art journaling, and really liking it, hehe


    1. Thanks so much. Do you have them posted on Pinterest yet? I started a Journal Board and love finding new ideas. I’ll watch for those to pop up. Stampington magazines has a really nice ‘Art Journal’ bi-monthly, you’ve probably seen it. Great ideas. I can’t really say I’m looking for new stuff, I’m busting out of the seams but thanks for offering.


      1. Oh, yes, I’ve seen Stampington magazines *drool* I love ’em! I don’t actually have a Pinterest account, I’m not against social media, but I try to be selective I guess. I will be opening an Etsy shop soon. I’ll be posting about it, so stay tuned!


  7. Thanks for the nice mention of A Hundred Years Ago. The ancestors I find the most interesting are the ones who left behind enough artifacts so that I can get a sense of what they were like. As a result of posting my grandmothers diary, I’ve become more aware of the importance of documenting both the unusual and the mundane. I’m pretty good about saving newspaper clippings and other mementos in file folders–unfortunately I’m not nearly as good as you at organizing them into scrapbooks and other user friendly formats. .. and I didn’t buy a journal this year. I need more hours in every day! 🙂


    1. Welcome 😀 and thanks for sharing your Grandmas diary with us and all the extra’s you cleverly put together on the lien days. I just used a glue stick in my Home Decor scrapbook. Funny I still love looking thru it. Seems pretty current even though it was started 8 years ago. I think a scanner might do the trick, I saw some software a while back that allowed you to scan items from a magazine and put in tidy files. You’re right Sheryl….need more time, LOL Great to visit back and forth though, I’ll always have time for that. xK


    1. I think photographs are a great way to express your journey and record the days, simple or not. You’ve really got a good eye! I’m working to get better all the time. I also love what you do post editing to many of the moments you capture. Thanks for cheering me on Laurie, you’re a doll xK


  8. The scrapbooks are wonderful….I’ve never done any scrapbooking but I have been a journal keeper for over 20 years. Not daily stuff though – I keep detailed journals of every trip, excursion, overnight journey, etc. that my husband and I have taken. What we ate, what we thought, moods, clothes we wore – the whole thing. It’s fun to “relive” every moment years later – we often sit on the porch in our rockers while I read him some of the trip notes. I think it’s great to keep ANY kind of journal….they mean a lot to us, but they might mean even more to someone else one day. 😀



    1. That’s just such a wonderful picture you’ve painted, sharing memories on your porch with your sweet man, that’s really touching Pam. I’m sure you probably saw ‘The Notebook’? If you haven’t, I think you’d really love it. Watch with lot’s and lot’s of Kleenex, I sobbed. I know you’re family will be so honoured to have those in the years to come. Thanks for sharing your story, I so appreciate you’re visit (hugs to Sammy), xK


  9. I don’t keep a journal any longer (I kept volumes in my teenage-angst years, of course!), and I don’t scrapbook in the craft sense. I’m in complete awe of all of you who can make those amazing works of art! I do, however, keep a really utilitarian set up (a binder and plastic sleeves) for storing travel brochures, tickets from concerts and sporting events, pamphlets from museums or art galleries etc.. I’m also a huge postcard collector, but they’re all currently stashed in a shoebox. Sad, I know…. 😉

    I love your Keel’s Simple Diary…I particularly like that it’s not a “daily” format.


    1. Thanks Sheryl, The majority of these aren’t fancy works of art at all…glue and paste 😀 I tend to do the same with postcards too. I bought a bunch in Europe, I had a theme going…B&W, vintage image. They’re all so gorgeous, but I haven’t figured out how to display them yet. Yet another project. I like what you’re doing with all your paper brochures and tix, they’re fun to look back at.

      Keel’s Simple Diary also comes in Pink, different surveys, quotes, questions etc. I’ve wasted time just reading ahead to all the fun pages. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I really appreciated all your visits!


  10. This post resonates with me in so many ways. My mom and dad both kept photo albums and scrapbooks in their day and we were encouraged to do the same. I regret tossing out some of my earlier ones as it would be fun to look back. I had a small notebook full of comic strips, small cards, things that made me smile. I used to have a theater portfolio, along with every day journals. I ended up destroying the journals just before I got married. They were so darn personal, with a tid-bit or two meant for my eyes only. 😉

    I love your dedication to the daily journal and love the idea of keeping one.

    I smiled and smiled when I saw my name next to our Skype call. Man, that was so much fun.


    …another thought provoking post. Boomdee.


    1. Darn hey? I think we’ve all tossed out stuff, only later to be nostalgic for it. It’s probably best if you truly wanted them to remain private though. When I was 13, my girlfriends both went away for summer holidays. Michelle to her Grandmas and Debbie to camp. We wrote all these letters to each other in very immature handwriting with doodles and what not. How much we loved Donny Osmond, how much we didn’t like our brothers and boyfriend stuff. One night I sat and read them all and almost pee’d laughing……then I tossed them……stupid, stupid. I’m so glad we’ve exchanged cards, letters and treats (((mwaaaa))) it’s like being 13 again. I’m using that little octopus magnet you sent to mark the next page in my diary! He’s so cute. Of course our Skype call was an entry, it was the hi-lite of the week 😀 Thanks for sharing your story here xoxoxo


    1. WOW, how awesome are you? Thanks a bunch, I’m so glad you’re enjoying your stops here. I’m sure everyone has enough great stories to fill several diaries, there’s even a few on line now too as APP’s to download. I think they’re a riot to read back too years later.


  11. Keep up the great work. My ‘kids’ have told me many times I should write memories of the past but i just can’t seem to get into the mood. Your ideas seem to give me some inspiration and maybe now I will start writing the odd day????? LUL


    1. Hi Aunty, if you want some help setting it up on your computer, let me know. It would be very easy to edit or print later if that’s something you’d like to do. I think that’d be a great idea. Thanks for stopping by. Guess who got Mr B’s cold? I’m a mess, but better now than when I’m on holidays 🙂 LUL 2 xoK


        1. Thank you my dear Alys, I won’t bore you with the details but yoy, we are really lucky to get this now not later. So that’s a silver lining….sniffle, cough…urg. xK


  12. What a fun post—I don’t think I’ve heard you say how you got into the journaling before! I love seeing your pages, they’re so pretty. Also, you have lovely handwriting.

    The Keel’s Diary looks neat, I’ll have to scout that out. You are right about diaries and the everyday…as a history buff, I have to tell you—you never know. The diaries that stick around, from names large and small, are so valuable to historians for just those everyday things! I’m reading a book about Elizabeth I and much of it is from the diaries of her contemporaries—just little observations that they probably thought little of, but which reveal so much. Similarly diaries from those who lived during the American Revolution—not just men like Washington and Madison, but from the wives of unknown soldiers and the soldiers themselves, shopkeepers…we learn so much. So write away! 😉 You might end up in a grand history tome someday!


    1. Thanks Jen, how nice to hear you enjoyed it. I really think my handwritings a bit of a mess, LOL but I never use it much, so no wonder. The Keel’s Diary is fun and there’s actually an APP you can download to your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPod if you prefer. I love reading diaries of explorations and expeditions. That’s while Julia’s post really hit home with me. Hard to say what the future brings, I’m sure Oprah wasn’t famous or rich when she started writing hers. 😀


  13. Hey I love those “primitive” scrapbooks and still plan to make one of them for myself someday. I think you have a real gem of wisdom in your sentence ” If you don’t keep it simple, it becomes a chore right?” I think I would get more done if I could keep my efforts a bit simpler. Thanks for the many great links on your blog, and for linking to mine! Your posts inspire me to be more creative!


    1. That’s so nice for you to say, thank you. I actually really like how everyone expresses themselves so uniquely. You have the gift of putting thoughts together with so much meaning and truthfulness, I relish every word. I like to add a bit of silliness to my thoughts because…..well I suppose that’s what’s going on up there, LOL. Thanks for your message Julia, I always feel spoilt when your here 😀


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