Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

Here’s how I’d recommend getting there:

  • spend years journaling projects and dreams the old-fashioned way
  • Buy a book about Blogging
  • Buy several magazines about blogging
  • Start Blogging !!
  • chat up new friends (but feels like you’ve known them forever)
  • Be charming and irresistable until new-found friendship blooms into a beautiful thang
  • When gracious new friend invites you for a visit, clasp hands together like a 5 year old on Christmas morning
  • shriek with JOY!

San Jose, California

If you’re a regular visiter, you probably know I’ll soon be on my merry way to sunny San Jose, California 😀  I’m over the moon to be spending time with the lovely and effervescent Alys.  Have you been to her sunny garden?  Here, take this little shortcut 😀  We’ve got all kinds of fun things on the calendar, I’m sure we’ll share some of our silliness giddiness happiness with all of you.

20 Days To San Jose!

I’ll also be meeting up with a gal pal who joined the ‘Craft It Forward’ mayhem. Unlike the past two ‘BOOM Boxes’ that were sent by snail mail, I get to hand deliver Betsy’s while I’m visiting. 😀   I thought it’d be fun to tease her with a wee peak.

Betsy's Sneak Peak

Mwaaa haahaa haa

(cough, that’s not easy with a cold, LOL)

I can’t give too much away since it’s a big surprise, but please come on back Wednesday for ‘From White To Wow’.  It’s a tutorial on how to custom dye plain white ribbon with alcohol inks for use in your craft projects, scrapbooking or even gift wrapping.  Until then, you might enjoy this classic didy remix via ‘Enjoys Singing La La La’

Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

Have you met up a friend you made thru blogging?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

42 thoughts on “Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

    1. Hello, Hello Lavinia! You’re so sweet to pop in back here 😀 I’m actually on my way to San Jose again Oct 1 and Mr B is joining me for the first week. We’re going to Carmel with Alys and Mike for a couple of days. California Dreaming 😀 Hope all is well in your world, see you soon xo B


  1. I’m so excited for you and Alys – this post is one of the happiest I’ve read. It reminds me of how I felt when I had sleepovers!


    1. Awwww ((( PJ ))) thank you for the cheer. We’ll be posting some moments I’m sure. Wish you could pop on over and we’d all have a giggle together. Weren’t sleep-overs fun? I think I should plan one this summer LOL, we’d probably all get bunkers on wine and fall asleep early 😀


    1. We’re even closer now! I haven’t yet began to pack, I tried to shop for a new outfit or two but I’m not keen on the crazy neon colours in the spring fashions….I’ll probably be in a tizzy by weeks end but exciting! Thanks so much for your message LB!


  2. Oh my goodness…hyperventilating over here. I checked here last might, but must have hit the hay before this posted. It feels like Christmas, Halloween and my birthday, all rolled into one. You make me feel like a star every day. I promise (in advance) not to squish you too hard when you cross my threshold. Oh, who am I kidding. Like I would wait for your to knock on the door. I’ll be running down the walkway so I can scoop you up from the car. Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait.

    I’m also pretty excited to see what you’ve cooked up for BRB.

    I may hook you up with a realtor, you know…just in case. Hugs and kisses xox


    1. I can’t wait too!! To see you both together will be fun for me and to get to spend some time with you both since I haven’t been seeing people for a while (mostly I have been sad but that of course makes me even sadder) Can’t wait to see my present too!!!! XOXOXO


      1. Oh no Bets 😦 I will have a GIANT hug for you too and hopefully we’ll make you laugh and forget any worries….if not for just a wee while. I’m really looking forward to spending time together and thanks so much for being here, I hope it’s a little bright spot for you. xoxoxo K


    2. Scream! me too. Hopefully we don’t pull a Stooges and poke each others eye’s out or something…LOL I’m pretty clumsy. Our guys will be shaking there heads, hehe. OM good gravy!!!!! I’m going shopping for some new holiday outfits and thinking now about what I need to pack now. La la la, soooooo fun!

      Bringing BRB’s, I’m bringing in carry-on because I’ve seen what they do to luggage. Hopefully it will arrive unscathed. 😀

      So excited Alys, you’re a one and only!!!! Lucky me xoxox


      1. I can’t remember what I said a few hours ago, but something to the effect that you are wise to carry on BRB’s treat and how nice to be shopping for new clothes. Anyone else struggling with WP over the past few days? They’ve deleted several comments, and aren’t notating the ones I’ve replied too. Strange.

        I can be clumsy as well so we’ll really have to watch ourselves. Hee!


        1. I’ve had issues with WP too. I noticed the notation thing and I’m always retyping messages. I hit enter on one and it just sat there trying to respond they whole time I had lunch. Thanks for coming back for a kick at the can 😀


  3. How wonderful! I love how blogging transcends proximity when it comes to making friends. I can list a few blog gals whom I could totally see visiting. Have a wonderful trip!:)


  4. Oh my goodness!! It is getting so close and I cannot wait! Can’t believe I got to see a sneak peek and that I even got a special mention in your blog-I feel like a celebrity! I am looking so forward to meeting you and getting to spend some time with you and Alsy! It has been ages! Get well quick!


    1. Tee-hee, as Alys would say. 😀 I was hoping you’d pop in (( Betsy )). “You’re a star Bets, a star” (say it like an old time movie guy…LOL) Sooooooo close now, I half expect a cartoon to skip on into the garden….hahaha. Very much looking forward to our stay and spending time with you gals! I’m actually feeling better today, thanks so much. I hope you too, later alligator 😀 xK


  5. Awww, how fantastic you get to meet up with Alys AND a Craft it Forward participant. You are going to have such fun! I met up recently with some of the people I’ve met online at a sewing meetup a few months back and it was fantastic! You also get to travel to California. All winning adventures, good for you!!


    1. Thanks GJ, I saw your sewing meet up a few months back in your post. It looked like a riot. I was impressed by the snacks and oogled the vintage patterns. Have you sewn anything from them yet?

      We’ll be snapping lots of photo’s I’m sure and with Alys’s approval, I will absolutely be sharing some here. We’ve been to California a number of times, but never San Jose and never with such anticipation. Thanks for cheering us on! Toodles.


    1. Awesome to have hooked up with a blogging friend! A photography retreat in Seattle sounds amazing, have fun and we’ll watch for your photo’s. Sorry to know you are coughing too…’s positively everywhere. Feel better soon! 😀


  6. Hi Boomie! I have been watching your countdown calendar until your visit with Alys too! It’s getting closer! We got to meet a blog buddy last year, our first one, and it was even on my birthday too! We met Dan & Mindy on their farm and had a blast talking gardening with them! Meeting blog friends is the best and I hope to meet more of my buds one day! You have been such a pleasure to get to know and I am so happy to have you as my friend! Hugs!


    1. OMGosh Valerie! I was just thinking last night about Idol, then of course you, then I thought, “wait, where’s that girl been”.
      ((( hello you ))).
      I remember your post about your visit to Dan & Mindy’s farm! Awesome! Will you stop by again this summer? How’s your seedlings going?
      One day, it might be fun to pick a place and all hitch up Posse style for a Blog-a-palooza Extraordinaire!! It has been so fun to get to know you and your cute little family, you’re a real gem Val, thanks for wonderful messages and BIG hugs to you too!


      1. Hug hug hug! Man, it feels so good to be back! I had no energy to do any blogging for a week and a half. Seedlings are doing great, even better than last year’s crop. Last year we had no idea on what we were doing, but this year I have more knowledge under my belt. I have about nine Juliet Tomato plants that are getting huge and they will produce hundreds of tomatoes! I will definitely be enjoying salsa this summer for sure! I missed you too! Hugs!


  7. It’s so neat that you are going to see Alys! I’ve never met up with a blogging friend (I’m very new at this) but I do have a British pen pal I’ve been writing to since 1990 (!) and I got to meet her in person when I went to England in 2001. It was so much fun and she was exactly as I knew her to be from her letters. I saw a lot of things on that trip to England but meeting Sue in person was the best part. Have a blast!


    1. Thank you Julia and for sharing that story with us! That’s just so fantastic to have both made that commitment for so long and then finally to meet up. I’m sure that was an amazing trip all around but to embrace someone who grew to know and love thru writing…..well, I guess I’m going to do the same 😀 !
      Have you and Sue tried Skyping? Alys and I got to it one night not to long ago. I’d never Skyped before, but it was easy breezy and a joy to actually visit ‘almost in person’. Thanks for all your cheer. Hey! I just met another fantastic blogger from Virginia and was telling them about you. Sam & Pam write at “One Spoiled Cat”. I get a real giggle there and Sam looks just like a cat I once loved, Ginger 😀


  8. Hope you can dump that cold before you head to California BUT if not, I bet that beautiful California sun can BAKE the cold out of you quickly! I’m sure you’re going to have a fabulous time visiting your friend and just WAIT until she gets to see her “Boom Box”….she’s a lucky lady! Meeting blog friends in person is such fun…I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun stories to share on your return……….

    Pam (and Sam too!)


    1. Thanks Pam (& Sam) for all your cheer! I feel so much better visiting with you all at Boomdeeadda. I’m hoping to be right-as-rain by then. I’m a pretty lucky girl, I almost have to pinch myself…..I never imagine I’d grow such wonderful friendship by starting a Blog. Big Hugs x


  9. Enjoy ur holiday,I think it’s wonderfulthat u r meeeting up with ur blog friends. I’m sure u will have a blast!! LUL


    1. Hi Aunty! Thanks for cheering us on. 😀 I can hardly wait. One day, I’m hoping Alys can visit here when her boys are able to manage at home. We can wow her with our brilliant and diverse conversation at a nail luncheon…giggle! Talk soon ❤ LUL2 xK


    1. I’m sure there’ll be lot’s of stories. Mr B and I are also making stops in Napa and San Francisco which are both fabulous we are told. Thanks for the good cheer 😀


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