Too Cool For School

Finally, we are enjoying beautiful sunshine in our fair northern city. I can open the window in my craft room and listen to the birds singing without freezing.  I’m also getting ready for my trip to California 😀 Packing away all my winter wear and digging out summer fashions. Hmmmmm, now what still fits?   To celebrate the warm weather, I decided to update my toque wearing winter Design-her Gal before the website shut down.

            so out with the old ……….

Winter Boomdee

In with the new!


I hope you had an opportunity to visit there after my original post, and a big thanks to Katherine at Pillows Ala-Mode for the heads up on the site.  Sadly, I’ll be surfing for a new site come fall.  I’m really going to miss Design-her Gals 😦  but I’m glad Petals and Blossum are still here and I’m still rocking the aqua sneakers. They’re too cool for school!

Boomdeeadda Wish

Do you have a card for your Blog?

If so, feel free to share it in comments 😀


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

35 thoughts on “Too Cool For School

    1. Thanks Sarah, I know I’m bummed that it ended. Maybe someone will pick it up. It’d be a biz opportunity for someone for sure. We’re almost ready to go, thanks so much for the wishes! 😀


    1. It’s getting totally silly isn’t it? I was telling Alys, on Saturday it was bright and sunny and we were driving along thru giant snowflakes in gusting winds? Very weird indeed. Thanks for your message….I’d be sharing the sunshine here, courtesy of Napa, San Jose and San Francisco….Wa-ho!


    1. Thank’s Laurie! I will take some with. It’s nice to have when I’m asking permission to take photo’s for the blog. Either a winery or antique store or private property or really anything. It’s hard to remember how to spell Boomdeeadda if you’ve never visited before. Do you have a card for ‘Pride In Photos Photography’?


    1. HI Betsy!! Thank you, you’re such a sweetheart to say. Easy to look cute as a cartoon, LOL. We are counting the days now. Went shopping to see if I could find something new to pack, bought 1 sweater…..dang, I’m a terrible shopper.


    1. I’ve offered mine when asking permission to photograph at the antique malls or art gallery or public places or faces and I also send them with my mail and to anyone you’d like to invite to your blog. It’s easier than telling them how to spell Boomdeeadda 😀


  1. Boom-D, don’t forget to pack a couple nice sweaters and a jacket. It will get cold in the evenings. Especially if you go into the city and are down by the Bay.


    1. Good too know, thanks for looking out! We are staying in San Francisco for 4 days. It’s blowing like crazy here and snowflakes are flying and we’re off to the theatre, so we are well seasoned, HA.


  2. I want those aqua converse sneakers of yours so badly! I have tons of Nikitaland blog cards, and although I sometimes think I should just stay with one design, I change it all the time, as my mood changes to freshen up the cards. I pass out my blog cards to everyone I see. I think our whole neighborhood has my card.


    1. That sounds fun Val. Why not have more than one? I’ve made these to tuck in the mail or give to someone when I want to take a photo for my Blog, that kind of thing. We don’t really know anyone downtown so they last a long time..HA. Hey, I just saw the new spring converse sneakers somewhere. They’re half sandals/half runners and they were Aqua. Might have luck finding these colours now that it’s getting close to summer. Well everywhere but here, it is suppose to snow today 😀 I’m laughing because I’ve gone insane xK


      1. We were surprised this morning when it snowed here. I cut the grass yesterday in cold weather on Friday around 43 degrees, and on Thursday it was 84 degrees. Now today it snows. Weird weather, eh? I do love those aqua tennys!


        1. I hear ya on that one. We sat here watching it snow this morning and just looked at each other in shock. All I kept saying was “I just mowed the lawn yesterday”, geez! Enough already Mother Nature!


    1. Oh shot Marlene! Had you paid for the download where you get one small PNG and one Large PNG? I can help you via email if you want to get it on your site. It’s very easy, simply renaming PNG to JPG so WordPress can get it.

      Thanks for all your support and lovely messages xK


  3. Oh, I love the new look and hurray for good weather, sunshine and open windows! You’ve had a long, long winter.

    Those Capris are adorable. Do they come in real-women sizes or only cartoon?

    I do have a card for my blog, but nothing nearly this fancy. I ordered them through Vistaprints.


    1. Hi Alys!! It’s way more fun shopping in cartoon land, everything fits and looks great HA.

      I spoke too soon on the weather thing, after a few nice days. Todays forecast, ‘winds 40-60 km/hr with snow’…..I’ve jinxed it, DANG you mother nature!! (shaking fist in the air). I thought your card was really cute and fresh 😀 you sent one with a gift xox Hey, guess what? Treasured memories JUST got Knee Highs…I’m soooo ahead of the game 😀 smooch! Thanks for spoiling me xK


      1. Hurray for Treasured Memories. Now you can accessorize with anything I missed.

        Oh I do like cartoon land! Sign me up. 🙂

        Bummeroni on the weather Boomdee. I’m shaking my fist in solidarity and will try not to blurt out today’s temperature. Suffice it to say, you won’t need your umbrella on your visit.


  4. I don’t have a card for my site, but am totally working on getting one. Yours is SO cute, I really love it! Let me know what new sites your find in order to design a cool card. I will also share anything I find with you!


    1. Thanks GJ, I totally will! Design-her Gals may be picked up by someone new…I hope. But it didn’t sound promising. There’s a cartoon maker APP thru Facebook called Bitstrips. I have to re-read the usage agreement. It does let you download one so that might be an option.


      1. I will check that one out! I have also just put up a post about a new Sewing and Quilting book that raises awareness for heart disease in women! Part of the proceeds go to The Heart Truth. So, if you were interested in getting into sewing, this book may be a good one to try since it’s for such a worthy cause.


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