I Think Mommy Will Be OK Too

Sometimes we’re together,


Sometimes we’re apart,


 One thing is certain,

we’re always in mommy’s heart !

Always In My Heart

I just realized I’ve never been away from the kitties for more than 7 days before.  I know they’ll be fine, but I’m not sure how I’ll manage, LOL. I always miss them something terrible.  At least I’ll have Alys’s kitty cats to snuggle up. They won’t know what hit them, 😀 When we had Buddy, we’d drive him over to Camp Brinx, who offer kennel free dog boarding. It’s a giant log home in the country with 5 acres fenced for fun and play.  Buddy just loved it there and if you’re in the Edmonton area, we highly recommend them.


We’re so relieved to have found a gem of a sitter for Petals and Blossum too!  That’s always been the hardest part about leaving. You can’t enjoy your holiday if you’re worried about your pets, can you? Those of you with pets will totally understand the angst about leaving our furry family in the care of others.  

Petals & Blossum Love The Sitter

Cindy of Pawsitive Attention, exceeded our every expectation.  Petals and Blossum obviously adored her too.  She emailed us these photo’s while we were away. It’s the happiest feeling to get a picture of your kitties snoozing in someones lap when you’re thousands of miles away. Cindy left cute mats under their bowls and wrote us a lovely message to find upon our return.

Pawsitve Attention

Other things a sitter may do for you is: water plants, pick up mail and turn lights on/off. I’m pretty sure she vacuumed our house too (no kidding!).  I know how much hair would be around after a week and there was none to be found. It goes without saying, Cindy has our highest recommendation.

Can I Come?

Not long to go now and with our pets in good hands

I think mommy will be ok too.

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44 thoughts on “I Think Mommy Will Be OK Too

    1. Oh gosh, now I feel really guilty. Lucky Zoey to have such a good daddy….don’t tell Petals and Blossum HA.

      Actually, we’ve gotten pictures of the girls sleeping on our pet sitter, sooooo………….don’t know, I think I miss them more 😀


    1. Thank you Rob! We’re in love with them both. We put soft paws on Blossum today just to be sure she wouldn’t be naughty and she immediately pulled off three. What can you do?


  1. I know exactly what you mean Boomdee. I often wish that I could give my cats a call whilst out at work just to make sure they’re okay… imagine if they answered!!
    Your sitter is a gem and it’s nice to know there is someone to look after the other little things too x


    1. OMGosh, you’d probably think you were being robbed if someone answered the phone when you were at work, LOL. “Bella speaking, meow” =^o^=

      Maybe when we move we’ll invest in a nanny cam. The pet sitter can switch it off and on, some of them let you talk to your pet….HA! Thanks for your visit, Cheers xoK


  2. Lovely, lovely post. I know you’ll miss them as we do when we travel. It makes a huge difference when you have a caretaker you know and trust, one that truly loves animals and will go the extra mile…or meter.

    I was just thinking about you out on the deck with Mighty Mouse draped over my shoulder, purring away and offering tiny kitty kisses. He’s all yours while you’re visiting. A lot of the B&Bs have resident animals as well, including cats and dogs, so I’m sure you’ll find company throughout your journey. The Divas will be so happy to see you when you return. If we have time, I’ll take you to the cat store in Los Gatos (where else!) for kitty treats.

    See you soon!!!!!


    1. Mighty Mouse is such a snuggle puss 😀 He just seems to have such a funny personality and it makes me laugh even more since he’s really only ‘visiting’….giggle. I Can’t wait to meet every one of your crew. xo

      Cat stores and Scrap stores, it sounds like a Boomdee theme park! OMGosh, ‘see you soon’ !! Music to me ears 😀 If I recall, our San Jose B&B has a dog so we will shower him with love. Thanks for stopping by especially on such a busy weekend. Good luck with your home project my ((( dear ))) xoK


      1. You picked a good B&B then! Hurray for you.

        He does have a fun personality. He’s happy that we’ve set up the deck furniture so he can resume his favorite place on the settee. He can peak into the kitchen window as well, and ‘chats’ with me in the morning. So darn cute.

        Boomdee theme park. You crack me up. We are peas in a pod and I like it.


        1. Hehe, that does sound cute. We had some little girls living next door for a while at the lake, they each had a cat. They’d come and sit in the window boxes and squish down my flowers. It was almost like I planted cats, HA.

          Yep, peas…..pod…the 2 of us ❤ ❤ true that xo


        2. LOL That is such a cat thing to do. Oh, thanks for putting that here just for me. Some of my bluebells are squished for the same reason. Good thing they’re so darn cute.


  3. I so understand how you feel leaving them.But by the looks of things, you have found a gem of a sitter. Which she lived closer to me♥ Have a great trip and enjoy yourself immensely!!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.


    1. Thank you every so much Laurie, Cindy was here for the pre-visit and our kitties were on her purse like mad because she visits other clients too. 😀 See you in California!


    1. Are you off to the Ukraine? I remember you talked about a trip home. We’re overjoyed with the gal who’ll be visiting, but you still worry. I just hope they don’t do mischief since we rent here. Happy travels Kat!


  4. You will all be fine for sure … that doesn’t mean thoughts won’t turn towards one another though. I remember leaving my son at age 2, with my folks. I told them they would have to lie and tell me that he missed me … he could have cared less!! 🙂


  5. Aw, I’m sure they’ll miss you, but so great you found a sitter you can trust. That is my greatest fear when travelling, who’ll take care of the pets???? I usually give them to family as I’m blessed to have them near me, currently. I’m sure you are so excited about your trip! Cute pics of your cats, by the way, especially the one where they are sitting on the cat tower together.


    1. Lucky you to have family that’s able. When we lived at the lake, my friend and neighbour would help or her daughter, who was going to college would just come over and study to keep them company. Unfortunately my brothers have pets of their own. Our pet sitter Cindy is just a doll and we are really thankful for her service.

      I just grabbed that photo on the way thru the living room one day, happy accidental ‘awwwwww’. Thanks for your message GJ, Cheers 2U!


  6. NICE! A good pet sitter is priceless. Especially if you have ever experienced an irresponsible one! Those kitties shall be in good hands.:) Too bad we can’t take out pets everywhere, though, huh? I miss my babies every Thanksgiving, Christmas, vacations….


    1. Hi Leilani, you know we did have a disappointing sitter before we met Cindy. She missed scheduled emails and I got so worried. We weren’t even sure if she came everyday, we came home to a shredded cat food bag and had to phone her several times to retrieve our key. I was just sick about it imagining what went on. We never had a moments concern with our current sitter. We just knew at the pre-interview that she was entirely caring and thorough. It would be so crazy to travel with cats…LOL but I agree, I miss them to bits 😀


    1. OMGosh, I know what you mean. I really miss them and wonder if they miss me. Every day when Mr B comes home from work, Blossum or Petals usually follow him around and I can hear Daddy ask them “how are you”. I think we miss them more and can’t wait to get home to them no matter how fun the holiday is.


  7. I could never leave the dogs, I would miss them too much. I would miss our night time ritual of snuggling with Nikita between us, then she returns to the end of the bed and flips over on her back. Priceless. I am glad though that you found someone to look after your sweetie pies, that has to be a good feeling. Those photographs of them together are so beautiful and I love that photo of you and Buddy. Hugs to you! 🙂


    1. BOOM-squeZEEE! That’s your hugs been sent back to you 😀
      Nikita must take up a good part of the room LOL. It’s hard to not have that company every night but how would you ever see the big ol’ beautiful world unless you tear yourself away.
      Buddy just loved walking in the forest, he’d go a little far up ahead and daddy would whistle and he’d come bounding back. We had a little snack on a blanket that day…we miss him xox Thanks for your sweet message Val xK


      1. Yes, Nikita takes up a good part of the bed, but she started sleeping with us when she was little and she always enjoys snuggling with us. We will always make room for her. We don’t take any vacations, just enjoy time off in the back yard. Dogs become such a huge part of our lives and they are always within two feet from me no matter what room I am in. Their love is endless.


  8. It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing your pets are in good hands when you’re going to be away – you actually can RELAX and enjoy your break from routine then. We have a wonderful place for Sam when we take our vacations and we know no matter what, they will spoil him rotten while he’s in their care – just like he’s spoiled at home! Love the photos – and hope you have an incredibly FUN time!!



    1. That place sounds awesome for sweet Sam. You’re so right, it allows you to relax and enjoy your time away. Thanks for the complement on the photo. I was just walking by the living room and saw that they were sharing the top view and quickly grabbed my camera…little munchkins. 😀 Thanks too for the holiday wishes, we’re so close now I can hardly believe it! Have a wonderful day Pam and whisker snuggles to Sam 😀


  9. Petals and Blossum are sooooo gorgeous! I wish I could come and mind them! Totally get what you are saying about making sure your pets are going to be in good care when you are on holidays. I used to fret terribly but now my Mum and Dad (aka The Givers) come and mind our zoo. I think the animals are now a tiny bit disappointed when we come home because The Givers give them a lot of love. Great luck to have a wonderful sitter. All the best for the rest of your holiday preparations – so exciting!


    1. Petals and Blossum are blowing kisses, mwwaaaa thank you! The Givers probably get just as much out of their good deeds as you little furry family (your zoo, ha) gets from their generous care. That’s an awesome win/win. You know your pets are well looked after when you’re met at the door by indifference, like “oh hi, you’re home”. Thanks so much for your holiday wishes! Have an awesome day Down Under!


  10. Oh my goodness! I am getting excited now! Can’t believe how soon you will be here!! When I first met my husband, he and his son lived in a house with two kitties (Sapphire and Big Man looked a lot like your cuties) who were brother and sister. When I first went to visit, the kitties liked me instantly (which helped to win over my future stepson) and I was the cat sitter whenever the boys went away. I had never been a cat person before that & had always been really allergic to cats but for some reason these two never gave me any problems allergy-wise. When Sapphire got sick years later, I was the one who gave her IVs & I was the one who held them when it was their time to leave this earth (the boys couldn’t handle it) I love to see pictures of Blossum & Petals-they take me back to my sweet kitties XOXO


    1. HI BETS! Get ready, set…..here I come 😀 Thank you for sharing that sweet story. You were so strong to care for Sapphire at her time of need. I’m sure the boys would wish they could too and happy for your strength. I was told as a little girl that I was allergic. But a boyfriend bought me a cat when I was 20 and I’ve had them every since. I think my parents just didn’t want a cat 😦 I’m so flipping excited now, I just can’t wait. One week from today, I’ll be running to Alys’s door to knock her over with a giant hug!!! (leaving Mr B in my dust, HA) xoK see you soon BRMB ❤


  11. Oh, so sweet. I think they will manage the separation. We -humans- make a lot of thoughts about it, I think animals stand it better, they know you will be back soon 🙂


    1. Thank you Kha, I’m pretty certain you’re right. I wonder if they just sleep thru the whole thing? It might only seem like an hour went by for them :D. Right this moment, I’m trying to type this with Blossum standing on my left arm, purring and giving me headbutts….LOL All this hair just can’t be good for the new laptop 😀


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