A Day In May – Encore

Have you ever met a kindred spirit?    This past year, Alys and I have woven a friendship so dear.  At first by messages shared on our blogs.  Soon we were Facebook friends, exchanging snail mail and then planning a get together.  It’s really been a little bit of magic to add sparkle to life.  I look forward to our virtual chats so much.

Last November, I wrote “A Day In May”.  It was my heart making a commitment to a beautiful new friendship.  I guess I would describe it as my personal ‘Field Of Dreams’ .  But instead of a ball field, it was a poem.  Today, I can happily report that dreams really do come true. 

A Day In May – Encore

There is a gentle beauty

someone I admire

a heart of gold, she makes me smile

a friend who all desire

Alys & Boomdee

She lives in California

a land where palm trees sway

we met here in a garden

it’s spring, there’s sun, it’s May!

Tiptoe Thru the Roses

Just like a garden fairy

who’s wand makes small things grow

she brightens life in every way

Alys makes my smiles glow

Welcome Boomdee 

Our visit’s been a blessing

we’re having so much fun

Just want to take this moment

to say hello to everyone!

Alys & Boomdee


A Day In May,  Encore 

Written by Boomdeeadda

Performed with heart by Alys and Kelly



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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

30 thoughts on “A Day In May – Encore

    1. Thank you so much. The roses are just beautiful in California. I guess we’re here at the best time. We first stayed in Napa and they are so prolific, the air carries their heavenly scent everywhere. This patch was at Great America.


    1. Thank you for reading and your sweet message. Tonight was our last evening for THIS visit but already looking ahead.:D It’s all been too wonderful for words.


  1. What a wonderful team … and look how the two of you have impacted so many. I knew when I came to read this post that folks would be so happy for the friendship you have crafted! Enjoy!


    1. 🙂 We were marveling over a cup of tea yesterday about the amazing connections to be had via the internet. We all hear about the negative events that transpire via the web, but little is shared about the phenomenal connections to be found in the blogging community. Some days I pinch myself. Boomdee is truly a kindred spirit. I just can’t get over the fact that our friendship emerged through our blogs, written in different countries, miles apart. She is everything you see here: warm, clever, creative and kind, fun to be with, inspiring, lovely. She has beautiful eyes, a kind smile, and a genuine love of animals and nature. Her charming spouse “Mr. B” gets occasional press on her blog. He is also everything you could imagine.


    2. Thanks for cheering us on LB. I know how you have special girlfriends to celebrate life with and understand how much these friendships mean. I feel like I won the lottery! 😀


    1. Hey thanks Will, we were just talking about you today as we sat together on Alys’s sunny patio. We were agreed that we enjoy the magic you create at Marking Our Territory and admire your ability to put a smile on our faces with every visit. You make it all look so easy, and inspire in many ways. (i.e.. go run, have fun, smile, laugh, play) BTW, I think we make a great team too 😀 xo


  2. These photos are so happy, they put a smile on my face! A couple of weeks before your trip I sent you a “Bon Voyage” card which might not have gotten there – it had two cute owls on front and I named them “Boomdee” and “Alys” and at the top it said “Life is SWEET!” These photos reminded me of that card…I hope it will be waiting for you when you return. I am so glad there are still people in this world who realize the joy in making friends via writing! Have a wonderful time!


    1. Omgosh ((( Julia ))) how dear of you. I’m sorry I missed your card before I traveled. I can’t wait to find it waiting for me at home. That was so thoughtful of you xo. It’s been great to get to know you. I really admire you in so many ways. Your writing is engaging, your spirit uplifting, your faith unshakable and your heart welcoming. I’m so glad you’re part of my day, I always look forward to hearing from you. xK


    1. Hi Katherine and thank you for your wonderful message. I’m know I’d love to come again I hope to have Alys and her crew a guest in our city in the future when her boys are able to manage on their own. We’ve had an awesome time.


    1. Aren’t the roses amazing? The photo was taken at a theme park we visited Sunday. Roller coasters, screaming, laughing and I think I cryed once LOL 😀 I hope they didn’t mind us tip toeing thru. It’s been wonderful, thanks for visiting T and T, I’ll be catching up just as soon as I catch my breath.


  3. What a simply beautiful tribute to a best friend! Nothing is better! I am so glad you found each other! Here’s a great big {{{HUG}}} from me to you & Alys!


    1. awwww thanks for the big (( hugs )) Valerie. Alys is a great hugger and we’ll be happy to hug in your honour. Hopefully we’ll be just relaxing in the garden this afternoon and we can make a photo for you, it’s been a happy, action packed two days. I feel right at home in every way, I feel so very lucky. xox K


  4. What a great poem of friendship Boomdee! Looks like you and Alys are having a magic time there in sunny California. It’s always wonderful to spend time with a kindred spirit…..!



    1. Thanks so much for all your support and cheer Pam. I always look forward to you and Sam visiting and to see what’s happening in your beautiful world. I met a cat named Mouse (yep, that’s his name) at Alys’s and he’s white and orange too. He’s a real character and I think Sammy might really like him. We’re off to a tea house today, the fun never seems to end. Have a great day! xK


    1. Thank you so much for visiting. It’s been so fun and seems like we’ve known each other always if you know what I mean. Today we’re off to a tea house, spit spot 😀 (that’s a Mary Poppins tribute)


    1. Hiiiiiiii Betsy xo,Thank you, it was awesome to spend time together at the Island and lunch. Sorry we weren’t able to hook up last night, fingers crossed for today. You are adorable and I already have a post in que so yes yes yes, we need a photo op together with your craft it forward. Alys did get a good one of us on her camera, I couldn’t figure out how to send it to you from an email she shared, remind me though 😀 Later tater xoxoxo


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