Boom Box Four – I Love It Here!

Good Grief, I know you must be rolling your eyes by now 😀  So many BOOM Box’s showing up.  I promise, I’m going to take a wee break, RIGHT AFTER I surprise Betsy, come join us in the garden.

The Betsy Boom Box

Since I was coming to San Jose, I brought the forth BOOM Box with me. I made it bright and full of colour especially for lovely Betsy.  I got to know Betsy thru Alys and we’ve already had lots of laughs along the way.

Meet Betsy!

We’ve just had the most fun while I’m here.

Cartoons via Bitstrips

You might have read my post a while back about Journaling and since I’d never made one from scratch, I thought that’d be a fun project.  They’re very popular right now in the scrapbooking world.  There’s lot’s of beautiful kits and preprinted paper to help get you started.  I had fun snooping around Pinterest for inspiration.

Pinterest Journals

I settled on a collection of papers by Simple Stories that was all funky with Peace signs and flowers.  Are you digging it man? Channelling my old hippie vibe, this is what transpired.

Now that I’m on the fourth BOOM-Box, they’re getting easier and easier to make.  One tip I’ll pass along is to build the sides first and trace the interior onto scrap paper as a template for the box bottom.  I’m getting the perfect fit doing this.  For more details, visit the original post here.

Betsy's Boom Box

If you’d like to make one of your own, here’s a couple of close up’s.

Something to share. Favourite quotes perforated on the sewing machine.
Include something to share. Favourite quotes perforated
on the sewing machine.
Tie ribbons to the Journal Rings, Pockets to hold memento's or tickets
Tie ribbons to the journal rings and add a pocket to hold memento’s or tickets
The White template will help Betsy place her photo's
The white templates will help Betsy place her photo’s later
Included items to help Betsy personalize her Journal
I included items to help Betsy personalize her Journal

It’s just been the most fun getting to know these ladies!  Sorry Mr B,  I may never want to go home 😀


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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

36 thoughts on “Boom Box Four – I Love It Here!

    1. Mwaaaaa, you’re a doll to say so. I had the best time making it and had it as carry on so it won’t get smashed in my luggage. It was a real treat to hand deliver to Betsy who I got to know a little before I when and she’s as adorable as could be. I wish I could’ve done that for everyone 😀


    1. Hi Sheryl, thanks for that nice compliment. We’re on our way home tomorrow morning. We’ve been in San Francisco for 4 days at the end of this trip. Big City, lots to do but I’m a small city girl and while we’ve had fun, I’m missing home and my kitties.


    1. Oh Marlene, you do spoil me so 😀 xox Tonight was our last evening in San Jose. It’s been a dream. Alys is just someone so special, one in a million 🙂 I could gush, but you probably get the sense of her beautiful nature just by visiting her posts and catching her visits here. It’s remarkable how we’ve met, thru WP. This community we all share leaves me speechless at times, I feel so lucky to have connected with so many wonderful hearts, you included. Thanks for being here Marlene, it means a lot.xK


    1. Thanks Gj, Alys and I were just talking about you today. Your fab sense of style and how you pull seemingly unrelated fashion tidbits together to look so cool. We were in Anthropologie and I bought a great ‘A’ line skirt with clouds and birds on it and Alys bought a very cute vintage inspired top with a little pendulum, capped sleeve and sweetheart neckline. I should have taken a photo because it was perfection on her. Thanks for your lovely message and for being so inspiring too. Not sure if you have Anthropologie there but you’d love it. Here’s their link


  1. (Sigh) you’re soooo creative Boomdee – as well as Boom Boxes they’re also Heart Boxes filled with love, friendship and so much WoW!


    1. Oh PJ, you are my Grande Finale…..I’m thinking and thinking for the perfect PJ concoction 😀 I feel a tad guilty since I love to play with paper and get just as much joy out of making things and giving. But you are a doll to leave such a tender message, mwaaaa.


  2. I Do love my boom box so much and now I can watch my video over and over to catch more details that I didn’t even see yet. You are unbelievably amazing! Even the way you put the video together was creative and I LOVE THAT SONG! Parenthood is one of my favorite movies and I was so happy when that song started playing. You always know the perfect thing to do and make and I just love you to pieces. Not especially fond of that picture of myself but you look adorbs and I am smiling so big because of my box and my Boomdee and Alsy and that garden which always lulls me into a trance like, relaxed state. Thanks a million times for my fantastic box (so lucky I was able to get in on that craft it forward-I better figure out who I am making mine for (after I finish Dad’s book, that is).I hope your visit continues to be fabulous like you and you enjoy the mysteries of Sarah Winchester! HUGS and smooches!!!!


    1. Bets, I’m so happy we had time together. I really love that song too, HA funny. Darn, I think you look positively cute in this photo but I will try and get a different picture from Alys, she took some too, I want you to be OVERJOYED every time you visit your special post, stay tuned for update xoxo. I picture you looking thru your sweet dads album together, he has a giant smile on his face and your holding hands……he is speechless because you’ve done such an amazing job of it 😀

      You’re every so welcome and thank you for joining in on the craft it forward mayhem. I’d love to see what transpires from your creative heart, please post to FB if you can. Alys and I have only just said goodbye after a perfectly wonderfully evening together with our hubby’s. I was strong until I entered the lobby and fell apart. As Meryl Streep says to Robert Redford in ‘Out of Africa’, “I am better at hello”. BIG Hugs, see you next time xoxo


    2. Mwaaaaa, Betsy. You’re now a member of the “Boomdee spoiled me” club. I want the world to join, but we don’t want to wear out her creative fingers. Such a beautiful book and a video to properly show it off. Bets, you look great and so does the Boomcreator. You are far too hard on yourself.


  3. Yeah man, I can dig that. You are picking up those groovy California vibes already. Boom Box Number Four is OUTTASIGHT!!! Seriously, you are amazing. Thanks for brightening so many lives. You may be one of those people (as I am) for whom California will always be an adopted second home for your soul! HAVE FUN!


    1. LOL, YOUR outtasight!!! Julia, you’re so fun. Thanks for making me laugh first thing in the morning and for your kind message. I could live here in a heartbeat. Everyone has opened there hearts so wide to welcome us. Alys and her whole family have been so generous with their time and I can’t wait to share some of our moments here. I know you would fall head over heals with her. Yesterday we were enjoying her front patio when a neighbour was going by with her gorgeous and friendly Setter, Alys popped up to retrieve her jar of dog biscuits which just made me smile SO BIG, because she doesn’t have a dog 😀 See what I mean. I can’t wait to catch up at your posts too Julia, thank you so much for coming by. xK hugs to you.


    1. Thanks so much and yes if we aren’t in the middle of a hug, we are making memories all along the way. I wish you all could get an ‘Alys Hug’, there’s nothing better to make you feel like the most special person.


  4. “HELLO” My Name is Val! Your Boomie Boxes are getting better with each one you make! I am sure that Betsy just loved her box! The details are amazing! There are so many things on this box that I love! Enjoy your day! {{hugs}}


    1. HELLO, you’re so cute 😀 Thank you for all your kind and sweet messages Valerie. I had just as much fun making it as it was to present it. We’ve been here, there and everywhere just having a wonderful time. I can’t wait to have some time to write all about it and share some of the fun. I wrote this post b4 I left home. I promise to catch up on your Blog when we find our way to San Fran xoxo.


  5. Could never tire of your Boom Boxes – they are beautiful and so thoughtful! Lucky Betsy! What a wonderful trip! You’ve done an amazing job with such lovely posts while on holidays.


    1. Thank you T&T, I hadn’t made a journal before and had fun thinking up ways to add a page. It was so fun to be able to give it to Bets in person. Alys also did a Craft it forward for her that was so so cute. I don’t want to give it away as I’m certain she’ll want to post too. Isn’t it a wonder how WordPress brings people together? I’m pretty behind on visiting posts but will catch up at home, I so enjoy your writing and photo’s (Cat Appreciation Week…snicker) and your fab sense of humour 😀 and of course your adorable critters. Cheers!


  6. Oh I know she was thrilled to see the Boom Box…’s incredibly gorgeous and so very personal – who doesn’t like to receive things like that from a super good friend. You’re spreading sunshine in sunny California with your gorgeous craft work!!! Lucky ladies are your friends……I’m sure they love having you visit as much as you’re loving California!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam sends one too!)


    1. Awwww, thank you for your message Pam, how very sweet. Betsy is just too cute and her girls are adorable too. Alys hosted us all for a visit in her beautiful garden. I just don’t want it to end 😀 Thanks for the hugs too. Alys has 4 little kitties who are able to hang in the too because they have a ‘Cat Safety Fence’ set up all around the yard. It’s a type of netting above the fence that doesn’t let them climb out. I just love that. xK


    2. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. The visit has been fabulous in every way, right up until the inevitable goodbye. Tears were shed but promises made for our next live get together. Boomdee is everything you can imagine and more.


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