My Cup Of Tea

What could be more girly than dressing up

and planning lunch with girlfriends?

boomton abbey

If you’re lucky, these girlfriends are the Milner sisters. Be prepared to die laughing.  With a degree in theatre at SJSU, Alys had us all decked out in wigs and lashes.   Oh yes, it is a necessary part of the day!

Milner Sisters

The hilarity began at Alys’s. See, the trick to getting your hair up and out-of-the-way is to have a pantyhose on your head, THEN you put the wig on.  Let me tell you, I barely made it thru this process without peeing my pants 😀 You might also enjoy the benefit of a temporary face lift when you pull it back because it’s so darn tight.

Wigging Out !

Once all glammed up, off we went to  ‘Lisa’s Tea Treasures‘. Alys as a scrumptious strawberry blonde.

Two Lumps

Sharon as a raven haired beauty and Boomdee went for the Mad Men short flip.

Boomdee & Sharon

It’s fun to be treated so regally. I decided to order ‘The Royal Wedding’ tea, a delicious champagne and raspberry flavour, served in my very own tea-pot.  It’s really enough for two. Alyster, do you take milk?

Royal Wedding Tea

You’ll enjoy your tea with a plate of pretty sandwiches made to order.  We’re all vegetarians and they were so lovely to accommodate us with ease.  Every delightful morsel, from tea to lunch to cakes is served on pretty china.

Bon Appetit!

Soooooo, do you remember when Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction at the Superbowl Game?  Well nothing that tragic, just that my wig was crooked by the end of it all and my pantyhose head scarf was showing. Tres faux pas.

faux pas: is a socially awkward or tactless act, especially one that

violates accepted social norms, standards or rules of etiquette

When Alys kindly tried to pull the wig forward, it came RIGHT OFF!  We laughed so hard I was crying (but my new eyelashes did stay on).

OH Sweet Alys,

A Sweet Treat

You are my cup of tea!

More Highlights From My Trip

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44 thoughts on “My Cup Of Tea

    1. Ya, why wait for Halloween? We’re grownups! We can play dress-up whenever we have the notion 😀 You’d be good company with the Milner sisters. With Alys’s theatre background, their pro’s. Since the tea outing, they’ve dressed up again for a groovy 70’s event! They’re just the best kind of friends to spend time with. Cheery, witty and generous of spirit. I adore them!


  1. I hope you had appropriate accents for the day – that would have been really funny as I know you read my comments in a English accent! I love the tea service and wish I could have been there with you as you looked like you had SO much fun 🙂


    1. Oh actually, I decided I was ‘Betsy Draper’, Betty Drapers nicer sister (do you watch Mad Men?) I do seem to break into a spontaneous english accent at The Pyjama Gardener and any time I’m reading anything about Downton Abbey LOL. Although it’s probably pretty bad really. You know how they made fun of Madonna for having an accent after a while? That’d be me for sure. Once, I was helping a client at work who had an english accent and accidentally started to have one too…she asked me quite suspiciously, “where are you from?”…..gulp, hehe. We did have so much fun, I wish you could have been there too xK


    1. Thanks a bunch Laurie, my whole visit was so much fun! I’ve actually been nursing a bit of a funk since I got back. Holidays end and getting back to the everyday thing left me feeling blah. But I have a lot of photos and will get to it soon.


    1. 😀 and there were so many to choose from too. I always love the packaging tea comes in. The tins at Harrods were define. This little tea house was quite posh, but then again so were we, LOL 😉


    1. HA, have you ever seen Raquel Welch’s wigs advertised? Very sexy. I think Dolly Pardon wears wigs all the time. I don’t know how she can manage. My head was glad to wear it only for a short time. We really laughed like mad, wish that was on video…OMGosh what a scene.


    1. Oh there were glimpses of refinement and the hint of poshness then it all ended in boisterous laughter and wig mayhem. We’ll played the ‘ladylike’ card and trumped with ‘pish-posh’ !!! 😀 The daintiest things at the table I’m afraid, were the sandwiches. The whole guffa transpired in the parking lot, so we left in a heap of hair and tears (of laughter).


    1. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard for a long long time. Till tears roll down your face. I think I even snorted once. LOL. The whole trip was just so great it was hard to leave. I feel so lucky to have connected with Alys, I know we’ll be life long friends.


  2. I read your new post early this morning on my cell phone, and couldn’t wait to get to my laptop so I could really see the photos. What a blast you had. I wish I’d been in that tea shop to see the 3 of you howl with laughter after your wig malfunction!!
    Such a fun time you and I both had on our recent trips … and they were so different.
    You went to Lisa’s Tea Treasures and I went to SBB.


    1. You said it, LOL. But that’s the cool thing about WordPress. I get to connect with people I might never come across in life. Sure I don’t have a bike or tattoo but I know a good time when I see it. Likewise, you know how much fun a great girlfriend get together can be…..tada! common ground 😀


  3. Hey Boomdee that’s a great look for you! And what a fun idea; who needs Halloween for dress up? That wig business reminded me of a very funny woman I used to work with at a department store in the 70’s. She was a grandmother who wore a rather obvious wig, and when it would get itchy, she would just stick the other end of her Bic pen up there and scratch away! You might try that next time to avoid another faux pas…or would scratching under one’s wig also be a faux pas? 🙂 Never mind.


    1. Isn’t it funny how putting on a wig changes your look entirely. I thought I looked so different. Your work friend had the right idea. Those old Bic Pens were handy for that. When I was in grade 5, I broke my wrist playing football and ended up with a cast. At school it was so itchy, I stuck a pen in there to scratch but the lid got jammed in there. I few days later , I had to confess because it started to hurt. They had to cut the cast off early and found I had gotten an good gauge in my arm from the sharp Bic lid and it was infected. I still have a scar there. LOL, I got in trouble for that.


      1. Oh my goodness! I’m glad you came clean about it before the infection had you losing an arm! I have never had to wear a cast of any sort but I imagine it would be miserable. Worse than a wig! I couldn’t have done much with my old Bic pen caps because I chewed the heck out of them (gum wasn’t allowed in school). Many years later I read neurological research that said chewing helps some people think. I thought, AHA, no wonder!


    1. We really did Clowie, thank you. It’s a bit of a lost art, serving tea. Most of us just put the kettle on or ‘gasp’ microwave some hot water. It felt very ‘Downton’ for the afternoon with all the special china and finery. I don’t know if your bipeds are watching, but we just love that show. Hope your weekend includes a cookie or two.


  4. Oh it’s lovely to let your hair down (or put your hair on!) with a bunch of “the girls” sometimes…..La-De-Dah’ing in a tea shoppe with pinkie in air, giggling the afternoon away with good friends. It recharges our batteries! Looks like a beautifully served (and yummy) tea!



    1. “or putting your hair on” LOL. You know, I tried to find a vintage wig picture for my post and was really surprised at how many ads from the 60’s there was. Seems like it was all the rage. I actually used to have an annual tea at our lake home years ago, I’ll have to look for those photos. It’d probably end up as a ‘Funny Hair’ post, ha, the 80’s were crazy. Thanks a bunch for your message Pam! Hugs to Sammy!


  5. What a fabulous post about a very special day. We sure had fun! You really captured the energy of the day with your words and pictures. I was hardly even aware of you taking them and yet here they are, sharing our wonderful day. Mwaaaaaaaa…xox to a special, special Boomdee.

    I think we should make this an annual event. What says you?


    1. Oh an annual!!!!! xoxo (((( Alys )))), might we really? I think that’d be fab x 1,000,000. I still laugh when I think of that wig coming off. How horrifying for anyone else going by…LOL. You’d think they served us up some booze and not just tea, but nope. Just high on life :D. You and Sharon made it so fun. I just love you both so much, it was a wonderful day and week…oh crumb, now I’m dripping tears in my morning joe….I miss you xoxoxo


      1. Next time, I want to tag along! I am not a big fan of wigs (they make my head hot) but I bet you two (and Sharon) would make it so much fun!


        1. ((( Betsy ))) you will certainly be with!!! My head was itchy too. That’s probably how my wig got off set, too much scratching, LOL. Maybe you should be the strawberry blonde next time 😀


      2. What a coincidence…we love you too! 🙂

        It would have been funny to someone passing by. We were in our own little world, weren’t we? That wig looked so perfect on you…they would have thought something had gone terribly wrong. I was a crazy redhead trying to scalp you in a parking lot. The hug was just a ruse to steal your lovely Mad Men locks. Today, Canada seems too, too far away. Feeling wistful…


    1. Say What? Marlene, not even for Halloween? 😦 Well, I highly recommend it since the getting ready part is a riot. We seemed to do it a lot when we were kids. My friend had a whole trunk full of her grans stuff like dresses, shoes, purses and of course hats. I remember going door to door dressed up, selling crabapples LOL….


  6. What a wonderful, girly lunch! It looks like it perfectly recaptured the magic of dress-ups and tea parties when we were younger! Those dainty sandwiches are making me salivate! Yum! Yum! What a fun time you had with Alys!


    1. Thank you, you’re so right T&T, it’s just like playing dress up. We all wore our favourite colour. Alys in Green, Sharon in Purple and me in an Aqua Skirt. OMgosh we laughed. One of the sandwiches was pecan creme, when are you ever going to do that at home? Do you have such a place in you community?


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