Warm California Sun


As you heard, I took a trip

down California way.

With my ladder, map & sack,

in Alys’s garden I spent a day.

 A magical place copy

A special place you’ll all agree,

it almost seemed like home.

Much bigger than my Kingdom,

still I never felt alone.

Just like home!

Eeeek!!!!  I’d never seen one of these before!

A GIANT peel got in my way.

Geez, what on earth would eat that up?

Luckily, I didn’t see one that day!!


I started to get a little worried,

but spied a good resting spot.

The view was grande, the water crisp,

I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Oh yah! This feels great!

All refreshed, I set my sites

on pumpkins far away.

When suddenly I saw a Mouse,

he said, “come on Alyster, let’s play!”

Let's Play!

“Sorry Mouse, I can’t play today!”

I said, adjusting my little cap,

and sang a sweet Irish lullaby

so Mouse would take a nap.

Sleepy Mouse

With Mouse asleep I started off,

the earth felt warm on my feet.

I couldn’t  see where I was going,

but the purple flowers smelt sweet.

Mmmmm, these smell nice!

Suddenly there was a clearing

I was getting closer with every stride.

But I had to be quite cautious,

open field, no place to hide.


Running quicker than a rocket,

I arrived at the pumpkin growing spot.

I set out my handy ladder,

they were taller than I’d thought.

 good thing

I’m so glad I had made this trip,

I was having so much fun.

I just loved Alys’s garden

and the warm California Sun.

Great Garden Alys!

An Original Poem By Boomdeeadda

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

34 thoughts on “Warm California Sun

    1. OH, maybe I’ll check that out next time we’re around. I thought San Francisco was a good spot for 4 or 5 days but we’re not used to the busy streets and crowds. We had great weather so it was a nice start to spring for us.


    1. Thanks Sarah. I found myself alone in the garden as Alys stepped out to pick up her son from school. I took a few pictures and this is what transpired. It was such an awesome trip and a real life adventure.


      1. So funny, I read your comment exactly how you meant it and didn’t even notice the typo….I make so many, I think I’m immune. LOL
        Thanks for your message Leilani 😀 I never heard that one before but sounds like a good pretty good thing. HA!


    1. Oh you (hand wave past face), as Seuss would say:
      “The writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.” I like his style 😀

      Thanks for the nice compliment LB.


  1. What an amazing poem – and the gorgeous cats are just the icing on the cake of this great post! You are a talented poet – it’s such a hard thing to do. Can’t stop giggling at the “I think it’s this way” picture! Loving the San Jose fun!


    1. Thanks so much T&T! The black kitty is Slinky, I remember your’s is too! She reminded Alyster of home because our Petals looks just like Slinky Milner. The other kitty, Mouse is such a charmer. He’s actually a neighbours cat that mostly lives with Alys and her family. He even sleeps over. He’s just the cutest guy with a loving demeanour. You might have just read Alys’s post (it’s the link at the end). He get’s so much loves and hugs so why not stay…LOL. It was fun to photograph Alyster wandering around the garden, our sweet Alys had step out to pick up her son from school. I sure miss her and all the joy I found in San Jose. 😀


    1. Thanks for that Julia! That my first .GIF action file. I planned it while crawling around in the grass. Alys had stepped out to pick up her son from school, so I amused myself (and maybe a neighbour or two). Hugs xK


  2. I love that garden so much too! Your rhyming abilities are so good! So many talents packed into your sweet self. I totally remember Mouse being all squished up in the perfect spot and out like a light. XOXO Miss you!


    1. Betsy!!!! mwaaaa!

      I don’t know what it is about rhyming, it seems to all be in the timing. No matter what I try to say, it always does come out that way! LOL

      Really though, you’re so sweet to say such lovely things, I miss your smiling face and have looked back at your own Boomdee Post many times. xo I’m glad we have FB and I get to snoop around San Jose every night to see what you’re all up too….I miss you too! ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Oh what fun to see my garden from Alyster’s perspective…and of course yours. Great shots. Is that a gif toward the bottom? So clever you are.

    I love the poem and the way you’ve worked in all the great pictures. So darn cute. Boy, Mouse was passed out when you took that shot. LOL.


    1. Hello sweet garden matron! I wanted to shared a wee bit of the magic that is ‘Nirvana’ (from a Gnomes POV, HA) I wish I could visit this afternoon! It’s thundering here, the skies are black and we’re going to get a storm. The rain will be welcomed but I hope there’s no wind.

      Yes, that IS my very first GIF, I got all these shots when you went to pick up C from school. Mouse might have thought I was nutty crawling around in the grass 😀 The sleepy picture was from when Betsy was visiting later. He’s so darn cute.

      Slinky thought we were very suspicious too, LOL Luckily Alyster’s used to black cats. It was all so grande! You really made us feel so so welcome, I can’t wait to host you back one day! Love you Lots xoxo K


  4. I’ve been AWOL for a while but have just spent a lovely time catching up with your adventures in San Jose! The little gnome looks like he had fun too and I love the pictures of him running through the grass 🙂 Welcome home Boomdee x x x


    1. Hello my dear! Yes, I’ve been wondering what manner of mayhem you’ve been busying yourself with. Nothing but delight I hope. Thanks so for stopping in, lovely to hear from you. The picture of Alyster in the grass is my VERY FIRST .gif 😀 Alys had to step out to pick up her son at school so Mighty Mouse and I crawled around in the yard……well, until Alyster sang him to sleep of course 😉 LOL.


  5. Oh what a delightful poem and “ode to your California adventure” this is!! I’d say everyone really loved this trip you took, wouldn’t you? Photos are really great – what fun it must be to have a gnome to travel with…… 😀

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy (and his Mom)


    1. Thank you so much for joining in the fun Pam & Sam. I hope it was fun for all my favourite visitors big and small 😉 I saw some other traveler’s with Gnomes of their own on this trip. I’d like to see their photo’s too. Maybe I should Google?


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