In France We Bid Adieu!

Once, there was a bridge right here,

but now there isn’t any.

“How will I go see my friends”?

Fretted a kangaroo named Penny.

Hello, I am Penny

“I’ve come to far to turn back now,

I’m going to a dance.”

She said with a sweet accent, cause

Penny was from France.

She carefully hopped over

to a place where she could see.

“Just past that rushing river,

is where I want to be!”

I must get there!

“My tail’s long, my feet are big,

yet I’m not at all a swimmer.

Perhaps I should think on this,

at least till after dinner.”

I'm hungry!

Penny set way back on her big tail,

to see a sky so blue.

“Now is time to say good-bye,

in France we bid adieu!”

goodbye, farewell !

Hoover cursor over any photo to see in English!

Original Poem by Boomdeeadda

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

42 thoughts on “In France We Bid Adieu!

    1. Aw, Thank you Gj! When Alys and I snooped thru a local San Jose antique shop, Penny just jumped out at me 😀 I’ve been looking for a giant glass urn so I can put all my friends together…the hunt continues but for now, Pennies stranded on my mantel.


    1. Good morning Pam and Sam! Hope you’re enjoying some sun as we will now get some of that rain today.
      Thank you for your nice message! xK When I started to Fairy Garden I set out a challenge for myself that it would always be Blogged in a poem so that’s why it’s always like this. It’s kinda of a funny little thing for me so I’m happy you enjoyed it too.


    1. Thank you so much for that Laurie, this sweet little kangaroo came from France via San Jose. Alys and I snooped thru a cute shop after enjoying a coffee place on the same street. So, Penny’s extra special to me and I can’t wait to make a permanent home for her.


    1. :D,Welcome, how is your fairy garden growing? I’m not sure how long Penny will be here, she’s off to a dance soon but I’m sure she’d love to tell you all about Paris. I hope you can go someday, is very beautiful. Thanks so much for visiting with us Marlene xK


  1. Penny! We’ve been awaiting your debut. Aren’t you the sweetest. That river sure looks cool and refreshing on this hot day. Maybe you can jump over it, letting your sweet tail cool off in the process. Mwaaaa to your sweet little poem, Boomdee.


    1. Oui, ma petite Penny! She’s finally come to say hello! I’ve redone my entire mantel today, more summery and sparse. I found her there resting and thinking about friends far away. A deep aqua blue, I’m sure that river would be so refreshing. I’m wondering if Penny CAN jump that far, I’ll have to keep an eye out 😀 Mwaaaa to new friends near and far, life is good!


      1. Mwaaaa to new friends near and far. That is a wonderful sentiment.

        I can’t wait to see your mantel debut. Your style inspires me daily. I can never get enough.

        I finally had some crafting time today and finished a third craft it forward. I have a fourth in the final stages so things are moving along.

        I hope you’re having a fab weekend so far.


        1. Sounds like my kind of day! I can’t wait to see your CIF’s (this is so funny but Jim’s watching a dreadful crime story show and I decided to listen to iTunes while I read mail and no lie ‘a spoon full of sugar’ is playing in my ear right this minute, LOL I have it on shuffle)

          You’re so good to me ((( Alys ))), Thanks for all your support and nice words. I tried to take some mantel photo’s but they weren’t coming out (wrong light) so I will see what happens tomorrow, earlier, when there’s less shadows. xoxo K


        2. Mary Poppins lives on. I love it! 🙂

          I’ll bet you have better light tomorrow. I was going to take pics tonight too, but reminded myself that they never come out.

          I love rearranging things. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. What would be do without holidays and season changes, Boomdee?


        3. LOL, I am the vignette queen. Yep, always re-arranging things too. I think some mad scientist divided our brain once upon a time 😀

          When Mr B first moved in with me, like most guys, he brought some tacky stuff and I remember saying to him, “that doesn’t work in my little vignette”….I had something put together in a corner of the room…isn’t that awful? Not too welcoming HA.


        4. LOL! I like the idea of a divided brain. You are so funny.

          Poor Mr. B. (NOT) He got you and your lake house (i.e. a lovely partner and a lovely home). I’m sure he never gave it another thought. It took me some time to convince Mike to take down the heavy tapestry from Argentina. Baby steps I tell you…


        5. Argentinian tapestries? WOW, maybe one of those things you see on Antiques Road Show where the guy who got it for a song makes millions! Honestly, you almost should go thru the negotiations before agreeing to the merger LOL? Well, it all worked out ok, no one’s ever died from bad taste, HA. I hope I’ve learned to compromise a little better of the years, but I guess you’d have to ask him.


        6. OH, and that big blue sky was me looking up from the green grass of your beautiful garden. Mouse was there, I’m surprised he didn’t tell you all about it 😀 hehe


        7. Cross my heart! I took a few. I had no idea why at the time, I’m weird that way. Now look 😀 I needed it!

          I can NOT see what you are seeing…Middle left? I’m crossing my eyes and everything! Feel free to screen print and circle it…cause I blind as a bat, HA


        8. You might know the answer to this. Mouse’s voice has been a tiny squeak for the past few days. He’s just as talkative, but it comes out sounding tiny. Very strange. Any ideas?


        9. Oh geez, I’ve seen some you-tube where dogs have actually swallowed a squeaker from a toy. I sure hope not. Maybe an allergy to something someone used in their garden or lawn for spring. Like his little vocal cords are swollen? Now I’m worried. One day Blossum’s voice was weird, all gurgling. We didn’t go to the vet because everything else, food, water, box use seemed normal. Then I think it was ok next day. Mmmmm, I’ll go Google


        10. Oh dear ((( Alys))) (((Mouse))) I guess your neighbour would not appreciate you taking him to the vet? (assuming they are ignoring it). Do you personally know a animal technician that could just swing by? Did you happen to see that clip I left on FB about a grass blade up the nose? xo I wish I could help.


        11. I did see it and it seems like the likely culprit. Thanks so much for sharing it. He roams all over the neighborhood. The new neighbors a few houses down are waiting to start landscaping and have a yard full of dry grass. It would be just like him to plow through there and get one up his nose. I’ll keep you posted.


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