Time Capsule, Boomdee Style

I’ve always been fascinated by Time Capsules.  The idea of tucking something away and not looking at it for years takes some willpower and commitment.  All you have to do is look at an old photo to know how quickly things become dated.  New car, now a classic. Hair style, very 70’s 😀

Time Warp

This year, a group will launch a time capsule into outer space,

via the Keo Satellite

A Time Capsule In Space

It’s programmed to return to Earth in 50,000 years. Wow, it’s even hard to imagine what Earth might be like in the year 52,013. In all likelihood we will seem like some crazy primitives, perhaps even a lost civilization.

Lost Civilization

If Fred and Dino could have left us a message, I wonder what they would have said? Yabba-dabba-do?  The cool thing is, the Keo Satellite team invite you to do just that. Click here  to have your message included on the Keo Satellite archives. Who knows, 50,000 years from now, your words might be heard by future civilizations!

In The Future

(media via Pinterest)

Here’s a sneak peak as to what’s happening back on earth, in the Boomdee craft room. Please pop back Tuesday to see all the crafty details.

It’s a Summer 2013 Time Capsule, Boomdee style!

Summer 2013 Time Capsule

What would you put in a Time Capsule?

More Capsule Fun

The Incredible Top 10 Time Capsules

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

20 thoughts on “Time Capsule, Boomdee Style

    1. Memories do seem more carefree from back when. That car had an 8 track and no air-conditioning 😀 I took it on many trips to BC and it was packed to the rafters, windows all down. Fun!


    1. NO kidding? This one’s a 75 I think…I don’t know, the years meld together. I had fun traveling to BC with all my summer gear. I had to stick my waterski out the window, LOL


    1. LOL, It seems like there wouldn’t be much treasure to display but who knows what we’re leaving behind. I picture Earth like that Pixar movie Wally….we are leaving a mess 😦


  1. I just wonder if Earth will be here in 50,000 years … after the way we treat her now, who knows! (how’s that for a little negativity?). I had not heard of the Keo Satellite … what a cool, and incomprehensible, idea!


    1. You might be right LB, you are probably being more realistic than negative. I think man might suffer a big set back between now and then and maybe regroup and be smarter next time. The Keo finders might not even know the language by then, LOL


  2. We’re so happy to have our own Boomdeeized time capsules to fill with memories of our summer. You are the best.

    Wow…50,000 years. I can’t begin to wrap my head around that. Sweet post, my dear Boomdee.


    1. Isn’t that just too far in the future to comprehend? I asked Google “what was happening on Earth 50,000 years ago and got some interesting info.

      Apparently there were Neanderthals scrapping out an existence of sorts between ice ages. It’s possible we’ll be a history lost to time too? Maybe it’ll be like 8 tracks. There’s all this music on 8 tracks but no one can listen to it since it’s old technology. I guess we won’t worry about it, LOL.

      I’m sure your guys are bouncing off the walls for school to be over. They probably didn’t anticipate another project but I’m glad they are excited to play along. Thanks for all your cheer, it was super fun to make for them. xoK


      1. Thank you! I’ve been showing them off to everyone. Sharon came by earlier today and couldn’t wait to see them. We’re both in awe of your talents. I’ll make it fun for them and one day they’ll be glad they did this. So much fun!



  3. I don’t even have to go back to the 80’s to be amazed at what time does! The trees and shrubs we planted 7-8 years ago have grown so huge I can’t recognize them. Take lots of photos, everyone, especially if you live with kids or other living things!


    1. So true Julia, thanks for mentioning that. Photo’s we take are each little time capsules in and of themselves. I guess that photo was actually the 70’s since it was a ’75 Camaro and was only 3 years old when I bought it, LOL time flies, I have to correct that. 😀


  4. Never thought of a time capsul especially one that will take 50,000 years. But I love what you are doing in your craft room. Especially the key and news print. I love that kind of Art. Looking forward to seeing more.


    1. HA, 50,000 years is pretty hard to fathom isn’t it? Given the age of the Earth I guess it’s not much time as far as science is concerned. There was evidence of man 50,000 years ago, during the beginning of a 4th ice age. Poor guys. Maybe that’s what they’ll say about us in the future, poor guys. Thanks for being here Marlene and see you Tuesday 😀


  5. When my family got to Canada, they expanded to the coast province by province. When i came of age, i made time capsules for each one of them and planted them all back before going back to the old country and changing my name. Time capsules are great, thank you for this.


      1. Just British Isles Heinz 57… i took the last time capsule up to the foot of the Pennines, as my g.grandmum was a sharecropper in the Highlands. Nobody, not even myself, could locate the capsules now… but i think it would be fun if they were accidently ‘found’!


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