My Pretty Porch

Living in a condo doesn’t give you a lot of opportunity to nurture your green thumb but I always look forward to the month of June.  June is when us northerners get all our planter pots prettied-up and set out for the glorious summer days ahead.

Northern Gardener


With that in mind, I diligently hit my local garden centre June 6th, planted everything with tender care and then waited for the rain to stop…..and waited….and waited some more (Alberta’s been hit hard).

More Rain

Last year, I went banana’s and the porch overflowed with GIANT pots of blooms.  So pretty but a little tricky for visitors.

Porch 2012

This year, I decided I’d pretty things up with a couple of craft projects and smaller pots.   I just loved this dainty ‘Teacup Bird Bath’ I got  at the local Farmers Market , but in typical Boomdee fashion, I smashed it to bits before summer even started 😦 By the way, FYI, this happens often and you should never take me into a china shop.  I salvaged the copper pipe and fitting so I could look for a new teacup.

oopsNaturally, I headed to the Antique Mall, but wasn’t able to find a well priced cheap one. So, I settled for this vintage planter at only $6.  You see them around all the time. Maybe storks, teddy’s and the like.

Vintage Booties Planter

A cute little cast-away from a long past, but special day. Worthy of a rescue? I think so and as you know, I just adore vintage. It can hold water, bird seed or even peanuts for a special friend.

Vintage softness

I used some Epoxy glue (water-resistant) to attached a copper cap to the bottom. Once dry, place it atop your copper pipe and add it to your garden. Easy-breezy!

Epoxy Glue and copper Fitting

 I can’t wait for a little feathered visitor to come by and wet their whistle.  For now I just hope it stops raining long enough to enjoy my pretty porch.

Boomdee's Porch

How do you add vintage to your garden?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

51 thoughts on “My Pretty Porch

    1. Thanks so much Wilma. Leave it to Alys to promote my Blog when I’m too dead tired, LOL. I’ve now taken one month off and feel a post coming on. Don’t birthdays come and go super fast after a certain (not to be mentioned) age? Gads, I was so horrified, I told someone at work that I was actually a year older….hahaha, who makes that mistake?


  1. Reblogged this on Gardening Nirvana and commented:
    The lovely Boomdee is celebrating her birthday today, and not only that, she’s celebrating in her new home. I’m sharing her post from this time last year, which coincidentally involves her pretty porch. We share a mutual love of sprucing things up, among many things. Happy Birthday, Boomdee! We can’t wait to see the magic you bring to your new home. xox


    1. Mwaaaaa, ((( Alys ))) You are the sweet one. Yep, another year! Wowie-kazowie, that went by fast. I opened all your beautiful packages tonight and had a lot of fun finding each thoughtful surprise. I will send you a pm. Mr B took me out for dinner and then we came back to the deck for another glass of wine. I spent the day packing up the rest of my craft stuff at the condo and between Mr B and I, we got it all home. I can’t tell you have happy you make me feel everyday and especially today. I’ve been going 100 miles an hour and just beat at night but hopefully will get back on track next week.

      Thank you for every sweet thing, the card and the gifts and for this too, I love you ❤ ❤

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  2. Hello and Happy Canada Day! (I would have commented on that post but there’s no comment section). I love Canada and I love, love, love the list!!


  3. Happy Canada Day Boomdee!! Muskoka Chairs and a Lake, that’s all I need. Although the sun would also be nice. Cloudy and rain on and off again here today. I hope it’s at least not flooding out in the west.


    1. Oh thanks so Much Laurie, you are really kind to come here to leave a message. I’m not able to be on line much in the next bit and turned off comments. I sure appreciate all your visits and support though. Take care. xk


    1. These cast-aways from the past are a little irresistible for me. I kind of fancy the fact that no one will have the exact same piece down the street or next door. Thank you for your nice message 😀


  4. I love all your beautiful flower planters, and the vintage shoes bird feeder/bath is just perfect too! I have a little vintage in my garden too, by way of a donkey napkin holder than my boyfriends grandmother gave me when I first moved to Mexico… it’s a little broken now, but it sure looks cute in the garden.


    1. Thanks Kathryn, I guess it’s a little to dry and hot to bother with planters down there? I have a real crush on Donkey’s. I was just telling another blog friend about this gal who has a Donkey named Daisy. She paints her hooves with daisies and braids flowers into her mane and they go deliver pies and pastries (like a snack truck but way cuter) How sweet your boyfriends grandmother was to welcome you with a little gift 😀


    1. It’s tricky to personalize a rental, but it’s fun to feel the summer vibe. I guess it would be hard to have the sun beating down on stuff year round. I never thought of that. We get a lot of sunny days, but really only two months are intense then back to boarder line, then back to winter…LOL That doesn’t sound too appealing, but it’s home. Thanks for your nice message Laurie!


    1. Thanks so much Clowie, the top pic is last year and the bottom pic is this year. I went with Pink/Yellow and white again but different flowers. I found these giant pink Geraniums which I love but don’t usually use. They’re doing really well considering the rain.


  5. Your photography is wonderful in this post!! I really like the rainy picture of the stairs / railings. The porch looks great, too! Here’s to sunny skies!


    1. Really nice of you to say. Thanks LB. I just took that photo last minute to add to my post. Maybe less planning works for me HA. I’m glad there’s colour on the porch because everything else seemed like shades of grey. It makes me sleepy, these rainy days, I’m like a cat, LOL. We’re going into some preemo weather for the next 5 days, Kawabanga!


  6. I had a blue booties container like that which had some flowers someone sent me when Drew was born. I moved it around for years but I think I finally got rid of it. You could probably find all kinds of “vintage” things in my garage and attic! Let me know if you want hundreds of old baseball cards 🙂
    but my son says he’s not giving up his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures!


    1. I hope someone’s enjoying your old blue baby booties, maybe in their garden too. It’s hard to hang on to EVERYTHING over the years. But that’s good for me, cause I come along and scoop it up 😀 Julia, make sure you get on the internet and investigate the value of any old Baseball cards b4 you ditch them. You may have a rare one and I’m sure they’re all very collectable. I know you don’t watch TV but I just love Sheldon on The Big Bang and he’s into collecting all kinds of stuff…so there’s no shame in it…your son’s in good company 😀


    2. I also think that I had a blue booties container like this one that someone gave me when one of my son’s was born. I wonder what ever happened to it. . .


      1. Ha, isn’t that funny. This one must’ve been for a little girl. I know over the years things go off to goodwill or garage sales. I sold all kinds of stuff b4 we moved too. Have to purge once in a while.


  7. Hi Boomie! You and I would surely be dangerous in a garden center, eh? Ever since I made my Cement “X” and “O” for our garden, I keep moving them to different locations to show them off. I had them in my flower bed, but now the flowers are growing all around them and you can’t see them, so I moved them to the garden area where our pumpkins are! I love what you have done on your porch and I can’t wait to see what you do when you finally find your forever home! I love how flowers make you feel so happy! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Val. You really know so much more about gardening than I. I only had a veggie garden once. I shared a dirt patch with a neighbour and the only water had to be hauled in pails from the lake….great exercise but the darn Canada Geese ate most of it, LOL. What they didn’t eat they poo’d on. Lovely.
      I like moving things around too. It’s like creating a little vignette in the garden, it should be changed often. My little porch garden is just enough to prune and preen on the way in or out. Deadhead this or that, sweep, sprinkle water…done! It’s kind of nice to not have lots of yard work but definitely puts a smile on my face!


  8. I love those ceramic shoes, or porcelain, what ever! SO shiny and cute!!! I hope you are drying out over there. I was stuck to the news for days and I have friends and family that were nearly affected. Porch looks great! you are so creative!


    1. Hello Sunshine-all-day-long 😀 I think these little vintage baby planters are ceramic. But probably only washed/used once so ‘just-like-new’ The art deco, paper label is even still on.

      There was an insane amount of rain yesterday here, I even checked the sump pump to ensure it was working. Total downpour for 2 hours, Lots of flooded underpasses and a few neighbourhoods in the valley. Nothing like down south. OMgosh. It’s actually been raining almost everyday in June, the skeeters are going to be soooooo bad. Today was finally sunny and bright 21 C and by Monday they are saying 30 C so heading in the right direction.

      Thanks for your nice message too, I think it’s catching on. My next door neighbour put out two baskets too.


      1. eww, skeeters!! LOL. Yeah, they are going to bad! Raining all weekend here too. It sucks! It’s the long weekend for pete’s sake and I am having a birthday party for one of my boys and I need NICE WEATHER! Hope you dry out soon.


        1. Today and all weekend long NICE WEATHER! Or that’s what they are saying, who knows. I’ll cross my fingers for your son’s Birthday Party! Happy Canada Day Sunshine!


  9. Your porch looks so inviting. I wondered what you would do with the bootie planter. It would even look cute with some alyssum planted in it. I too am a bit of a clutz when it comes to fragile ware. But my sister takes the prize in our family, We call her the bull in the china shop. If she is in proximity, it’s going to break. 🙂 We love her anyway. It’s called enjoying life, not worrying about the small stuff. I’d visit your porch anyday. The rain is leaving here today and massive heat is coming.


    1. Well, aren’t we all in the same boat. Alys has admitted to having butter-fingers too, LOL I don’t exactly know what the deal with me is. I fall down a lot too. In San Diego I took a 1/2 gainer over my luggage and wiped out, then in San Francisco I mis-judged a curb and wiped out…the scars are adding up, LOL. I’m an accident waiting to happen. You’re sister and I could be pretty dangerous together. Happy to hear your rain is leaving town, ours too. Weird hey? Where the heck is it going? Monday is to be 30 C / 86 F……whoop, that’s hot!


  10. So pretty! I love your pink booties! Certainly a happy moment for someone and it will make the birds happy too! The weather here is crazy too! It rains almost every day! It’s terrible! The grass so squishy that it sounds like we are having “issues” as we walk and squeek! ~maria


    1. Hi Maria, thanks so much for your message. I’m sorry your weather’s been so wet. Us too. We’ve had a ‘once in 100 year’ flood in Southern Alberta that was very devastating. I think it’s rained every day in June plus they get all the mountain run off, really bad. It’s turning around today for 4 or 5 days of sun, OMgosh we are sooooo ready for it! 😀


  11. That’s just adorable….you know in that little planter’s previous life it probably held a little pink bouquet for a brand new little baby girl ! Turning it into a mini bird sanctuary either for water or seed was brilliant…….you crafty girl you!

    Pam and Sam


    1. Thank you, you’re probably right Pam. Maybe a sweet ‘Welcome Little One’ bouquet and now it will welcome little feathered ones (I hope). Have a beautiful day! hi Sammy 😀


  12. That is adorable! I love that you put it in the center of the larger pot.

    I break things all the time! It’s a wonder I haven’t severed an artery. So much alike us two.

    I’m really bummed about all that rain. What a long, wet month it’ been. Any clearing in site? Will hope for better days ahead. I’m off to snooze. Mwaaaaa


    1. M-O-U….S-N-E….R-M-W-Aaaaaaaa 😉
      Thank you Alys, it makes me smile every time I go by. Sorry to hear we both say “ooopsy-daisy” so often. I can’t figure out why it’s only stuff I like. My brain says “be careful” and my hands defiantly say “whatever”, LOL

      We got heavy, heavy rain yesterday. But it’s now turning around with a forcast of 30 C by Monday. So Yippy! Hope you’re have lots of fun! hugs xoK


      1. LOL…’my hands say whatever’ That made me burst out laughing!

        Gosh, those rains won’t stop. I’m glad it warmed up at least. Will it rain on and off all summer or is July a drier month?


        1. Usually July is totally gorgeous. All green from June rains, Long days and typically 24C – 27C maybe even 29C or 30C some days. I guess we’re a couple of months behind a lot of northern US states. April showers are June, Summer weather is really July & August……bring it on! xo


        2. I hope you have a wonderfully warm weekend away, then, since July is just around the corner. It never really cooled off last night, so I knew we were in for a scorcher. I chased A/C all day: brunch out with the boys, then at a client from 1 till 4:30. Now I’m back in our hot house, sharing the one-room A/C with M.


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