It Might Be Contagious

What would summer be without all our beautiful gardens?  Even though I had pretty perennial beds at our last home, I always looked forward to filling a plethora of pots with a fresh combination of colourful annuals.

Hastings Garden

While we’ve lived at a condo for two summers now, I still enjoy filling our little porch with as many pots as I can possibly fit out there.

Garden Maze

When our company arrived this past weekend, they laughed and said, “it’s like navigating through a garden maze”.  I chuckled, “awesome, that’s exactly the look I’m going for !!” 😀  As I looked around the complex, I noticed gardening isn’t for everyone. Some people just don’t get it, do they?


Bland and Dull

Don’t they know how much fun it is to look out your window and see flowers instead of  boring, bland and dull concrete?

A Boomdee View

Maybe they can’t imagine how fabulous it is to stop and admire your pretty pink Snapdragon’s in the sunshine or smell the Sweet Alyssum on your way by.  Once a gardener, always a gardener!

Stop and Enjoy the Bouquet

This is something new this year, it’s called Lemon Slice.  I think it’s like a heavenly ray of sunshine.

Lemon Slice

Since I’ve planted up our porch, I’ve noticed my nearest neighbours have done the same. We’re like a ‘Garden Gang’, hehe.

The Boomdee Zone

There’s absolutely no guessing about where I live when you arrive here.  Just wander on over to the Boomdee Zone.  We’ll be the neighbours out watering, preening and chatting on our colourful porches.

The Neighbours

My neighbours have now caught the garden bug (and Bee’s). Geez who knows, if I hang around here long enough, it might REALLY spread. In fact, I think gardening might be Contagious.

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently design for Paige Taylor Evans and The Hip Kit Club. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

46 thoughts on “It Might Be Contagious

    1. That’s so awesome Harold. I can’t imagine life without them either. My sister-in-law is a florist and does amazing, original and beautiful arrangements. She’s such a talent. But I also like field flowers growing naturally in chaos or a bramble of cottage flowers you can cut and bring in and place in an empty jam jar. Whether a peasant or a queen, anyone can enjoy flowers in their life. Thanks for your visit and thoughtful comment.


  1. It’s spreading all the way to Seattle! I have a bee in my bonnet (envision that) to spiff up my front porch again. I’ve done it in the past, but let it fall by the wayside when other things showed up for fixin’. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. It’s coming to an end here actually, by late September we are a done deal since we’ll probably have had a frost night by then. I’m finding this break from yard word kind of liberating but at the same time, I just have to hit those garden stores in the spring. Is it contagious or an addiction really? HA, maybe another post there. I guess your garden season is much longer down there, I bet you get Vancouver weather…maybe the odd snow but more ‘winter-rain’? I’m glad you found some inspiration here, I really owe you some 😉 No doubt you’ll be gardening in some crazy awesome fabricated-from-junk thingy-ma-jig…..will watch for it xK


  2. well that should be contagious!! So pretty. That lemon slice flower is pretty darn cool. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing that anywhere around here. Won’t it be fun to see who all follows suit next year? you should keep a tally. The pots look beautiful.


    1. We had really, really hoped to move by then but a house we were scheduled to see tomorrow accepted an offer today 😦 This is so disappointing, I’ll have to drown my sorrows in flowers. Thanks for your fab message sunshine, if by some chance we’re still here, I’ll update.


  3. This reminds me of my first town home garden. I only had a postage-stamp-sized front yard and no backyard. I filled that tiny space with as much color as I possibly could. I, too, don’t understand how folks can live in a plain jane home, of course my porch is purple, and so is my front door, so I’m into color big time. I’ve posted pics on my blog if you want to take a peek. Search on purple porch.a glad I found your blog.


    1. Thank you every so much! I know what you mean, you have to get more creative when you have less space and I could never live in one of those sterile environments void of colour. I spotted your fab porch photo’s on your home page. I was trying to figure out what colour you were now, LOL Have you updated it from Yellow to Pink to Purple? Very fun and colourful! I loved all the co-ordinates too, the pillows and rugs. Will be back soon to see all your loveliness. I know a couple of other ladies now in Virginia. You’re all so nice! There’s the lovely, lovely Julia at Defeat Despair and amazing Laurie at Life On A Bike. Both are wonderful and supportive women, I think you’d enjoy them too. Thanks for being here.


      1. I will have to check them out. My porch went from purple to yellow–that took a lot of spray paint–and then back to purple because I loved having a purple porch. I will keep it purple for fall and add orange and gold pillows and will stick with purple again for winter. I will add gold and silver or gold and black for the holidays. I’ll definitely check out the blogs you recommended. Thanks so much.


  4. What an amazing example (and positive impact for good) you are!! The neighbors are so lucky to live near such vibrance … In the flowers and the gardener!


    1. Many thanks to you for your positive words of cheer, so so nice. You always are so kind and supportive LB. The honest truth is, “I’m the lucky one”. Hope your travels are golden and the road kind for you today. Where is adventure taking you today?


    1. Ha, thank you so much but hopefully we won’t be here long enough. We’ve been house shopping for two years and going to see another on Tuesday (it’s a long weekend here). Fingers crossed


  5. Ha! I love it! Way to be the forerunner. This gives me hope. Parts of our street are not plain–they are just downright nasty. Here’s to the garden bug making it here.


    1. What I’ve found is you just never know what kind of secret garden hearts reside behind closed doors. I’ve met more people while just out watering and tidying on the porch. It’s harder downtown, people are very transient. Not like the burbs, where you might have a neighbour for 25 years.
      I understand, it could be that times can be tight and it’s an extra expense. Or if they’re young couples, they just might not know how to start. Maybe a garden club would initiate interest?


    1. Welcome Cody-Cat Chat and thank you so much for coming over from One Spoiled Cat! I just adore Pam and Sam. Thank you too for your super message. It’s pretty compact but for now, it makes me happy to have a porch to fill up with blooms!


    1. You are more than welcome to wander by any day, all day xo! Thank you for the nice compliment too! I find you can’t help but be happy to arrive home when the porch is overflowing with summer goodness. I’m totally in the Zone these days. Your kindness is a gift I cherish, thanks for every thing Julia xoK I imagine you’re busy with your new grand baby so extra hugs for being here too. 😀


  6. Have to say the lemon slice is my favorite, but it’s yellow, so duh! 😛 I always find it funny that when you’re different, you can end up starting a trend. And I’d much rather see beautiful plants then dull concrete any day! I much prefer the Boomdee Zone 😀


    1. The Lemon Slice is a slice of heaven for sure. They’re not as big as regular Petunias but there seems to be more of them on one plant. To ‘deadhead’, I just give it a little shake to knock off any dry ones and sweep them away. Easy Breezy 😀 There’s a number of very pretty public gardens and some businesses have gorgeous pots around too. Summers so short here, “Let there be colour !” Thanks so much for being here.


        1. Thank you! The Bumble Bees are in my neighbours container garden. They are cute aren’t they. As you can see these Condo’s are rather dull without some colour, so gung-ho I go! Thanks for stopping in 😀


  7. So beautiful Boomdee!! I would have done the same thing – created a meandering path through the garden of pots and flowers to my door no matter WHERE I lived. Who needs a front yard when you can have abundant blooms in beautiful pots! The Lemon Slice flowers are gorgeous….very cool and “lemonade-ish”……Good for you beautifying your neighborhood – who knows – it might spread beyond your next door neighbor!

    Hugs, Pam


    1. HI Pam and Sam! “There goes the neighbourhood” kinda takes on a whole new meaning when we’re spreading garden joy. I’m really happy when I see the big ol’ pot of Lemon Slice, how could you not be? It really doesn’t take much to cheer up a porch so maybe it’ll catch on. Thanks for swinging by and your cheery message too xK


  8. Hey Boomie! I love those Lemon Slice flowers – they are beautiful! You definitely started a Boomdee Zone for sure and your neighbors have caught the Boomie Fever! It’s about time people, get those blooms out on your porch and make the neighborhood beautiful! (just watch out for those nasty deer that sneak in at night and munch them all down) I will be more than happy to share some of our deer with you! Awesome post Boomie! 🙂


    1. HA, if a deer ever pranced in here, it’d make the evening news. Plus, I’d be totally stopping downtown traffic for it’s safety and then I’d be the news. I did see a coyote in the river valley once though. Thanks for swinging by the Boomdee Zone, it’s purty over here. 😀


  9. I love it! You’ve started the gardening trend along with happy places for birds and bees. Well done, well done. So true: once a gardener, always a gardener. Gosh this post really made me smile. Those lemon slices are really something else and what a clever name, too.

    Your pots are stunning and absolutely thriving. Wish I could pop over for a cool one and a chat.

    By the way, is that first photo your home at the lake? It’s lovely, where ever it is.


    1. Thanks so much (( Alys )), It would be totally assume if you bounced up the stairwell, I’d probably faint LOL. I’ve been feeding them twice a week with Miracle Grow and it gets a ton of sun out there. Some days I have to water the railing pot twice because it has so little soil.

      The first photo is the Lake House, back porch. The house was painted Bordoux (deep burgundy) with two tone teal awnings. I’m heading there today to visit with a friend, I’m tempted to take new photo’s of the old place. I’m told they’re totally ignoring yard work 😦 So sad.

      Thanks so much for your splendid message! You’re adorable. xoK


  10. I love going through neighborhoods, looking at the yards and seeing the flowers that neighbors have shared!
    Your porch is beautiful! How could anyone not want pots of color on their porches and in their yards? Beyond me!


    1. I think that’s so fun too. To see all the landscaping ideas in other yards is just like free entertainment for me. I think many of the people in here are renting professionals and have no time or maybe no interest either. Just us 4 in a row…zing…flower POWER! Thanks for skipping by!


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