Smile Napa! You’re On Boomdeeadda!

When you think of Napa, California, what comes to mind?  Wine of course.  That’s a big draw for tourists in the area and there’s no shortage of excellent tour selections, should you wish to partake.  We chose Platypus Tours and were thrilled with our guide.  She was cheerful, knowledgable and a delight.  The day included escort by air-conditioned van to four wineries and a vegetarian lunch el’ fresco.  You’ll travel with four or five other couples and have a great time.

Napa Wine Tour

We chose Platypus Tours because they are also a big supporter of the local animal shelter and they post local adoptable pets on their vans, BRAVO!

Platypus Tours Love Pets

But Napa has so much more to offer.  The weather in May was especially warm this year.  We left snow at home to arrive to temperatures in the high 90’s. The roses blooming in abundance, is enough of a reason to plan a spring visit. They’re simply stunning at every turn.  I posted this rose filled video during our stay.

Napa Roses

We chose to stay near downtown to afford us the opportunity to walk for dinners and shopping. The tree-lined streets are filled with gorgeous historical homes in all shapes and sizes.  I couldn’t decide which one I loved more.  Each home, with its detailed trims, corbels and beautiful gardens was better than the last.

Historical Napa

Historical Homes In Napa

Of course we hit the local antique mall.  I saw a number of things that I would have loved to have in my craft room.  Especially this old Medical Cabinet.  I forget the exact price, somewhere around $300.00.  Would you spend that? I totally would 😀

How Can I Get This Home?

Then YIKES, this guy freaked me out!  These spooky little dolls are always bad news in the movies…”just keep moving Boomdee, don’t look up !”

Freaky Vintage Doll

You won’t want to miss a stop at ‘Sweetie Pies’.  I hope you aren’t calorie counting, there are just too many temptations to resist. It’s a scrumptious little spot.   Each table had a darling garden bouquet.  Located in a vintage inspired market, it’s the perfect stop to relax and recharge.

Sweet Pies Napa

I thought the colourful hanging chains made with cupcake liners were oh-so-cute.

Paper Cupcake Chains

I really liked that, the majority of the merchants downtown are still a ‘door-to-door-shopping’ experience. It affords you the opportunity to enjoy a day of window shopping and still be outside in the brilliant Napa sunshine.  Along with all the irresistible  gardens, historical homes, nostalgic shops and awesome restaurants, you’ll also be charmed by the friendliness of the locals. Like these guys I met along the way. Smile Napa! You’re on Boomdeeadda!

New Friends In Napa

What’s your favourite thing about traveling?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

44 thoughts on “Smile Napa! You’re On Boomdeeadda!

    1. Thanks Cindy! Where did you stay when you were in Napa? Man oh man, you really got the traveling bug bad. Lucky for us, because we can travel from our sofa’s and enjoy the pics 😀


    1. I actually haven’t really seen the movie but have seen enough of it to know I would be under my TV blanket the whole time, LOL I actually have a Baby Secret Doll from my childhood that I’ve kept and she whispers when you pull a string and even she’s a little freaky now that I think of it. HA 😀 Thanks for all your visits too!


  1. OMG, this is right in my back yard; and I’ve never been to the antique mall in Napa. And those homes are absolutely gorgeous. I think I’m going to have to schedule a little road trip this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!!


    1. We hit a tri-fecta with San Francisco, Napa and the best part, San Jose. You can travel quickly between destinations and there’s so much to see and do. I’m already planning my next trip!


  2. I feel so HOMESICK seeing these photos! When I saw the cupcake-wrapper chains, I thought, “I miss California!!” Thanks for taking me back for just a few minutes!


    1. Awwww, I can see why you’d be homesick. What a fabulous area to be able to visit and even better to reside near by. We drove thru a few other towns one day and stopped for sodas, cookies and shopping. It was all so leisurely, really enjoyed it. Thanks for your nice message Julia. 😀


  3. I’ve been saving this post so I could really ogle all of your photos and enjoy the tour myself. 😉 So glad to hear you had such a wonderful time! The houses really are lovely and charming. The antique mall looks like it was full of temptation, too, as they always are…sellers are getting very smart about merchandising these days, aren’t they?

    Though I really feel you should tell us more about the wineries and their offerings. Just saying. 😉


    1. LOL, I guess you’d enjoy that tour then! I had fun chit chatting with everyone and roaming around the grounds, the wine is a nice little bonus. Actually was great to walk around, petting the cats or dogs and enjoying the gardens since we left snow at that time. Thanks for joining the tour and your fab message too Jen!


    1. Thanks Lea, we really did. I guess if you go in late summer, the grape vines will have tons of fruit and probably better photo’s but we’d probably perish in the heat, LOL. Thanks for stopping by and visiting Napa 😀


  4. I would never have left the town. The old homes are just my style. Advertising animals that need a good home is such a wonderful thing to do. You’ve got some wonderful pictures and I certainly enjoyed my virtual visit. The dummy looked an awful lot like Howdy Doody at first glance. He was my first introduction to television in 1953. And I thought he was cute then. Since I don’t watch horror movies, that vision stuck. But wine, sweet treats, bunnies and shopping, how much better could it get? Loved this.


    1. It’s so tempting to move to California! If only 😀 We had a great time. Besides being to Coronado Island has been one of our favourites, now I have Alys in San Jose and Napa for a side trip. Lots of small towns to explore in the area but I’m glad we stayed in Napa. I never watched Howdy Doody but I know who you’re talking about and you’re right….no freckles, but they could be freaky cousins. Thanks for your sweet message Marlene xK


    1. She would really love it. There’s so much to see and we even took drives to nearby towns. They’re all in the valley and close together. We stayed at The Whitehouse Inn. A gorgeous B&B, close to Downtown but on a quiet street.


  5. Well, you were a good girl not tasting at all of them. but this mama loves her grape♥ I loved the history, the vineyards and architect of the winery buildings I didn’t have time really to tour the town..sigh. I just loved this post…thanks for sharing it with us.


    1. LOL, Laurie you’d have been in good company. The folks on our tour took great advantage of every stop. The Tour Company can arrange to ship 12 bottles to any State in a styro box for a very reasonable price so people bought wine as we went along. Unfortunately we are allowed only two bottles duty free and shipping is madness so we bought two and drank them on holidays. The scenery though and laughs are we’ll worth the price.

      We were there for 3.5 days mid-week and it was really calm and quiet in the B&B. We left Saturday when the place was full up and much busier, so I’d highly recommend a mid-week visit for leisure and relaxation. Thanks so much for coming by!


  6. I can’t believe you got a photograph of a bunny inside a car like that! Now that is nuts! I agree with you on those dolls – – very creepy. I have always hated that Chucky doll as he killed everyone in the movies. Dolls are bad, very bad. Great photographs though and I have been to Napa too and definitely indulged in a glass of wine or two, or three! Enjoy life to its fullest! 🙂


    1. That was a ‘Hey that bunnies in a car!” moment. His family were on their porch not far away. A really warm afternoon for everyone and maybe too hot in the house.

      I’ve never seen the Chucky movies, I’m far too much of a chicken for those. But I think I saw an old Columbo or maybe Matlock where some guy who was the killer had a doll that would tell him to do evil things…oh man, that’s where the ol’ TV blanket comes in handy. I just cover my head, LOL.
      When were you in Napa hon? Did you do a wine tour? I didn’t even drink at the last two places, it’s a lot for one day. That’s why it’s good to have someone else drive you home ;o) Hope you have a fab day in your beautiful garden with you boys and thanks for starting your day with me xoK


    1. My hubby would totally hi-five you on that one. He’s all about planning from one nice dinner to the next and enjoying a nice bottle of wine.

      I tend to enjoy wandering thru neighbourhoods, capturing ideas for a future garden and hopefully seeing the odd pet to snuggle up along the way because I’m always missing mine when we’re away.


      1. We love going into food shops/markets/supermarkets in the different countries – it really gives you a taste of the culture. Of course you would be looking for ideas throughout your travels 😉


  7. Ok, so I’m in agreement with the “creepiness” of that doll! I’ve seen one too many scary movies with one of those in it! Leave it to you and Alys to find the animals on whatever journey you make. Really nice shots of the various homes as well. Thanks for the mini Napa tour ;0)


    1. What? You don’t want to be a Spooky Vaudeville Ventriloquist next Halloween? LOL, I’m glad I wasn’t chewing gum when I spotted him, I would have swallowed it for sure. They had him on a high shelf looking down, oh man…they’re frightening. It’s so true, I have random pictures of animals from where ever we go. I never miss an opportunity to greet someones dog or pet a wandering cat.
      The homes all were so fantastic in this area. Although, I’m sure high maintenance with all that detail. Their gardens were a dream. Thanks for coming to Napa with me today. Miss your smiling face! Love & Hugs K


  8. What a fabulous post!! I’ve been talking to friends about going to Napa and your trip sounds perfect. I love walkable communities, wine, history, and food! The photos of the flowers and the historic homes are wonderful.
    I’m off on Part 2 of the 2013 Bike Trip! So glad to see your post pop up in my email before leaving.
    Take care!


    1. Thanks for your nice message LB ! You and your friends would have just an awesome time. We stayed at ‘The Whitehouse Inn’ (another post sometime). It was just fantastic and the Inn Keeper a doll. She threw us in her van to run us to a restaurant one night and gave us a little tour. She made all our tour calls and reservations. Breakfasts were so big, I never finished everything. Their gardens are beautiful and they have a solar heated pool. Free Wi-fi and home baked cookies greet you in the lobby every evening. There’s fun day trips to near by towns too.
      My thoughts are with you as I hope you have fab weather and carefree travels. Looking forward to sharing some of your adventures along the way. See you on the blacktop! Take good care.


    1. Thanks so much Pam, we really got spoilt on this holiday. Every moment included something I couldn’t wait to share with you all. Those chains were really fun and talk about economical decor. Their cakes were really adorable, they do a lot of weddings and birthdays too. Hugs to Sammy too xo


  9. What a nice visit! I felt like I was along on the tour (without the bubbles) 😉

    Look at all the cute animal shots! Is there more to the story of the bunny in the car? That was unexpected. If I had a craft room, I would by that cute cabinet in a heart beat. Adorable…and so you, too. Sorry you had to leave it behind as I’m sure it wouldn’t fit in the overhead compartment.

    Okay so that doll totally creeped me out too. I’m holding my hand over the picture so I can concentrate on the other side.

    Has it really only been three months. It already feels far, far, far too long. See you in the fall I hope!


    1. You are so darn close to Napa Alys, you could totally go nab that cabinet but I’m sure someone is just loving it already. If you and the hubby ever are looking for a fun day, I’d consider it.
      All the critters were snapped on one walk, amazing as it seems. The little bunny was a conundrum. His peeps were sitting on their porch, it was a really warm afternoon and they just had bunny in the car with the door open 😀 Probably so it wouldn’t hop away but could be outside? The cool pooch was with a guy at Starbucks, loved his hat. The duck was just hanging on the grass near the river. I had to kind of Boomarazzi that squirrel, he kept sneaking away on me, LOL.
      HAhahHA! I hear what you’re saying with that doll. Whooooo would ever want that in their house? I’d never sleep again. I was just skipping along with my iPod, la la la and stopped dead with a fright…..!!!! SNAP he’s one spooky little dude.
      It seems like forever to me hon, I really hope we can see each other soon. I miss you tons. Thanks for being such a sweetie! Love you xoK


      1. Boomarazzi! You’ve coined a new word. You need to add another Page to Boomdeeada: A Glossary.

        Boomdee Touch


        We used to spend more time in Napa when Mike’s folks were alive and living in Calistoga. It’s been quite a while now. Love it there, though. I’m really glad you had a visit.

        I miss you as well, but feel more relaxed now that we have a couple of plans in the works. Can’t wait!


        1. Hey, I like that idea, ‘A glossery’ – maybe T-shirts too! ha
          I’m off to the Folk Fest today but have Jim held captive in the car tomorrow as we’re driving out to see Fran. It’s her 80th Birthday. So I’m going to look at the details and work on him. xoxoxo


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