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Seems like nothing much will be on the calendar for months, here’s my new Smartphone (I named it after my kitty) talking smack back in June. Well, what nerve !

Then all at once, one crazy weekend comes along and it’s Go-Go-Go. If only I had this vintage Anglia Super to zoom around in. Isn’t it just divine? Super compact and super-duper aqua…..beep beep, Boomdee coming thru.

Anglia Super Boomdee Style

Have you heard, Edmonton is known as Festival City? It all happens in two crazy months, also referred to as ‘Summer’ here in the north 😀  If you were so inclined, you could be busy every weekend in July and August. The possibilities are plentiful and include:

  •  Heritage Festival An outdoor festival of food, culture, art work and performances from over eighty-five countries thru-out the world
  • The Fringe Festival Ten days of live theatre from around the world including musical performances
  • The Edmonton Folk Festival Four days of live concerts, outdoors in the heart of our river valley.

Last weekend, I attended two days of the Folk Music Festival and the weather couldn’t have been better.  In fact, it was crazy hot Saturday.  Naturally, the Mr and I were seeking some relief and attempted to cool off in the beer gardens.  It helped momentarily 😉


This popular four-day Music Festival sells out quickly every year.  People arrive in the park early to claim a spot on the hill.  Later in the day, these blue tarp’s will be nothing but an ocean of folkies.

arrive early

When the sun finally goes down, the city lights of Edmonton’s downtown landscape look like Christmas in August.

A Little Night Music

On Saturday, Mr B and I had to perch our little chairs quite precariously on a sketchy slope as there was not a stitch of level ground to be found.  Bonus, my upper leg muscles got a good work out, as I continually had to brace myself from sliding down the hill.  We had socks, water bottles, shoes and the odd guest roll by us at times. The organizers demand ‘NO SLIDING’. Really? We ARE doing our best ! Lol !

Not Easy

My favourite artist of the Festival was the enchanting  Lisa Hannigan. She was featured right here at Boomdeeadda.  Click back to Lisa on one of my Music Monday’s to hear her sing the incredible  ‘Little Bird’.

Part of the fun of attending a Festival is to be introduced to new music too. If you haven’t already heard of this gal, you soon will. The crazy talented ‘LP’ was a definite hit.

lp the singer

LP, on her electric ukulele, heads a killer band with a U2’ish rhythm to their sound. But add her amazing whistling skills (have you ever tried to whistle in tune?) and shazzam, it’s a musical flavour totally hip and all their own. Commanding no less than two encores before they had to make room for the next performer.  Her unique voice, filled the night air with a soaring vibrato that had several thousand people dancing on their feet cheering for more. You might have heard ‘Into The Wild’ on a Citibank commercial. If not, take a listen.

Thanks to a ton of dedicated volunteers, the event was a giant success.  The stellar weather held out until Sunday night when unfortunately the very last performer, ‘Loreena McKennitt’ had to flee the stage in a wicked thunder/rain/lightning storm that brought Edmonton to its knees.  Speaking of knees, mine were killing me from the ‘don’t-slide-down-the-hill’ work out.  I dare say, seemed  easier when I was younger. Could this be what they mean when the say ‘feel the music’?

BOOM! The Music Played

What’s been going down in your hometown

over the summer?

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

37 thoughts on “Feel The Music

    1. Thanks Lea, some of the photo’s were with my phone and some were with my camera. I had both going on. I hope you can go to a local show. Nothing beats a warm summer evening outside with good music and a few thousand of your closest friends 😀


  1. That car is super cute, right up your aqua alley 😛 I love how you’re rocking the pigtails. The city lights at night are incredible. And awesome music to boot?! Lucky you!


    1. Thanks for your super nice message Phaerygurl. I fell in lust with that cute little car. I’ve been obsessed really every since. I see it there all the time. Lucky them, it’s sooooooo Boomdee. The Folkfest was a gas and yes, great view when you’re perched high up on a ski hill. 😀


    1. Thanks Sheryl, we do enjoy our summer months, that’s for sure. Lots of Festivals and sunshine. And then there’s winter, as soon as two months from now. Last year it started in October and ending in early May…..I barely made it. LOL


    1. Thanks Kathryn, if only I could 😀 I went on the internet and there’s ONE, in Ontario but too much $$. There’s tons in the UK though…I’ll shall cross the pond and float one back with hundreds of balloons (like in Pixar’s UP). LOL


  2. I read your post on my phone and couldn’t wait to come see the photos. What a hoot that “no sliding” sign is! Like you could help it!
    And thanks for the link to LP on Dave Letterman … what a voice and a whistling ability!
    I love that photo of the festival against the backdrop of the city. I need to get up that way someday … a bit of a ride on the bike though 🙂


    1. Hey LB, Good Morning! What a nice way to start my day, with your nice message, thank you 😀
      LP really sounded awesome live, her voice is so clear, I can hardly believe people are born with such natural talent.
      There MUST be some medical convention that you can attend for professional reasons up this way 😉 hey? If you ever find yourself this way, that’d be awesome and I’ll give you ‘The Royal Tour’ for sure.


  3. Hey, was that your car or what? I can’t see anything aqua without thinking of you! Hey is this just me, or does LP’s voice remind anybody else of Grace Slick? (or am I too old to be hanging out on this blog?)


    1. OMGosh I WISH that car was mine. I just fell over when I saw it. Guilty! I am a bit of a fiend over aqua and thanks for thinking of me x.
      I will have to go take a listen to Grace Slick and get back to you on that, I do know who she is but haven’t heard her lately.
      BTW, you my dear are to sweet and generous to ‘NOT’ hang out here, I will not hear another word….pft ‘old’….silly girl.:D


    1. Thank you for all those fab compliments Gj. I can totally see you and kitty zipping to the beach in that little wonder. You might be wearing your oh-so-chic Butterick Lounge Pyjama’s and floppy hat and LB with her electric ukulele would be wafting out of the stereo.

      I was ogling these Anglia Super’s for sale in the UK….oh man, that’d be awesome



  4. That looked like so much fun Boomdee – except for the not rolling rule of course – imagine if everyone just rolled down and ran back to their spots whenever the music got boring or quiet….. or maybe not! Great music too, thanks for sharing that David Letterman clip – whistling and a ukelele!


    1. I’m certain I’d cough up a lung if I had to climb up that hill too many times. It’s a real challenge in the heat. I tried not to drink too much even though I should have been re-hydrating frequently because I didn’t want to have to climb/fall/roll down the hill after dark. Thanks for coming by and listening to the music. OMGosh, she’s awesome live! Cheers


  5. “Also referred to as summer…” LOL. You made me laugh!

    I love the chatty phone. I wish mine said ‘no events.’ Sigh.

    Glad you’ve been out and about. What a fun festival that would be. That view alone is superb. I can’t wait to meet your great city.

    Further giggles to various things rolling by. You are on a roll today my dear. So much fun!


    1. A with many locations, our summer has been unusual. I think It rained every single day in June followed by early morning thunder and lightning in July and now a heat wave as summer days get shorter. I feel luckier than the working crowd, most of the nice days have been mid-week.

      I hope you’ll get a day to relax soon. That’s the perils of being good at what you do, always in demand. I wish I had enjoyed my job as much as you do, that’s awesome!

      I know we’ll have plenty to do when you’re here, summers are a treat. Unless you’d like to relive your childhood and come dashing thru the snow mid February…LOL. Oh geez, that would be crazy. I can’t wait for the day to host you xo, mwaaaa. Thanks for all the nice compliments too! Hugs xK


      1. Actually, running around Edmonton with you in February sounds like fun. I went to Switzerland and Germany in January one year. It was cold but beautiful.

        You really have had an unusual summer, weather wise. Ours has been all over the map too, but with fewer extremes. We had that strange heatwave in late April, just before you arrived I think. Early this month it felt like fall, now we’re back into super hot days but with the rain and lightening.

        I feel like the end is in sight with my current client load, but today was another long day of errands for both clients and then the boys. Thanks for your generous compliments. I am very lucky to enjoy what I do.


  6. Hey Boomie! I was thinking about you today, and poof….a post from you appears! How cool is that! What a great adventure you found and what a great way to relax! WOW! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Val my belle, you always make me smile! Thanks for that and for being here. It was a splendid way to spend the day. Old people, young people and new little people too, all looking for peace and love thru music. Mission accomplished.


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