If You’re Young At Heart

We recently got to celebrate a BIG birthday with a special girl.  Mr B’s mom, Franny D, turned 80 years young. Those might be some good gene’s he’s carrying around.


What’s a birthday without cake? So I made a pile of chocolate cupcakes to share with all her neighbours, but unfortunately they are not allowed outside food 😦   Luckily the staff gladly took them off my hands.  One of the guys admittedly felt guilty, but I insisted.  I didn’t want 20 cupcakes tempting me at home.  We lit a single candle for Franny and it appeared she enjoyed every moment. Or it’s possible she’s just cracking up at our off key rendition of Happy Birthday. Either way, it’s always good to see her smile.

Happy Birthday Franny

Do you dread getting older?  I always think, “I don’t want to have to live in these places”.  I’m just the fussiest eater ever and I like to stay up too late.  I think it’d be the pits to be told what to do and when to do it.  But honestly, I haven’t seen Franny D this happy in some time.  It does seem like her calendar is plenty full.

A Full Calendar

(mmm……. Jo Jo’s Corn Maze, is that a good idea with seniors?)

The staff is friendly and attentive and there’s a really nice sunken garden to visit.  We went for a little stroll in the sunshine. It’s a really pretty view out Franny’s window too.

Sunken Garden

Garden flowers can’t help but put a smile on your face.  Oh and guess what?  You’re also never too old for a new boyfriend.  Melvin and Fran held hands in the backseat when we took them out for dinner.

Young At Heart

It was so cute.  We’re really happy that they have found each other.  Admittedly, I really shouldn’t worry yet.  Is it possible there’s more to getting older than I think? Perhaps as long as you can feel the sun on your face and can hold hands with someone you love, it’ll  all be ok.  As the old song goes, “Fairytale’s can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re young at heart”.

What say you?

Your perfect retirement will include…

golf, travel, hobbies, grandkids?

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47 thoughts on “If You’re Young At Heart

  1. Lovely post! We’re celebrating 80 for both my parents in 2 weeks. The look and act 15 years younger – they are blessed with good health and are living in their own home. And because of them, I have never dreaded aging … well until I pass by the mirror!!!


    1. pft…….”pass the mirror”, NOT.
      How great that your folks are still doing so great. Do they ever find their home too much work? Franny wasn’t able to manage her house on her own and all us kids live in different city’s. So she was sad at the time, but is in better health now. They’re really lucky to still be loving life together too. AWESOME


      1. Actually, they are ready to downsize … house on the market as we write. Keep your fingers crossed (want a home in Williamsburg, Virginia??? :-))


    1. Hey Leilani, nice to see you! Hope things are well. I stopped by a while back but couldn’t leave a message for some reason. I thought maybe you weren’t ‘open’ yet.

      Thanks for your visit too. Can you imagine someone as iconic as Jimmy Durante getting any attention these days? He’d have to learn to rap…yeesh, kids will never know what they missed. xK


  2. I love this post! My ideal retirement will be with Jeff, something I realize now more than ever. That’s my primary goal right now. With seniors, I always remind myself that they have been our age before, but we have never been theirs…we may mistake their relative silence or inactivity for “losing it” but something tells me they have simple learned to keep some secrets to themselves! 🙂 Thanks for a lovely message and photos.


    1. Thanks for the nice compliment. I hope you and Jeff will be enjoying all kinds of retirement activities too. My heart is pulling for you both. I’m going to remember what you said about, “we have never been their age”. That really resonates with me. To some extent we’re a reflection of the time we live in. Everyone’s so plugged in now and it feels like there’s less ‘real time’ together. That’s what we did in Calgary this week was see everyone (family and friends) in person. Hug, talk, laugh…..in person.


    1. Thanks Lea and Kirby. Franny is full of cheer. She’s actually a Great, Great Grandma too. Yep her Grand-daughter’s, daughter, just had a baby too. Not too many Great Great Grandma’s around !


  3. What a lovely birthday celebration. Leave it to you to make things so special. Good call, too, on leaving the cupcakes behind. I would be complaining of a stomach ahce later, but would probably eat them anyway. 😉

    How nice to see the two of them romancing. You’re never too old for love and companionship.

    My mom lived in assisted living from 81 to 89. She resisted the idea of being “put in a home” but once living there, loved it. She put on weight, loved the food, attended dances (and danced with a gentleman there in his eighties or nineties) and always enjoyed the musical concerts. She had the care she needed but maintained a studio apartment. It was the best of both worlds. It was very expensive, however, and between the constant price increases and her dwindling savings we eventually supplemented the cost.

    We’re planning as best we can for eventual retirement, but I personally hope to ‘die with my boots on’ traveling some exotic locale or tending a garden.


    1. Thanks for your message Alys. It’s a nice place, if you have to be there I guess. Like any ‘neighbourhood’, there are a few residents that are really needy. One poor gal yelled nonsense the whole time we were there. I was really hard to see. But thank goodness she has a place to be and good care. You can’t choose your neighbours though, even when you’re in your own home or renting. The really excellent places are very expensive. My friend Karen’s mom is in a studio apartment in a place that ‘has it all’. Luckily she has the means. I’m glad you were in the position to help your mom and make her final years comfortable and happy. I’m with you and the boots thing….maybe even flip-flops (never thongs….hehe). xK


      1. Yes! Let’s go out with our flip-flops, sandals (never thongs) smiling and eating chocolate.

        It is hard to see others age and fall apart like that.

        As for choosing your neighbors, true words that. It only takes on to really make for an unhappy experience too. xox


  4. I have niggling worries about retirement and the lack of support and care for the elderly here – it seems that the cuts are only going deeper…I hope we will be able to stay in our own home and work well into our advanced years. I guess it’s a case of doing more to look after ourselves – healthwise, financially, etc. – right now, so we are better prepared for the future. It’s true, though, as the song says: “being young at heart” counts for a lot, too! 🙂


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful message Sheryl. It’s funny how many Canadians are feeling this way. I think the writings on the wall and thank goodness we’re in a position to make a plan and work towards a goal. I know a few people my age who are happily flying by the seat of their pants, that’s too scary for me. I like to think I’ll have some choice about how I live but maybe they’re having a better time now. It’s a tricky business this retirement thing. But yes, a good attitude can take you a long way in the right direction 😀


    1. Thanks so much Pam! You are such a fun and positive gal, I just can’t see it any other way. Who knows, maybe we’ll still all be her typing away…HA. Have a Sammy kind of day.


  5. Happy Birthday Mrs. B! It looks like a lovely place she’s in, beautiful gardens. I think some old age homes can be just a horrific prison and others really are a housing space for seniors with activities and respect and friendship. My hope is that nobody will ever have to stay in the former kind of place and they will either be driven out of business or be given the funds and opportunities to change.


    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful message and Birthday Wishes too GJ. I can’t imagine life in some of those more horrid places. It’s no way to top off a lovely life. I will say, I’m not relying on the Government to provide for me in retirement, the cuts in health and senior services is terrible here. Maybe we need to move to Sweden or Denmark. They pay a lot of tax’s but look after everyone really well.


  6. Well, that really does look like a wonderful celebration! It makes me happy that she has found a sweetheart as well.

    I don’t think about retirement much, but I’ll probably keep working right through it. 😉 I guess I am a crazy person!


    1. Thanks for your message Jen, I don’t at all think you crazy to want to keep doing what you do. As a talented photographer with a passion for what you do, it’d only make sense. Who know’s how we’ll be recording our memories by then 😉


  7. Thanks for the share!
    Franny D is beautiful and looks so full of life! And how inspiring–new romance and coffee dates at an age our society rarely sheds a positive light on. Maybe if we hear enough stories like these, that idea of life being done once we’re older will disapear!


    1. Thanks for those kind words, I’ll pass them along next time we see her, she’ll be thrilled. Her boyfriend Mel just dotes on her and is the sweetest man. They sure keep each other laughing and truth be known, me too. Have you seen this news article about a widower who wrote a song about his wife for a contest? It’s the biggest download on Youtube. I’m so touched by his words and so happy for him. If you can spare 9 minutes, it will touch your heart.


  8. That is soooo sweet. I too share your concerns about getting older where I would have to be in a care facility. I think some are better than others Not my idea of fun. She does look happy though so that’s a bonus. Could be more fun than living alone. 80 is a big deal!


    1. Since we had to sell her house, Franny D has been in a couple of senior homes and now extended care. Health is such an issue at this age. It can really change so quickly. With that said, it’s always good to not let the grass grow under your feet. TV’s Craig Ferguson has said, “This ain’t no dress rehearsal”. With no ‘do overs’ it’s a little reminder not to waste any of our precious days. Thanks for your message Marlene! xK


  9. Very Sweet! I dread getting old! And…wait…I am getting old! I think it is because we live in a different society….a society that is not all that kind to our elderly! I never want to lose the ability to work and do things with my loved ones. But…who does?


    1. Thanks for your message Victoria. You’re so right about living in our time. Is it possible 80 will be the new 60 when we arrive at that age? LOL, I guess it’s a state of mind. The problem will be, being able to AFFORD to live a long, health life the way you want to. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE……that’s our plan.


  10. ‘There is nothing to fear, but fear itself’ I am told I’ve hit the mark – but am revelling in the freedom, the contentment and I’m looking forward to the future 🙂 Thank you for this lovely post honouring Mr B’s mummy, Franny. 🙂


    1. You have a great attitude Pauline, I hope I can follow your example. I’ve been retired from full time work for 8 years so I’m slowly wrapping my brain around my current age. Some days I think, “wow, already” but it beats the alternative. Like our Franny shows, it’s not all that bad either.


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