Rolling Down The River

Have you met the Edmonton Queen?

Queen Boomdee

Actually, I’m not really a queen,

more like a princess in training.

Princess in Training

Oh I tease 😀 This is the lovely Edmonton Queen.

Offering casual trips down the lazy river.

The Edmonton Queen

Paddle Wheeling In Edmonton

The Edmonton river valley is truly the gem of our fair city.  Offering endless possibilities for outdoor fun in every season.

Edmonton River Valley

Whether you’re out to enjoy the plentiful winter snow or the sunshine of summer, there’s always something to see and do in the valley.

Edmonton River Valley Activities

As lovely as it is strolling along the pathways or thru the forest,  you’ll get a totally different perspective aboard The Edmonton Queen Riverboat.

Views from the Edmonton Queen

It’s a unique Edmonton attraction, sailing since 1995. Host to weddings, corporate events and casual family outings, she sails on the North Saskatchewan river.

Sailing with Boomdee

I suppose we should thank french physicist Denis Papin for this lovely day. He  invented the paddle wheel way back in 1685.  Merci Monsieur Papin, we really enjoyed rolling down the river.

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24 thoughts on “Rolling Down The River

    1. Thanks Clowie, I guess it’s over 1,200 km long (800 miles). It originates in the Rockies and flows east thru Edmonton and eventually all the way to Winnipeg Lake in Manitoba.

      Lot’s of Doggies play all summer long on the shallows near a dog park…I’d come with if you lived near by. It’d be fun.


  1. Gorgeous! You, the valley. and the boat. I thought I was the only one who thought your queen photo was Halloween-esque 😛 You did a good job! And it’s always fun to see thing from a boat/ship, very different perspective.


    1. Thanks so much Phaery gurl! You are way too kind. My hubby’s the cute one in our household. Yep, Halloween Party goers always wondered what Blood filled nightmare I’d show up in. Never one to disappoint, I got them good that year, snort.

      We’re lucky to have this in Edmonton, there’s not too many around anymore and add a cool drink and it’s heavenly. Do you have a river thru your town/city? It really brings people out into the fresh air. Of course, walks in the valley, which we also enjoy, are free family fun and good for your health. Cheers!


      1. Well, I live on Long Island, so plenty of parks/playgrounds, which are, of course, free! This weekend we go shopping for little guy’s costume. We think it’ll be either Ninja Turtles or Thomas the Train. I’m still trying to figure out if he understands what we’re talking about. I’m trying to find some easy Halloween makeup I can do for myself and my hubby, cuz I LOVE Halloween! 😛


  2. I was glad to read your comment about the “blood” in the picture! I was wondering what was going on. You are Queen of a city I have just got to get to visit! I just checked mapquest and it’s only 2300 miles. I’ll see you this weekend!!
    Seriously though, Edmonton looks to be a great city and I love the riverboat! Nice video / music!


    1. LOL, just think of all the photo’s you’d collect in 2300 miles. That’d be one heck of a drive! Come on up in the summer, that’s when all the fun happens. July and early August are best for festivals, I’ll give you the 5 cent tour. LOL. We are exactly a tourist destination, but it’s so flippin snowy for most of the year, we really know how to enjoy summer.
      When I was recording that clip aboard, I didn’t realize the angle I was holding the camera, LOL…hence the crazy paddle straight down but no do-over so I thought I’d roll with it 😉 pun intended. Thanks for your generous message LB, love hearing from you!


    1. Little ol’ me? Well thank you Princess Alys xo tee-he. Someone here wondered about the first photo. I laughed because it’s a Halloween picture when I was Prom ‘Queen’ (Carrie). It was loads of fun and a gorgeous day. Well go when you are in Edmonton ! Only 6 more days…..screaming (if Jim wasn’t sleeping..LOL) Mwaaaaa.


      1. I can hardly believe it! (Your aqua wig is waiting for you).

        I thought that looked like blood, so was relieved to read that comment. Did you know they’ve remade Carrie? I didn’t see the first one (I’m a big chicken really). You look great in your costume. See you soon…that feels so good to say.


        1. Omgosh, the Aqua wig day will be infamous 😀 Hey ! There is a store on Haight Street that sells a Million theatrical things including wigs, funky glasses, costumes…EVERYTHING. Maybe we should stop there when we’re in San Fran?
          I DID see Carrie, at a drive in theatre…..thru my fingertips…HA. I missed most of it. Thanks for your compliment. Mr B was my spooky date. I’ll post on FB. Mwaaaa.


    1. LOL, I’d be the worst Queen ever. I’m not serious enough and I have no giant ring. HA you crack me up. The hubster took us for Dinner after at the MacDonald Hotel..swanky 😀 Nothing like ending a good sail in the sunshine with a tall Gin and Tonic. I wonder if that’s what Jackie-O did after a day at Martha’s vineyard… that was posh. Thanks for joining the fun xoK


      1. When you are around, there is always FUN! Both me and my Sweetie have been sick for a few days, but I had to jump on the laptop to see what everyone was up to. Loved that Queen post of your! You’ll have to get a huge ring now! I could be your Paparazzi and follow you all around!


        1. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather Val, feel better soon! Your sweet doggies probably love when you just hang on the couch like a potato 😉
          LOL, you have no idea how dull a job it would be to Paparazzi me. You’d get distracted pretty darn quick. I’d be one of those stories on the cover of some grocery paper with a headline like “Who stays in her pyjama’s all day”? hahaha


    1. Thanks for your message Laurie. The row boats did make a nice composition. Nice place to hang out if you’re keen on fishing, which I’m not (aka Vegetarian). I imagine you have lots of opportunities down south for a paddle boat ride? Cheers.


    1. It was the most gorgeous day. We sailed with two lovely friends from out of town and then went out for dinner. Sort of spoilt, but why not? We’re totally worth it 😉 Thanks for joining with!


    1. Hi Marlene, we had nothing but rain and cool weather all of June and part of July. We just got into the nice days and it’s fall again. What can you do? I too enjoy coolish weather. It’s great to sleep with windows open and it’s only 10 C or 52 F. I’m off to California on Saturday and I’m 2 feet off the ground with excitement. Lucky Me! Thanks for sailing with me xK


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