Aqua Shoe Boo-Boo Re-do Review

Have you ever calculated how many loads of  laundry you do in one year. Frightening isn’t it?  I guess, conservatively, I do about 6 loads of wash a week, every week 😦  That’s a whooping total of 312 loads of laundry annually.   I’m sure glad I don’t have to take it down to the river and beat it on some big ol’ rocks.

On The Rocks

Lucky for Mr B too, he might have to do this, hehe.

Men Laundry Day !

With all this practice, you’d think I’d be a real Pro.  After all, I am the Boominator !!! (a human looking, apparently unstoppable cyborg, sent to earth to do housework).  If you think you have the stomach for the macabre, just take a look at my once beautiful AQUA SNEAKERS ! (Val, look away now !! )

Aqua Shoe Boo-Boo

Horrifying !!!  Is it not?

Boomdee made this laundry Boo-Boo while trying to bleach the soles clean before I pack**.  They had faded somewhat in earlier washes to a lovely sea-foam colour.  But now, there was barely a hint of their former glory 😦

Not a hint of glory

Yes, after a number of wonderful vacations together, sharing fine wine on the porch and sunny days in the park, I was almost in tears.

Aqua Converse Sneakers

Aqua Converse Sneakers

Even my peeps were sad 😦


Then I thought, “hey, why not custom dye them just like the ribbons from this project here?

Customize your Ribbon

I already had the alcohol inks and Blending Solution. You’ll find them at most scrapbook stores.  Once mixed to a heavenly shade of Aqua Blue,  I used a sponge brush to apply it directly to the canvas. The re-do went like so………… 

Get Ready to be Brilliant

Applie the perfect colour

Aqua Converse Sneakers, Custom Dyed

Now, I don’t know what will happen in the next wash or even a sudden rain shower for that matter.  I might be leaving a colourful rainbow where ever I go, LOL 😀 I think I like that image !

Boomdee Geographi

I actually quite fancy them.  Maybe this is the next big thing?  Maybe I’ll be rich Maybe I should just learn to do laundry and avoid these Aqua Shoe Boo-Boo Re-do Review’s?

Better than New Aqua Shoe Re-do

**PS, All Packed ! Next stop San Jose !!!

Have you ever ruined something you

love in the laundry?

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41 thoughts on “Aqua Shoe Boo-Boo Re-do Review

  1. I’m just now getting to this one, but it’s brilliant! I can’t tell what part was the most clever, the re-do on the sneakers, the hilarious “peeps” pic, or the just as funny “Boomdee Geographic.” You are too much fun. Just the laugh I needed tonight.


    1. Hehe, I love that you come by to get a giggle! My ‘peeps’ were just hanging in a large crowd in the yard of an antique store I frequent. They looked absolutely happy to have been abandoned there together. Maybe part of an estate purging? Anyways, they made my day 😀 Glad they made yours too.

      I will wash the sneaks for the first time today actually, so we’ll see what happens. Surprisingly enough, Alys and I found a brand new pair of Aqua Converse sneakers at Nordstrom Rack in San Jose. They were the wrong size (darts) but the colour wasn’t too far off my redo….ha!

      Hopefully, NG would find it funny too :/ I couldn’t resist. Thanks for all the cheer Julia, you’ve made my morning!


    1. How awesome are you to shower me with so many compliments this morning! Thanks a bunch. Those peeps were all hanging together outside a favourite antique stop. Must have all come together. They were tempting for the kitsch value but as we’re only renting at present, I had to resist. 😀


    1. Hi Sheryl! Thanks for that. They’ve been getting me round very nicely and a couple of young girls even commented. So far so fab. Having a great time as well. Thanks for all your visits. Hope you’re in the garden today. 😀


  2. Oh Boomdee ! I know the agony of making a big boo boo with the laundry but you most certainly figured out a wonderful re-do on the aqua sneaks! They look fabulous! Let’s hope they STAY that way and that when you took them off the first time after the re-do you didn’t have aqua toesies!



    1. LOL, no aqua toesies ! I had them on yesterday and tripped around with our sweet Alys. All OK! We’ll see what happens in the rain, which I’m probably ok on here as they get very little rain in San Jose. Hope all is swell in Sammy’s world and his lovely mom and dad had a great weekend xK


        1. Hi Aunty, thanks for your message xox. I made it and we haven’t stopped talking for two days! LOL. Alys is showing me an awesome time. I will have to pull out all the stops when she makes it to Edmonton. We went to a farm today. Pumpkins by the hundreds (or maybe thousands). A little hayride and my favourite, a petting zoo. Also, awesome Italian dinner with her cute family. What are you up too? Hope everything is A- for awesome. LUL xoK


    1. Thanks Aunty Kathleen! Jim bought these for my birthday otherwise I might have been tempted. He actually looked at my Pinterest Board to see what I was into…LOL, I’m sure it blew his mind 😀 Talk to you on the return, thanks again for breakfast yesterday. LUL xoK


    1. LOL, I think I probably have a couple of those too. Once I accidentally washed a lycra dress and it shrunk to the size a 5 year old might wear……I laughed like mad but was really po’d since I’d only worn it once. At least I’ve gotten good wear from my sneakers and thought, “what’s the worse thing to happen?” Thanks for your message and have a great weekend!


    1. HA, thanks you for that. I’m going to get a little more wear out of them so that’s a plus. The linings are starting to go but I think they’re good for a few more miles. I’m thinking I need a pink pair too 😉


  3. Nicely done!!!! They look great and I love the photo of you on the porch, in the aqua sneaks, enjoying a favorite beverage. Have a great time in San Jose and be sure to take some lovely pictures (by the way … you’ve got some wonderful images in this post)


    1. Well thank you for your sweet compliment. That’s the first day I got them, as a birthday gift from the Mr. I guess they wouldn’t be Bike worthy….I wonder if they come in black leather LOL. Do you wear all the gear when you’re out there? I always thought it’d be cooking hot but had a neighbour who had a bad road crash into a moose and his leathers saved his skin even though he got busted up pretty good. FYI, if you ever bike up to Canada, watch out for those guys. They move way slow and like to wander around at night. Or maybe you have them down there?


      1. Since you asked: I’ve always tended to avoid some of the stereotypes of bikers (and I really don’t like what I call the T&A mentality – if you get my meaning – that goes along with some of the biker culture) so I only have a little bit of leather. Gloves of course and a vest that I wear under my coat to the keep “the girls” warm in the winter 🙂 It’s pretty foolish, but often times I’m out there in just a t-shirt and jeans.


        1. I’m sure it feels a lot better in jeans and T’s (shirts that is, LOL) and you’re no doubt a safe biker. Just like driving, it’s the OTHER guy I worry about. I had a boyfriend in my teens that had a bike. He drove too fast and my parents dis-allowed me from riding on it. I’m sure you’re safe. Helmets are mandatory here.


  4. Oh Boomie….I shuddered when I read this blog post! What have you done to my favorite pair of shoes? Ya know, I was going to steal those from you one day, and now what? I am glad though that you got to stain them back to color, but what if you get them wet, or your foot sweats? You will be walking around with aqua feet! Man, I loved those shoes and wanted a pair so badly for Christmas, but now you mentioned that they don’t make that color any longer? What am I going to do now? I had them on my Christmas list too! I am horrified! You were right….I should have looked away. 😦


    1. Oooops, my bad. LOL. I’m famous for wrecking up stuff. I should do a whole post of Boomdee Blunders 😀 I’m wondering if I’ll have any luck shopping in California? None here though, I looked and looked. You might be able to buy on-line still too. If the colour doesn’t come out, that’ll be a good way for you to make your own. I’ll let you know. For now, I’ll just skip on down to San Jose. Busy Busy Bee today….have a good one. Hugs xK


  5. They look as good as new! But I’m still chuckling at the thought of you leaving a trail of aqua pawprints if you get caught in the rain! It would look pretty!


  6. I would never have thought to do that! They turned out really well. I can’t way to see them up close and attached to you, pretty woman.

    Wow…those laundry stats are sobering. You’re right, though: no pounding on rocks or rubbing them on a wash board. We’ve come a long way.


    1. Good as new (almost) ! I guess you could go with RIT dye too but I thought I’d try this since I have so much product hanging round.

      I’m finishing packing today and I couldn’t sleep much. I might be a zombie but I’ll be 2 feet off the ground to see you TOMORROW! Thanks for your sweet complement too, mwaaaa.


    1. LOL, I am wondering but as long as they make it thru this vacation I’m golden. It rarely rains in San Jose….that being said, never say never LOL. I had a pair of black leather shoes once that always turns my toes black when the got damp…I looked like a zombie 😀


    1. LOL, no worries GJ, I have a long list too 😀 Thanks a bunch for your message. I tried to find another pair the same but for some reason they aren’t making aqua now……silly them.


  7. And here i thought you were going to paint lovely little hearts and rainbows and clouds on the remains… ok, just me then…

    Just joking, luv… they’re gumjus. And waaaaay more versatile than groovy hippybus sneaks.


    1. HA, hearts and rainbows? I better wreck up another pair and take on that challenge.

      I’ve never heard the term “gumjus”. I take it that’s a good thing and will pre-emptively say thanks a bunch 😀 I generally do like groovy and hippy stuff though, especially the ’70’s’. cheers


      1. thank you, good to find a kindred spirit. Wot? Never heard of the term ‘gumjus’? Perhaps because it’s a term i made up to refer to things that are so beyond gorgeous they leave you with a permanent drool (and stutter). Who says the english language is dead? Feel free to confuse others at will with this word anytime you feel like it.


  8. You did a wonderful job on those shoes. I would have gone looking for new shoes and kept those for doing laundry. I’m sure I’ve had some catastrophes in the laundry department but thank goodness for short term memory loss. Your whole post is so creative. Loved it. I still can’t figure out how to add extra pages for different kinds of posts. I wanted to do one section just on books but I’m going to have to ask my tech adviser when I go visit in November. (my son). Have a good trip and enjoy the girl time. Hugs, MH Thanks for reading anytime.


    1. First, To add a new page to the top of your Blog:
      – Go into your dashboard
      – On left, fifth item down is Pages
      – Click on it
      – Click on Add New
      – Give it a title and add info
      – When ever you want to add info, just update thru the same link.
      Hope that helps some. I look for your book list soon 😀

      Also, thanks for your all your cheer ! I probably will buy a new pair at some point, but they didn’t make them in Aqua anymore, so what’s a girl to do 😀 Thanks for the holiday wishes too. I’m almost ready and probably won’t sleep anyways. Hugs xK


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