La La La Chirp

I know what you’re thinking, “she’s finally lost it !” No, not yet 😀 It’s just little ol’ me spreading Boomdee-tude in beautiful California. Now, if I was a little birdie, this would be ‘THE PLACE TO LIVE’. Feeling that sunshine on my Aqua wings everyday! What’s not to like?

First Class Pleas

Do you remember my office assistant Tweetie?

 Expert typist with amazing phone skills?


Well, she has personally trained four of her favourite friends in the art of note writing and sent them with me to San Jose.  I package them with their very official adoption papers.

Adopt a Tweety

Adoption Papers

I used MAC Pages – Brochures.   The template, a tri-fold brochure, was perfect for this project. You can also download this Avery Tri-fold Brochure Template or design on-line and print on your home  PC using Microsoft. 

Adoption Papers

Next, I used two die cuts to make a top and label that was also printed from my MAC.

One for the label and one for the top.

Label with Big Shot and Die Cuts

Big Shot and Die Cuts

It’s always fun to have a party favour !

Don’t you think?

Party Favours

 All together now…La la la Chirp!

La La La Chirp

Happy Birthday Sweet Alys!!!

We Love You !

Boomdee & Tweetie

Happy Birthday Alys!


PS. Come back Friday for more birthday party fun!

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Lucky me, I have a dedicated craft room and currently on the Cut File Team for Paige Taylor Evans. I mostly enjoy making 12x12 layouts and Mini Albums. Thanks so much for coming by 💛

41 thoughts on “La La La Chirp

    1. 😀 That’s so nice to say! Thank you! I hope I never do, it’s the essence that is me. Take a pinch of silly, a splash of quirky, a tad of time, a heap of wanting everyone to own aqua…LOL


  1. Tweety is so cute—what a great assistant to have! My assistants chew toys on the office floor, get fur onto the keyboard, sit on the hand moving the mouse, and knock over my hot tea! ;D


    1. Oh yes, THOSE assistants…LOL. I can relate. Truth, I’m usually the one to knock stuff over. I knocked over my wine tonight reaching for a third piece of salt water taffe, now if that’s not Karma, what is? LOL. Tweetie hasn’t knocked ANYTHING over, she’s the best! Thanks Jen!


  2. Of course, I read this blog before I realized I was to be a lucky recipient of my very own blue bird wonder assistant.

    She will reside on my desk in my office, where she will remind me of you each and every day. It was so thoughtful of you to think to include a gift for Laura and me for Alys’ birthday celebration.

    It sure was fun to get together with you all to make Alys’ birthday that much more special. ! I hope you get to visit again soon. ;0}


    1. You’re just the cutest Sharon. When I downloaded my photo’s from our night out, every single photo of you is fab even though we were all wearing our Wigs, LOL. I wouldn’t have imagined when I started Blogging that it would bring so many fab ladies into my life. Thank you for being so welcoming, I always feel like I’ve known you all for years.

      Tweety will be every so happy to be part of your day 😀 I hope next time, we can spend more time all together. The visit seemed to zoom by. Alys is the worlds best hostess. Good luck with everything at the office hon. They’d be mad not to ensure you’re part of their team for good. I’m thinking of you! Big hugs xoK


  3. xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox

    Wow! As if having you here in person wasn’t already icing on the cake, this is a frosting extravaganza. Those Tweeties and their adoption papers are the bomb and so are you. What clever packaging, too. The Boomdee touch for sure.

    I love all the little details you use to make everything so personal and special and unique…just like you. Your visit here, your goodie bags and over the top, handmade gifts were spectacular. Extraordinary in every way.

    Thank, Boomdee. xox


    1. I’m revelling in all those hugs and kisses and thank you so so much for hosting me all week.

      I felt like royalty at every turn. I have to laugh every time we sync up, like when we pick up the same blouse in the store at the same time. You, Miss Milner, are joyful, giving, playful, smart, funny and witty. I’m so happy we found each other, we just never run out of things to chat about. I wish we could live closer but the distance does make our get togethers even sweeter. Off to sleep now, good to be home with Mr B and the kitties, but I will miss our outing and coffee and girl talk tomorrow. mwaaaa. xo K/P/B/D/H 😀


      1. Right back at you, Boomdee, at every turn.

        You’re right, too. We squeezed every minute out of our time together, and with each day, our talks were my favorite.

        This morning I was in the kitchen singing ‘Boomdeeadda, Boomdeeadda….la la la…and Mac said what is she singing? Mike’s reply: she’s just happy. So I told them what I was singing. It’s been stuck in my head since last Friday.


    1. Thanks Laurie! We had a crazy great time, wigs and all. I’m sure Alys and I will get around to posting some pics. I slept in today I was so beat…..but in the best way possible. 😀


    1. Thanks so much Steven. I’ve had a ball and the weathers been brilliant. Back home Friday 😦 I guess absence will make the heart grow fonder, if that’s even possible. I hope the weather will hand in there until you arrive. Toronto’s a ways from my little city, but I think of you and watch your posts. Cheers.


  4. Thanks so much for my sweet present! It was so fun getting a present on someone else’s birthday! You are wonderful and I am so glad I got to see you and hang out for a bit XOXOXO


    1. Smooch, Mwaaaa, Hug. Thanks for joining us for breakfast Betsy. I so loved seeing you and especially getting one of your warm hugs. I really appreciate that you came even though you weren’t feeling 100%. I’ve had the time of my life this week and you were part of it. I just love you. Thanks for adopting a Tweety too 😉 I know she’ll love California and you as much as I do. See you next time! xoK


    1. Oh you are a sweet one. Thanks a bunch GJ. We’ve retired to our beds (Alys too I’m sure). Sooooo much action today, but all too amazing. Couldn’t have been better 😀


    1. Was such a fun evening with you Laura. I’m so happy to finally have met you. Dinner was a riot. I’ll post to FB soon. Just finished loading the suitcase. I hope we can get together next time and of course we’ll keep up on FB. Good Luck with your new job too. As we say here in WordPress, Mwaaaaa xo K


  5. I love the street you live on. I think I’ve been there.:) What a sweet and creative way to leave a hostess gift. They will never forget you, even without the aqua tweety. Hugs all around. MH


    1. LOL, you still live in the zip code. xo You are just a sweetheart Marlene, ‘A’ for adorable. Thank you for your fab message. We had a great day starting with Breakfast and Betsy (another pal) to shopping to dinner with another group. Sharon, Alys’s sister and Laura another new pal. I’m like one of the gang here now. Then, yes, more shopping LOL. We’ve finally worn out the batteries.


    1. You’re very sweet to say that, thank you Pam! It’s such a little thing but I’ve been smittend with mine and wanted the girls to have their very own. We had a fab day and I’m just over the moon from the whole week. It’s gone by way to fast. Hugs to you and Sammy.


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